Larry Slade Scene 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jane opens up to her coworker, who she maybe has a crush on.




JANE sits eating her lunch. CHARLIE enters, pushing the mop again. JANE unwraps a sandwich, leaving the wrapper on the counter. CHARLIE approaches. 


CHARLIE: Can I take that for you?


JANE: Oh no, I can take care of it. 


CHARLIE: Please, allow me. 


JANE: No, I don’t like being waited on. It embarrassesme.


CHARLIE: Would you deny me my purpose in life?


JANE: I guess not. 


She holds the wrapper up. He holds the can out. She crumples it and throws it in. He nods, impressed.


JANE: Then again, maybe you should get a better purpose. 


CHARLIE: But the trick is not to have one. 


JANE: Ew, stop. You sound like my father. 


CHARLIE: Is he that bad?


JANE: Yes. 


CHARLIE: Not touching that one. Wll, what does one talk about. Politics or weather?


JANE: Weather. Not politics. 


CHARLIE: Kind of hard to talk about one without the other… 


JANE: Just don’t mention his name..


): Him? Who? … Oh, Trump. I thought… (acting again) I mean, Oops! What’s my punishment?


JANE: I don’t know… why are you getting weird?


CHARLIE: Getting weird? Me? … nah. 


JANE: Okay… never mind…


CHARLIE: It’s just. I thought you meant...someone else. I want to tell you. I just… I can’t. 


JANE: It’s alright... you can talk about something else.


CHARLIE:  No. I mean, I’m tired of talking. Why don’t you tell me something. 


JANE: Me? I don’t have anything to say. 


CHARLIE: Bullshit. 


): What? 


CHARLIE: I’m sure that’s not true. 


JANE: Where do I start?


CHARLIE: The weather?


JANE: It rained. 




JANE: Before that, it was kind of overcast. 




JANE: Before that… oh, Tuesday night was kind of nice!


CHARLIE: Oh yeah? 


JANE: Yeah, I remember I was driving home. I was tired...and pissed… Meredith chewed me out again. I don’t know why these old ladies hate me… if they went on their phones sometimes maybe they’d be a little less shitty.


CHARLIE: Shitty? Well, I wouldn’t say that…


JANE: I would. Yeah, they’re shitty. Just because they’re old doesn’t mean they’re not shitty. 


CHARLIE: Maybe back to the sunset. 


JANE: Oh yeah, I was tired and pissed but about halfway home I kind of looked up and… I can’t even…


CHARLIE: Yeah… no words. 


JANE: But that was nice. 




JANE: Yeah… (thinks) Hey, Charlie?


CHARLIE: Yes, Jane?

JANE: Can I tell you about my dad?


CHARLIE: I thought you’d never ask. 

End Scene.

Submitted: January 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Tony Chiba. All rights reserved.

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