Doings at the Manor House

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

There is things going on at the Manor House, murderous things.

Raven's Manor was an interesting old house. It had hidden rooms, secret hallways that lead from one room to another, and the cellar. Oh, that Cellar was a tangled web of cave-like pathways that jetted off of the wine-cellar; where the pathways went was anyone's guess, and quite frankly, no-one wanted to know.

The Leasing Agent told my wife and I that she had heard from a previous owner, one Fedora Parkhurst, that the pathways were gated and locked. And that the pathways had not been explored in years.

A tragic death, and rumors of mysterious occurrences were being told, way back when, so the owner called in a handyman to gate the entrances; leaving only the wine cellar accessible.

But the pathways were of no concern to my wife and I. We were on our honeymoon and needed a place to call home for a month or two. Also, we would be using the house for social entertaining.

You see, my wife, Regina, lived in the area until she went off to collage, so she wanted to have somewhere that she could invite all of her old friends and family to. And, perhaps, have a get-together, party style.

The first two weeks were hectic, ordering food, wine, and instructing the caterers as to what, when, and where.

Then there was work, even on a honeymoon instructions must be given and dates must be confirmed.

So a quick flight to London, and back on the red-eye express, took care of a contract signing that couldn't wait.


My return flight left me at the airport at 3:33 a.m., and I was in a car by 4:00 a.m..

As I drove through the town of Bridgeport I noticed the full moon disappearing into the morning fog, that's when I wondered how long before the sun was going to show itself; I hate driving in foggy conditions.

About a mile from Raven's Manor I saw two police cars off to the side of the road. Their lights were flashing so I slowed my vehicle to a crawl.

"What seems to be the problem, Constable?" I asked politely.

The young Officer approached the car and looked inside, then he replied, "Oh, it's Regina's husband, ah, ah. ..."

"Gabriel Hunter," I replied to complete the officer's sentence.

"Right you are, Mr. Hunter.

To answer your question, it's hard to say. We got word that screams were heard in the area, so we came to investigate. Turns out that half of a badly mangled body was found in the storm channel, just off the roadway; looks like the work of wolves."

I was puzzled by the answer, so I replied, "I didn't know there were wolves in this area, so close to town and all."

The young officer quickly replied, "I've lived here for about five years and I've never seen one yet. But Captain Haggis said they looked like wolf doings so I'm just repeating what I've heard. Anyway, keep a keen eye and don't get out of your vehicle until you get to the manor."

"Right you are, Officer," I replied as I drove away.

Arriving at the manor, I was quick to enter the house. That is when I heard noises that seemed to be coming from the direction of the cellar door.

"Regina," I called out, "Regina, I'm home!"

There was no answer.

"Regina," I called out again.

The sounds from the cellar persisted.

Taking the flashlight from the hook next to the cellar door, I descended the stairway and turned on the one lone light that was located above the wine racks.

"Lot of good that light does," I mumbled as I turned on the Flashlight.

The noise was clearer now, and it didn't sound like anything I wanted to know about. But my curiosity was stoked, so I walked around the corner of a wine shelf and pointed the beam of my flashlight into the darkness.

Cave entrance after cave entrance I probed with the beam, each time seeing nothing but locked rusty gates, and a rat or two.

That's when the noise resumed, so I turned my light beam to the last remaining cave.

The rusted old gate was torn from the wall and there was something on the floor near the entrance; it was the lower half of a bloody human body.

That's when I heard the noises again, and with that, the half-body began sliding towards the shadows; something was pulling it's meal away.

I shined the beam into the shadows and there I saw a She-Werewolf, a first for me.

As soon as she was exposed, she raced toward me with exposed fangs shinning in the beam of the flashlight. And as she jumped into the air for a full body attack, I pulled my Derringer from my pocket and fired both silver bullets directly at her heart.

She fell to the floor as I stepped aside.

I stood there watching the she-wolf's transformation back to human form, I couldn't help but notice the remnants of Regina's clothing still clinging to her skin. And on her arm was the tattoo that attracted me to Regina, when we first met.

I took my phone from my pocket and took some pictures, then I dialed a number and said, "The primary contract is terminated, encrypted pictures are forthcoming. Her relatives have now been identified and are up for contract purchases.

Ah, just another day in the life of a Bounty Hunter, Werewolf Hunter, that is.



JE Falcon




Submitted: January 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 JE Falcon aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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Vance Currie

A jolly good spook mystery, JEF, with a happily humorous twist at the end.

Mon, January 18th, 2021 9:44pm


Thanks Joe. ... I thought we needed a Bounty Hunter that would go to any lengths to get his target, even marriage. And, of course, messy divorces are impossible. LOL

Mon, January 18th, 2021 2:18pm

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