Defier of Everything

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kate Lance, the MC of this story is just a human without any speciality or any ability in this world of supernatural. His fate was to suffer endless suffering, his destiny was to live a normal human life but it all changed after a major incident which shook his entire life.

He lived a happy life along with his family in the village of Denzu, he had happy and 'normal family'(this is what he used to think about before). He had also a best friend named Keli whom he knew since quite a while. But all this changed when he was betrayed by his best friend and thrown into the endless abyss of the forbidden area of his village. But now after 5 years of time he returned back to his world with his memories in fragments and also it was a span of 5 years for that world only!!!

He now wishes to defy everything and destroy his own destiny to end his eternal suffering and create a path for his own. To achieve his goals he is ready to defy everything and everyone, even the supreme laws of life, death and time are not able to affect his destiny and he has become a fate less.

Now what had happened in his time of 5 years in the abyss?

Was it actually a time period of 5 years??

What has he become after all this time and why has he become a Defier?

To know more about this continue to read the novel "Defier of Everything".

Table of Contents

Ch-1 A Pleasant Beginning

Hey guys, as this is my first time making my own novel, I would prefer suggestions of my works and ways to improve it if any. also pls note that there isn't going to be any particular date on which
this chapters will be released but there will most probably one or even two or more chapters per week unless this certain author who's typing this text faces any major issues. This is just the
beginning chapter and it does not state the actual story, so pls don't judge the story on the basis of this chapter alone.
Read Chapter

Ch-2 The Betrayal

Then after the breakfast was over everybody became busy in their own work and Yumi laid her head on my legs as I was sitting and enjoying... Read Chapter

Ch-3 The Return

“In the radiance of the pure white all around The desire is fulfilled and the necessities unrequired There is nothing to be felt an... Read Chapter

Ch-4 The Reunion

I moved on the path of the to the village as I remembered in my memories. I came across various mud clad houses and then dragged myself w... Read Chapter

Ch-5 The Sweet Time with Yuki

The waking call of the village hen in the morning is very familiar and refreshing. As I opened my eyes there was a cute figure staring at... Read Chapter

Ch-6 The Trouble in the City

The time has finally arrived. The house was filled with baggages and cardboard boxes. The day for leaving my village and moving to the ci... Read Chapter

Ch-7 The Awakening

The creature was approaching slowly and steadily with a dreadful laugh as if trying to mock me that I have no place for running anymore. ... Read Chapter

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