The Growing Popularity of Wall Art

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The Growing Popularity of Wall Art
A Newfound Source of Revenue and Appreciation



Photo byPossessed Photography onUnsplash


Street Mural Art, once considered an act of vandalism, is now loved and appreciated by mainstream people and artists alike. 


In London’s Eastend borough of Waltham Forest, since 2015, Mark Clack the co-founder of Wood Street Walls has used public art to raise awareness of social issues affecting the area. There are now more than 100 murals. 


In the UK, the planning system regulates the placing of advertisements, mural walls neither fall within a conservation area nor constitutes part of a listed building, so planning permission is not required. 


It has been found that murals increase property values in Waltham Forest have doubled in value in the area. Murals do contribute to the area’s appeal, but it is concerning that, in a small way, murals might force out the marginalized communities that street art strove to represent in the first place. 


This can be seen in many older areas in Calgary, my nearest city, where revitalization of an area, and making it trendy, leads to higher-end businesses and forcing the poorer residents out. 


Fabiana Forte, associate professor at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli’s architecture and industrial design department, says that in Harlem, “ the requests for new murals are numerous because the building owners understand these interventions can attract new tenants with a higher income capacity”. 


This trend toward street art could be an excellent opportunity for artists throughout the world to make an income, and opportunities for the public to see art even better. 


Street art has now gone mainstream. Art started as street art is now shown in museums and galleries. 

Street Art has terms by which it is called:


1. Tagging: A stylized name or signature with a marker, aerosol spray usually freehand. The person is known as the writer or bomber.


2. Character:  Cartoonish, realistic, cute, drawings from comics or television or original characters created by artists. 


3. Wildstyle: Elaborate, interlocking letter or symbols forming a complicated code that excludes non-writer. 


4. Piece: Short for “Masterpiece”, it is a more labour-intensive work or at least 3 colours. The street artist puts up a “piece of tag”. Pieces are called burners, as this piece is very hot, it’s burning off the wall. 


5. Roller: A work done with a roller brush. They are block-letter tags or phrases, sometimes with drop-shadow or intentional drips.


6. Crew:  Done by a group of artists. It tells a coherent story or maybe a series of tags done in a concentrated area. 


7. Legal Walls: Property owners or neighbourhood have allowed artists to “bomb”

their buildings, bringing about the transformation of graffiti into public art. This allows for bigger or more involved pieces. They seek to beautify, moralize, empower, or entertain. 


8. Mural: A huge work, often on a legal wall. It is a single scene, or a series of scenes, or loosely connected images. 


9. Installation: It may combine several techniques, be 3D including a actual item attached to the wall; making part of the scene. 


10. Sticker: Art on stickers that are put onto walls.


11. Wheatpaste: Glue made from flour and water put on a wall, topped with a poster, drawing, photo with more (glaze) put on top.


12. Stencil: A phrase, an image, or combination. Some are one-offs, others repeated throughout the world.


This long unappreciated art form has become a trend, and more esteemed now, and probably more so in the future by all art lovers throughout the world.



Shirley Langton 2021


Submitted: January 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Shirley M. Langton. All rights reserved.

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