An August Story

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

y/n meets Mindless Behavior for the first time, she starts to get feelings for the one and only Roc Royal, even though they just met will it last forever, or will they only be friends? Her girls are always trying to make her new things and start dating again will she ever do it.

Roc Royal and Y/n will they be together, or will they cheat on one another, or they only become friends. Will MB respect their decision, or will they split apart and never be a band ever again...

Starring: MB


Roc Soul foodColor: black, blue Likes: Football, Girls, chilling, Y/n


Ray- Ray – Fav.Food: tacosColor: Purple Likes: Soccer, hanging with his boys, Jessica

  Prodigy-Fav food: Fried Chicken Likes; Watching Tv, Eating, Girl, Isabel Color: Red


Princeton-Fav Food: Mexican food, Lobster Color Green likes: Basketball, Dancing, Brittney

Jessica- Fav food: Tacos, Mexican foodLikes; Ray, Soccer, hanging out, RayColor: Purple, Red

  Isabel- Fav Food: Fried Chicken, Soul food likes: Watching movies, food, and Prod Color: Blue, Green


Brittney- Fav Food: Mexican Food, lobster Colors: Red, Blue Likes: Prince, Basketball, Chilin


  Y/n- Fav food: Soul food, Tacos Colors: Blue, Purple likes: ?, Football, and Chill

james- Y/n's best friend since 8th grade

Fav food: Cheeseburgers Color:Blue, Likes: Y/n, chilling, working out 



Chapter One: Meet and Greet

Y/n Pov 

Ugh. My alarm just had to go off. Hey, my name is y/n, and I am 17 years old and in high school sadly, I am a sophomore, and I have 3 best friends named Jessica, Isabel and Brittney. They are all like sisters to me they have been with me all my life. Isabel introduced me and the rest of the girls to a boy group called Mindless Behavior. At first, I did not like them, but she brought over some CD of their songs and I had to admit they were not all that bad. So, I asked her it is alright if I could keep one, and of course she asked me which one, the boys had each of their pictures on them, so I chose the one that said Roc Royal.  My mom got me out of my daze when she called me for breakfast.



Y/n-Coming I am almost done getting dressed

(End of Convo.)

As I was saying to me, I think I started to like this kid Roc Royal, he sems chill from what I heard. I think I am going to do my own little research about this “Mindless Behavior.” I also did not mention that I own a car my mom got it for me for my 17th birthday, the funny part is that she knows what kind of car I wanted… SHE GAVE ME A LAMBORGINI! I was so happy; I did not even expect her to give me it exactly on my sweet 17th. Well, I must get to school, and pick up my girls I am the older one of the groups, we are all in high school though.


Y- Hey girls

J- Hey y/n what u been up to

Y-Besides the sky nothing much hby

J-Nothing really, Isabel and Brittney you guys know you can talk to, right?

B-Yeah, we know I just do not have anything interesting to share that is all

I-Me neither, usually you guys have something to share all the time and there is nothing for us to say

Y- So is there anything you both want to say before me, and Jessica say something else

B+I-No nothing to say here

Y- Well let us get to class before Mrs. Ace starts to mark us absent

(End Convo.)


No Pov

They all go to one another’s locker to grab their materials before they head into the classroom where Mrs. Ace is taking the attendance and before the bell rings. The girls are wonder what they should do after school since today is the last day of school and they are ready for summer break. Isabel was thinking they should throw a summer party at Y/n’s house since her parents make enough money that would last them decades. Y/n never asked her parents though her dad is away on a business trip and her mom is always away from the house because she runs her own store. So, when Y/n has the time she texts her mom asking her if it is okay to throw a summer party at her house, her mom says yes if her and her friends clean up after themselves when everybody leaves to go home. Y/n agrees and so does her friends that they would clean up the area and whatever the guests go into before her mother gets home from work. Her mom texted her back saying she is going to join her father in Miami, Florida for the weekend and that if she needed anything at all including money she knows where it is for emergency. She texts her mom back and says thank you and have a nice trip, hope to see you and dad soon. Then tells the girls the good news


Y/n- Girls, I got some news

Girls_ What? Did your mom say no?

Y/n-No, she said yes, and that after the party and everyone is gone that we must clean up the house before her and my father come home from the business trip that my father is on. She wanted to surprise him and go see him for the week and weekend, so she hopes that the place is neat and organized just the way she had it when she left.

Girls- Yeah, we can do our summer party!

Y/n-One more thing, I kind of invited that band we have been talking about all week

Isabel- You do not mean…

Jessica-Are you serious?

Brittney- I think I am going to die

Y/n – I added mindless behavior to our summer party

Isabel- Did they respond yet?

Y/n- I do not know let me check

Isabel- Come on did they or not?

Y/n- You will not believe me if I told you…

Brittney- They said yes!

y/n- THEY SAID YES!!!: p


Y/n- Tone it down girls, we do not want our guest to freak out, we must be calm and collected when they come over after school ????

Jessica- you invited them over to your house today after school

Y/n- Maybe, but seriously girls calm down, we must finish the day up and then look cute as ever before the guys come over.

(End of convo)

So, they girls finish up the day, they jump into Y/n’s Lamborghini and drive off to each of their houses and grab clothes they know the boys would die for. They all end up at Y/n’s place and change in separate rooms.


Y/n- Blue ripped tight jeans, Belly black shirt with #MB in front, blue and black Jordan’s on, gold rings, gold chain around her neck. Diamond earrings.

Jessica- Purple shirt with some eyeliner on, black skirt with some lace at the bottom. Gold watch on, and Purple converse.

Isabel- Red Nikes, Black skinny jeans, Red shirt with Graffiti on the front and back, belly shirt. Gold earrings on.

Brittney- Green Converse, Black Shirt with nirvana on the front, MB on back. Gold bracelet. Diamond earrings, with a black and green butty shorts.


No one’s pov

The girls come down getting things ready for the hang with Roc Royal, Ray, Prod, and Prince. They get chips from the cabinet, sodas from the refrigerator, food from McDonalds, KFC, and Taco Bell since Taco Bell sells Mexican food and tacos since in the name Taco Bell.

The doorbell rings

Y/n- I will get it (runs down the stairs)

The rest of the girls are upstairs waiting for the boys to come in and show them what each of them are wearing for each of the MB boys.

The person who rang the doorbell to Y/n’s house was the one and only Roc Royal. As soon as he saw Y/s he stopped in his tracks before any of this happened let me tell you what was going on before the boys arrived.


Flashback to MB: (conversaion) 

Prince- Hey guys, someone just invited us over for a summer party, a couple of teenage girls are hosting it. Would you guys want to go, or should I just reject because that is what most of these invites are anyways.

Roc- No, why not see what these girls are about do you have their address or something on where we can contact them.

Prince- Yeah, right here they live here in LA, sweet, it says they live near LA high school. That is just around the block from where our tour bus is.

Prod- true, I for once agree with Roc we should see what these chicks are about come on prince, you been wondering why you do not have a girlfriend yet, maybe you can find one between the girls. If you know what I mean like seriously man, you need something in your life besides your bros.

Prince- I guess you guys are right. Fine, we can go, they want us to go to their house? Should I even ask that question to you guys.

Boys- We are going and that is final

Prince- Fine, (waiting)

Roc- Let us go get some girls

(end of convo) 

The boys hopped into Prince’s Jeep and started off to the house that the girls gave them. The girls on the other hand are so shocked and surprised that the boys came.

Back to the house:

Roc- Can we come in?

Y/n- Oh, Yeah sorry

Prince- You alright um...

Y/n- Call me...

Jessica-Call her babe, wait only one person in this group can call her that. ????

Y/n- Jessica what are you trying to say

Jessica- What I am saying is that the only person who can call y/n babe is Roc right?

y/n- Sure *Blushes*

Roc- Ok, can we get through the door at least before we start calling each other names

Isabel- Well come on in MB

Prod- I am not even going to ask how you know us but okay

Jessica-one, we are the ones who invited you to the summer party and we wanted you to see where you guys would be playing and two, I thought prince told you already, I think you already know why we call you MB

Prince- Prod, are you that slow

Prod- Prince, is your afro getting to your brain

Prince- Prod, you just mad you do not have a girl

Prod- Well, you do not either so ????

Jessica- Boys you just got here, and you are arguing in front of girls you do not know yet, so are you guys going to keep arguing or are we going to chill and hang out.

Roc- Prod, Prince you are making us look bad, now go sit on the couch and watch something

Prod Prince- Fine, (walks to the couch and turns on the Tv)

Y/n calls the girls upstairs for something and asked them how everything is going with the guys, and while that was happening the boys did a little talking of their own.


Y/n- So how is everything going with the boys?

Jessica- Good, why?

Y/n- One I have a question for you Jessica

Jessica- What?

Y/n- Why did you have to tell the guys that the only person who can call me babe is Roc?

Jessica- Well, one you do like him, do you? and two, what is wrong with it, I think it is cute

Y/n- well, one he does not know me that much and we just started hanging out today, so why would you tell someone you just met today and tell her crush to call her babe.

Jessica- I get where you are coming from but seriously, I am wondering what he sounds like when he does start calling you babe, and if he actual does it when he wants to talk to you.

Back to the MB Boys:

Prince- Why did what her name tell you to call Y/n babe?

Roc- I do not know Prince, I was wondering the same thing

Prod- We know that we all just met the girls today but does anyone like one of them, we must get used to them, because Keisha and Walter gave us luggage and told we are going to spend the rest of the summer with these girls.

Boys- What!?

Prod- Yeah, Sorry I did not say anything I wanted to let you guys see what these girls were made of. Also, who wants us at their summer party. So, Keisha decided this is a good idea to do because we can maybe all have girlfriends by the end of the summer.

Prince- So you are telling us that we have the entire summer with 4 fine chicks. This is going to be one epic summer.

Roc- You are telling me; I have a question that needs some serious feedback

Ray- What is it Roc?

Roc- Well you know how that chick that let us come in and said that I am the only one that can call Y/n babe, should I?

Ray- Well, do you like her in that way even though you did just meet her today and came to her house because you are performing here for their summer party.

Roc- Well, yeah, I do like her like that, and we just met but, I do think it is meant to be what do you think Prod, and Prince what should I do?

Prince- Let me just say I am surprised your asking us because usually you ask your parents, then again you are on tour with the 3 best boys in the world, well do you want to be with Y/n?

Roc- Well yeah, I do but I do not know if she feels the same with me, so again back to the question should I start calling y/n babe or no? you guys need to help me right now.

Prod- Fine, we will…guys (looks at ray and prince)

All expect Roc- Yes

So, the boys are waiting for the girls being done with their conversation. The girls were upstairs talking, and the boys were in the living room talking among themselves. Soon, the girls come down from y/n’s room and into where the boys were watching television.


Boys-So what did you guys talk about?

Girls- None of your concern

Roc- He was just asking a simple question damn

Y/n- fine, what did you guys talk about?

Prince- You do not need to know that it’s between me and the boys

Isabel- Same with us, it is only between y/n and her gang

Ray- So what do we do now

Roc- What do the girls want to do?

Jessica- How about we go to the movies and then dinner or the other way around?

Prod- That sounds good girls, and guys you up to it

Isabel- I’ll go

Prince- Me too

Y/n- so everyone’s going then.

Everyone except y/n- yeah

Ray- Wait we forgot one thing to tell them.

Prod- What is it Ray.

Ray- We forgot to bring them to our MB house and show them how cool we are to the other fans who would be lucky to be with us.

Roc-true, we should show them how lucky they are and show them what others are missing out on what the real MB lives. You know what I’m saying right?

Prince- I agree with Roc on this one, we should show them how we hangout when we don’t have tours. Or concerts to go to and practices and on and on.

Isabel- Then what are we waiting for an invitation let’s go!


So, the boys ask their limo driver to take them to the MB house so they can show the girls how the boys live on a daily basis, the girls are happy that the boys are finally showing them the real MB they just hope they love the place like who wouldn’t.  The girls call their parents and asked how everything was going since they haven’t seen them since Christmas of last year. Their parents were happy that they stayed in touch they just hope the girls come home soon. They miss them a lot.


Ray- So do y’all want to do and see first?

Jessica- *walks up to Ray* Whispers I was just wondering if you and I can spend some time together if that’s alright with you? *steps back and smiles at Ray*

Ray- sure I’ll just tell the rest of the group that they can go wherever they want without us is that good enough for you

Jessica- Yeah, I’m fine with it as long as you are too.

So, Ray goes and meets up with the boys and tells them that Jessica just wants it to be the two of them so they can spend time to get to know each other better and maybe become girlfriend and boyfriend.

Ray- I got a situation that I need you guys to help me out with *think I sound like roc with the whole y.n thing wow*

Roc- What is on your mind bro?

Prince- Yeah what’s wrong Ray/

Prod- Tell us what’s on your mind

Ray- Well Jessica came in my room and asked me if it was ok with me if me and her can just spend some time together and get to know each other if that is okay with the rest of the group. I don’t want to take her away from her friends at all if they mind or get mad at me for taking one of their girls away from them, you know what I mean.

Roc- I will go ask Y/n and the rest of the girls, Prince, and Prod help a brother out and make him calm down he’s all worked up for something so small.


While Prince and Prod help Ray calm down from a situation that isn’t a big of a deal to anyone else but him. They just told him to go with his gut, if Jessica is the one for him then he should ask her out. If not then they can just remain friends and just not have anything awkward go between them and if anything happens just randomly ask us to come home and we will do something as a group of friends would do.

To Roc talking to the girls about the situation minus Jessica

*she’s in the bathroom taking a shower for some reason*

Roc- Hey, Y/n can I talk to you for a second, I will talk to the girls about it after I talk to you.

Y/n- *turns around and sees roc standing behind her about to wrap his arms around her but stops when she looks his way* Wass up Roc.

Roc- Can I talk to you in private though plz

Y/n- Sure, *walks with Roc and grabs a coat and starts walking outside*

Roc- I meant in my room but ok, *runs and grabs a coat and car keys and runs to Y/n*

Roc- *catches up to y/n* So what I wanted to talk to you about is about Jessica does she have a boyfriend or not, let me be clear I do not like her like that only as a friend, I’m asking for Ray, he told me and the guys that she wanted to spend some time with him, just the two of them and he was wondering if you guys would mind it or not. He said that you would probably get mad because he would be taking your guys’ girl away from you.

Y/n- It is fine, but if you do not like Jessica, do you like any of the other two in the house or someone else? You do not have to tell me I am just asking a question.

Roc- No, it is okay, I feel like I can tell you anything y/n, and no I don’t like anyone inside the house, I’m walking and talking with the one I love. To cheesy?

Y/n-*laughs* no, just right

Roc- *laughs* *leans in and kisses y/n*

Y/n-*kisses back* Well, we should get going do you think, don’t want the group to get worried to where we ran off to, more like walk but yeah.

Roc- So, what would you think?

Y/n- Of what, oh the kiss, not bad Roc Royal not bad

Roc- Thanks I try, well at least with those I like that is...

Y/n- SO what does this mean, like I mean us are we friends or more than that?

Roc- You choose: am I worth your time, or just someone you can come and talk to?

Y/n- Can’t I have both.

Roc- Sure, so girlfriend, I’m guessing.

Y/n- Yeah, boyfriend your right

Roc- So girlfriend, what do you want to do first?

Y/n- This *kisses Roc*

Roc-I can do that all day if you let me *kisses back*

Y/n- Well, we should really be getting back, do you want to tell the guys and I tell my girls or keep it on the down low for now, until everyone has their boys.

Roc- Sure if you want to tell the girls as soon as you open that door sure, I will probably wait I do not know yet, if that’s okay with you

Y/n- Well, we are keeping it on a down low, that means you cannot show any affection to me until you tell the guys.

Roc- Seriously, no kissing you, having my arms wrapped around you, not even picking you up. Come On do not do this to me please.

Y/n- I’m guessing you changed your mind, then.

Roc-yes, race you to the house.

Y/n- Oh you are on

Roc – I am going to win.

Y/n- Oh no you are not.

Roc- Try me*runs to the house*

Y/n- *trips Roc and get on top of him and smiles*

Roc -Hey that is cheating.

Y/n- No it’s not you’re just a boy that’s all.

Roc- seriously, well I guess I am going to have to pick you up and carry you inside and we can both tell them together, how that sounds.

Y/n- Sure Roc

Roc- Since you are my girl now you can call my Spiffy

Y/n- Fine, Spiffy *laughs*

While Roc picks up Y/n and carries her to the house on his back, she just starts singing and moving while he is trying to carry her and keep his balance at the same time. She is still singing he just listening to her voice, and how amazing it sounds. She starts not totally lets her arms go but relaxes them and just puts them on Roc’s chest, he does not mine, because he is just happy that he got his girl even though they have not gone out on a date yet, and they just met.


Roc – How come you never sang before in front of me until now?

Y/n- Well, for me singing is a hobby I do it to get my mind off things that is happening in my life and it calms me down sometimes, also I never usually sing in front of my friends, and boyfriend so I just start singing to calm me down that’s all. I never sing in front of others.

Roc- You know you can sing in front of me, you have an amazing voice you and I should do a duet sometime if that is alright with you, I will not want you to do anything you do not want to do. If you do not want to do it, it is fine with me if your happy, I am happy. Sorry the boyfriend behavior coming in again.

Y/n-No, It’s fine, I like it when you show that you care about me, and don’t mind me not doing something that I don’t want to do. You support me and that’s alright with me, and why wouldn’t I do a duet with my boyfriend it would be fun.

Roc- I’m glad you think so, also I have a question

Y/n- Shoot, you can ask me anything Spiffy *laughs*

Roc- Ok*confused* well I was wondering since I gave you a name for me instead of always calling me Roc, do you have a name that I can call you instead of saying y/n all the time?

Y/n- Well you can choose for me if that’s not a difficult task for you to do on such short notice

Roc- What about baby girl is that alright with you?

Y/n- That’s fine, was that seriously the first name that came into your head

Roc- Pretty much, that’s the only name that popped in my head, I can change it if you want me to, I don’t have to call you that if you don’t want me to I…

Y/n- *kisses spiffy* that’s better

Roc- *kisses back* what was that for?

Y/n- Sorry you just keep babbling on I had to do something

Roc- So let me get this straight, so every time I won’t stop talking all you have to do to make me stop is to put that good lips on mine. Right?

Y/n- Exactly. Spiffy *laughs*

Roc- One more question baby girl,

Y/n- What’s that?

Roc- How come every time you call me spiffy you laugh what’s up with that?

Y/n- Well, that’s a new name for me to say, and it sounds funny to me, why?

Roc- Idk, it just seemed like you were making fun of the name I let you call me instead of always calling me Roc, nvm you won’t care anyway *puts y/n down and walks inside the house by himself*

Y/n- Thinking *I hope I did not hurt his feelings I was just trying to lighten the mood, now I got to know what’s wrong with my baby* Walks inside the house straight to Roc’s room not caring or seeing the others in the living room.

Prince- I wonder what’s wrong with Roc, do you guys know what happened?

Isabel- Well, the only thing we know is that Roc wanted to talk to y/n privately, so they went on a walk even though he grabbed car keys, he grabbed his coat and ran to catch up with y/n. That’s all we know, what about you guys, do you know anything that happened between them?

Ray-Not really, one thing I do know is the whole reason Roc came to see all the girls not just y/n, I do not know why he only talked to y/n, the situation was involving all of you  girls, but I’m guessing he hd something else in mind to talk to y/n about.

Jessica- What was the situation, is it about me asking if I can stay with just you, and have the group go out and do whatever they want while we spend alone time together, you don’t like me apparently, if that “situation” has to involve the boys and my girls. * walks out of the living room*

Ray- Jessica wait *runs after her*

Isabel-Prince, can you tell us what is going on with Ray, Jessica, and Roc, what did you guys talk about?

Prince- Well, Ray wanted to know if it was okay with you girls and y/n if him and Jessica can be by themselves together while we went and did something else. He just wanted to know if it was okay with you girls, he did not want to take one of your friends away from you that’s all. He was all questioning things if he should be with Jessica or not, and if it was okay you girls, and if it wasn’t then he would not want to mess with y’alls relationship. That’s all it was about.

Brittney- So what I’m narrowing it down to is that Ray doesn’t want us to have a messed up relationship if him and Jessica were together, he did not want to mess up our relation with Jessica, and wanted to know if it was okay with us first, he did not want us to get mad at him for taking one of our friends away from us.

Prince- that’s it exactly.

Isabel- Then why did Jessica leave the room like that?

Brittney- I’m guessing she only wanted Ray to make that decision on his own, instead of having everyone in the group involved in a situation that was between her and him.

Prince- right, Brittney your smart.

Brittney- Thanks right back at you.

Isabel- I wonder what happened between Roc and Y/n, when they left they were all buddy-buddy but when they got back Roc looked mad, and Y/n came running in the house, calling spiffy and ran to his room, do you know anything about that Prince?

Prince- Sadly, no I don’t know what happened between them, me and the other guys were upstairs, well one thing I can tell you is that Roc just doesn’t let any girl call him spiffy, unless y/n’s his….

Seriously he just met her today, this can’t be true, well I guess it is.

Isabel- What is true, how come he doesn’t let any girl call him spiffy

Prince- The only time Roc let’s a girl call him Spiffy is when she’s his girlfriend, and apparently that’s what y/n is to him if you get my drift.

Brittney - Roc and Y/n are together, OMG that’s so cute. Prince I have a question for once.

Prince- What is it Brittney?

Brittney- Since the boys are trying to get their girls and we know who they are, who do you like between me and Isabel?

Prince- Well, one we only known each other for a day, and before I decided why don’t the three of us go out and do something since Roc and Ray are trying to get their girls, oh and bring Prod I almost forgot he’s upstairs, Isabel do you mind getting Prod for me, I’m comfortable on this couch. *winks at Brittney*

Isabel- Fine, I’ll go get fried chicken lover boy, *rolls her eyes*goes upstairs

Brittney- what was the wink about that you did to me

Prince- what wink?

Brittney- don’t act like you don’t know, tell me plz

Prince- Fine, the reason why I sent Isabel upstairs is because I did not want her to know that I did not like her I like you.

Brittney- Really, I like you too Prince. So...

Prince- *gets off the couch walks to Brittney* So... *leans in to kiss Brittney*

Brittney- *kisses back*

Isabel- I finally got him out of his room, I had to do something real quick, you guys ready to go?

*looks up at Prince and Brittney kissing* Okay, I guess it’s just me and Prod. PROD LET’S GO!!

Prod- Hold on, I got to get dressed, I’ll be down in a minute.

Isabel-*goes on her phone and takes a pic of prince and Brittney and saved it to her photos* nice kiss you guys, next time do it privately.

Prince- *smiles* sorry didn’t hear you come down

Isabel-Its fine, are you guys staying here or going with me and Prod to the movies or staying here and watching movies instead, on second thought why don’t you guys stay here and watch movies in Prince’s room, I bought some movies I thought both of you would like.

Prince- What does she mean by both of us would like?

Brittney- I wouldn’t question it if I were you

Prince- Okay *confused*

Isabel-Prod come on, were going to be late to the movies

Prod- I’m coming down *walks down the stairs*

Isabel- why don’t you look cute, come on lets go, *grabs prod’s hand and car keys and heads out the door*

Prince- I wonder why she wanted us to stay home?

Brittney- I think she just wants to spend more time with Prod that’s all, how come you ask so many questions cant you just let things happen, you have to question it all the time.

Prince- Sure, also I don’t question things all the time there is one thing I would never question

Brittney- and what would that be?

Prince- This *kisses Brittney again*

Brittney- *kisses back*


Does Roc and Y/n fight? Does Prince and Brittney go together? Would Ray be able to tell Jessica how he feels about her? Would Isabel have the courage to tell Prod the truth? Coming soon in the next Chapter.


Chapter 2: Situations that don’t have an ending

Recap: Roc and y/n are together, Y/n said something that hurt Roc’s feelings? Jessica gets mad at Ray for telling everybody she wanted to spend time with him, Prince tells Brittney that he likes her, Isabel wants to be with Prod, and be able to tell him the truth about herself that not even her friends know about?

Y/n Pov

What did I do wrong, I did not mean to hurt his feelings, I am just not used to the word Spiffy. I know it was probably wrong for me to laugh about it but it’s weird for me. I guess I just want him back, I don’t know what would happen if he wasn’t with me, I love Roc I do, I just don’t know what would do if he was never in my life. I just want my Spiffy back. I hope he’s okay,


Roc pov

I honestly don’t know why I just put her down like that, I think the last time I picked a girl and put her on my back was my ex- girlfriend Desiree, she used to love it when I did that to her because she was always shorter than me, so I put her on my back so she can be taller than me. I don’t know why I just ran in the house like that. So, I took my Challenger which is of course black and blue. I just had to do a drive around the neighborhood. I just hope she isn’t wondering where I am, I stopped at a jewelry store to pick up my promise ring for both me and her. Even though we just got together I was just keeping it in stock for my Mrs. Right. I think she is the one, I just hope she feels the same way about. I just hope she is okay. I don’t know what I would do if I haven’t met y/n, she is the best thing that happened to me including joining my favorite group Mindless Behavior. I think it's time for me to go home, imma go grab some dinner for my boys and my mrs.right, i just home she ain't mad at me anymore, well then again why would she be mad i was the one who walked inside the house without her, and put her down. I don't even know why i did the things i did, i just did them without thinking. well, talk to ya'll later love ya'll with all my heart. :) imma go see my boys. 

Roc going to grab sum to eat for the gang, he just listens to music on the way back to the MB mansion. Hoping to get this straight with y/n, and everyone is on good terms with one another. 


Roc-Knocks on the door* 

Prince-*from inside* I'll get it *opens the door* 

Roc- Wassup my brother *smiles* 

Prince- Hey man, where u been?

Roc- Just driving 'round, you know to clear my head, you know what i'm sayin'

Prince-I know how you feel man, now go talk to your girl, she's been in your room since ya'll came in from that walk that ya'll took earlier. 

Roc- Ight, also i brought some food, and it's not just for you, it's for everyone in this house you got me prince.

Prince- Yh, i got you, i won't eat it all right now that is *laughs* 

Roc- Well, if anyone asks just tell'em i was just driving around, clearing my head that's all ight. 

Prince- No problem, lil bro, Now go*hits Roc on his shoulder* 

Roc- *laughs* im going dang 

(end of Convo) 

 Prince goes back into the living room where the rest of the gang is besides y/n because she's been in Roc's room since they had the walk, she has been wondering why Roc left like that without her knowing where he went, She was so worried about him, hoping that he was okay, and nothing happened to him. Roc goes upstairs to surprise her without her knowing. 


Roc-*goes upstairs knocks on his bedroom door* 

Y/n- Prince, I told you i'm not coming out until Roc comes home *signs* i just hope he's ok, i'm worried about him.

Roc- *smiles* well, your in luck babygirl, open the door 

Y/n- *opens the door revealing a happy Roc Royal looking at her* 

Roc- Hey babygirl, i'm okay, i just had to go clear my head, sorry to just leave like that without you knowing *hugs her* 

Y/n- Idk, as long as your here and you still breathing, i'm happy you came back, and i get it, can i ask you a question?

Roc- Wassup babygirl, what's on your mind

Y/n- I was just wondering why did you leave in the first place?

Roc- Well, one every time you call me Spiffy, i know that it's a new name for you, but i've had that name for awhile and the only people who i let call me is my gfs, it's just every time you laugh at the name it seems to me that you just think i'm a joke to you, so for now on just call me Roc okay.

Y/n- Are you breaking up with me? *starts to cry* 

Roc- *hugs y/n* no, i'm not breaking up with you i was just saying instead of you laughing at me when you call me Spiffy, it's not as meaning to me when you laugh, so just call me Roc, if you can think of another nickname for me that i won't mind you only calling me and not caring for it, then call me that for now on ok. I would never wanna break up with you. 

Y/n- Sorry Roc, i-i-i just don't know how this dating a celebirty thing works, but imma gonna get used to it, *calms down sits on Roc's bed* 

Roc- Speaking of relationships, while i was driving i got you a lil sum, if you don't mind me buying you something for the first time, and to promise you i won't break up with you, here *moves to the bag he brought with him* 

Y/n- Roc, what is it?

Roc- You'll see, *opens the box facing Y/n*

Y/n- Omg, Roc, is this a promise ring?

Roc- Only for the luckiest girl in the world*smiles* 

Y/n- Idk, what to say, thank you baby, i love it *smiles*

Roc- I'm glad you do, would you wanna try it on, then show the gang 

Y/n- Sure, can you put it on me plz

Roc- Sure, anything for you *shakes his head* 

Y/n- Lets go show the rest of the group, dont you think 

Roc- You read my mind, lil girl

(end of convo) 

So Roc and y/n went down stairs and got the rest of the groups attention so y/n can show everyone what Roc got her while he was out and about calming himself down. 


Y/n- Hey guys, 

Jessica- Hey y/n, i'm so happy you finally came out of that room, i thought you died

Y/n- Why would you say that?

Isabella- Because she thinks that it smells really bad in Roc's room.

Y/n- Oh, no it actually smells like his cologne, so yh 

Jessica- I'm going to the bathroom *goes upstairs* 

Brittney- I think she actually went to see what Roc's room smells like *laughs*

Y/n- I think your right, imma sneak up there and see if she's even goin' to the "bathroom" *walks upstairs quietly*BOO!

Jessica- *Screams* why in the world would you do that to me y/n, because brittney said that you were going to Roc's room to see if it actually smells like his cologne. *mumbles* thanks a lot brittney

Y/n- So did you go in yet?

Jessica- No, not yet, wait you want me to? *confused* 

y/n- Yh, why not, it's not like he's going to do anything to you right?

Jessica-Right, he is dating you, it's not like he is going to hit me for it, he can't hit me can he?

Y/n- I won't let him ok, now go see if i'm right *pushed jessica in Roc's room*

Jessica- Wait, what is on your ring finger, is that a wedding ring? YOU"RE GETTING MARRIED!

Y/n- No, it's a promise ring, Roc gave it to me when he came in to see me, and surprised me at the same time too, that's what i wanted to show the rest of the group and then you made that comment and you just left. 

Jessica- Omg, sorry, i didn't know, hey now you know he loves you.

Y/n- you think i mean i know a promise ring shows something bout a dude

but do you really think he loves me?

Jessica- Why in the world would a boy like Roc Royal give you a promise ring if he didn't love you. 

Y/n- Well, i guess your right, now why don't we go downstairs and show the others like i was going to do before  you made that comment. ok

Jessica- Sure, why not i wonder what Ray's reactions going to be?

Y/n- Idk, well see come on *goes downstairs* 

Jessica- Wait one more sniff in Roc's room plz

Y/n- Fine, one more you just like the way his cologne smells in his room

Jessica- *sniffs* maybe, but i'm with Ray and that's all that matters to me

Y/n- Coming *already downstairs* 

Jessica- Comin' *walks downstairs with Y/n* 

Prince- So what is the situation that you wanted all of our attention *looks around the room* 

Isabella- Yh, what's the tea between you and Roc 

Y/n- This *shows everyone the promise ring Roc gave her* 

Brittney- Omg, its a promise ring, thats cute

Prod- Well done bro *high fives Roc* 

Roc- Thanks, i just hope my babygirl likes it 

Y/n- I don't like it, i love it thanks baby *hugs Roc* 

Roc- Anything for my babygirl to make you happy *smiles* 

Ray- Hey Roc, can i talk to you in private 

Roc- Sure man, what's on your mind *walks away with Ray* 

Y/n- I wonder what's wrong with Ray, and what is on his mind?

Jessica- That's weird, when you show the gang the ring, Ray automatically wants to talk to Roc about sum?

Isabella- Just give him some time, he'll come around

Brittney- I just wonder what's on Ray's mind?

Jessica- Me too, I want to know whats wrong with my baby, 

Y/n- well Jessica, you did want to know what his reaction would be, and there you go 

Jessica- Well, since you put it that way, might as well know what's wrong and what's on his mind that he couldn't come to me about it but to your boyfriend Roc Royal

Brittney- Well, they are like brothers to one another, they have been with one another longer than you have been with Ray. 

(end of convo) 

While the girls are talking about what's on Ray's mind, Prince and Prod are talking about what they should do. 


Prince- Should we do the same thing with our girls, when they get mad at us even though we haven't been on our first date yet, but you can see how that worked out for Roc and y/n, what do you think Prod?

Prod- Do whatever you want man, I'm going to spend some time with my girl *walks to Isabella* 

Prince- Man, I was just asking I was just hoping he had something to do but whatever *walks to Brittney* 


Isabella- hey baby, do you know what's wrong with Ray 

Prod- Not, really I think he just needs one of his brothers for this, you know what I mean?

Isabella- yh, i know what you mean, see Jessica not even Prod or Prince know what's wrong with him, if he wanted to tell you, he will on his own time

Prince- Are all you worried about Ray?

Brittney- No, just Jessica why?

Prince- Because I thought it just seemed like you girls just care about one dude at a time, I mean... nvm *walks upstairs to his room* 

Brittney- Prince, Wait *runs upstairs* 

Isabella- I think your the only one who isn't having problems today huh

Y/n- well, no Me and Roc are fine, now it's just Prince,and Ray 

Will Ray ever tell Jessica what was wrong or will he keep it between him and Roc. Will Prince tell Brittney that he loves her, or will they be friends? Will Prod be with Isabella and actually hang out just the two of them? 


Chapter Three: Is everything going downhill?

Recap: Roc and y/n are still together, Roc gave Y/n a promise ring showing his effection toward her, Ray has a weird reaction about it and everyone is worried about him. Prince is worried Brittney won't like him anymore, and Prod just wants to hang out with his girl Isabella. 

Since Jessica wants to know so badly why Ray's acting the way he is,and only wants to talk to Roc. Here is what he is thinking through this whole situation.


Ray Pov

I honestly don't know why I reacted the way I did. I just want Jessica to get what she deserves, there are times when I am not able to give her what she wants right then and there. I just hope no matter what happens to me, she will always like me. No matter what happens between us, I will always love her, just never told her that. *laughs* well everyone is wanting to know what happened to me here it is. *breathes* 

Ray- Hey, sorry if i took you away from your girl Roc 

Roc- It's ight man, i got the whole day with her, what's up with you, why did you react the way you did in there?

Ray- Well, Ik that Jessica's been wanting a promise ring from me even though I can't give it to her right away, I just hope she ain't mad at me because of it,man I don't know what to do can you help me out plz 

Roc- No problem anything for my brother ight, so what kind of ring do you wanna get her?

Ray- Idk, that's the problem, where is the jewelry store that you went to anyway? 

Roc- i didn't go anywhere special, i just went to the mall and picked it up

Ray- oh, ight then, can you give me the adress and come with me or should i take Jessica?

Roc- What do you think Ray, do you wanna surprise her with it, or have her pick out one and have her show her girls when you guys get back.

Ray- I rather have her pick it out because I don't know what she likes in a ring so, imma take her, thanks man you always know what to say, even when you have a girl you wanna spend time with.

Roc- Like i told you bro, no problem, i have plenty of time, and I like helping my brothers out with their problems now let's go back and you can tell Jessica how you feel about her you know.

Ray- Ik thanks again man, i'm glad they made you apart of this group, i don't think any of us would be here without you man.

Roc- Thanks man, i'm glad i'm here because if i wasn't i wouldn't meet y/n.

Ray- Speaking of y/n, i think i like her, like more than a friend, ik ya'll are dating but man your lucky, you always get the good girls. 

Roc- *getting mad* Bro, you better not touch her, she's mine and that ring shows who she's with, you stay with Jessica ight, if you don't like Jessica tell her you don't think it's going to work. 

Ray- There's no point in getting mad bro, i ain't gonna touch your girl, ight, *mumbles*when your around

Roc- What was that?

Ray- What was what?

Roc- Bro you know what i'm talking bout, well let's get back you can talk to Jessica while I spend some time with MY girl ight. *walks inside the house* 

 Ray- *walks inside too* Ight see you later man *high fives Roc* 

Roc- I hope you guys work it out 

Ray- You and me both man i hope she ain't gonna be mad at me

Roc- I don't think she will just tell her how you feel

(End of convo) 

So now Roc is the only one that knows what's on Ray's mind, It's Ray's choice if he should tell Jesssica how he feels about her, and would get her a promise ring. Or would he go behind Roc's back and be with y/n, and will y/n be loyal to Roc like he is to her, or would she cheat on him with one of this bros. 

Y/n- Hey Roc, how was the conversation with Ray?

Roc- Good, how was your conversation with the gang?

Y/n- Good, everyone was worried about Ray especially Jessica, can you tell me what was on Ray's mind?

Roc- Sorry, babygirl, it's between me and Ray, i would tell you but i don;t know if he wants to tell you or not. him and Jessica have some talking to do.

Y/n- Ight, i get it it's between you and one of your brothers, but how come he can't tell me specifically, is it involving me?

Roc- It is but, im honoring Ray's wishes, Sorry babygirl *hugs her* 

Y/n- it's ight, can we go somewhere i hate being in this house all day 

Roc- Where do you wanna go?

Y/n- Why don't we go to the movies, but don't watch the movie, if you know what I mean.

Roc- Ik exactly what you babygirl, well let me grab my phone from upstairs and we'll be on our way ight. 

Y/n- Okay but hurry up I wanna go *getting upset* 

Roc- Lets go*grabs y/n hand and leaves the house* 

Roc txts the guys telling them that him and y/n are going to the movies and they would see them all later when they come back home.


Roc- Hey guys, me and my girl are going to the movies, but we ain't really gonna watch the movie if you know what I mean, and Ray did you make a decision yet, and tell them.

Ray- Nah, I haven't i still don't know about it, also have a nice trip to the movies 

Prince- What decision does he have to make?, see you later 

Prod- yh, what decision, also be careful man you don't know what kinds of people are going to the same movie theater, and they are or are not fans of you, and the group. See you later my brother

Roc- I will be careful and the decision is for Ray to decide if he wants to tell ya'll or not, well peace out bros :) 

(End of convo) 

So y/n and Roc are at the movie theaters, Ray still hasn't decided if he should tell the rest of the boys about what was on his mind, and just in time he is going to tell Jessica how he feels about breaking up with her, or telling her to follow him and get a promise ring. Here is Prince and Brittney, and then Ray and Jessica's conversation. 

Brittney- *knocks on Prince's door* 

Prince- Go away, *signs* i just need to be alone ok, can't you give me some privacy for once.

Brittney- It's me Brittney, Princy I want to know what's wrong, you know how worried I was when Ray didn't say anything to us and what was on his mind. But he's not my boyfriend you are plz tell me, I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong, if you want some time alone that's one thing I can give you, When your ready i'll be downstairs waiting for you. *leaves and goes downstairs*

Prince Pov

What ever it is that Ray won't tell us is really serious, that boy would always tell his bros what's wrong, but why only tell Roc, apperantly it's involving y/n, and Ray had to tell him, and something about Jessica as well. Idk this day just gets crazier and crazier everyday we spend with these girls. I just hope Brittney still likes me like I like her, I just gotta think of a way to tell her I can't afford a promise ring, Yh, I know i'm in a boy band named Mindless Behavior that doesn't mean we don't use our own money to buy our girls things. I just I can tell her soon or later, but soon is best. 

Brittney Pov

I don't know what's wrong with Prince, I just hope whatever it is he'll tell me on his own time, if he needs space I would gladly give it to him, i just hope he's okay. Knowing that something is wrong about someone you love is really hard not to try and help him. I just want to know is that to much to ask.*signs* *sits on the couch* I guess i'm going to check one more time to make sure he still wants to be alone. *goes upstairs* 


Brittney- Princy are you ready to talk yet, or do you wanna still be alone for a lil while

Prince- You can come in, I want to talk to you about something 

Brittney- Sure Princy, what's wrong

Prince- you know how the guys are trying to give their girls promise rings even though we haven't been together for a long time, what i'm about to say, please tell me no matter what happens between us, we will be together no matter what right?

Brittney- Why would, I leave you, so instead imma promise you no matter what you are going to say I am never going to leave you ok. now what is it that you wanted to tell me?

Prince- Well... I can't afford a promise ring for you, i know you and the girls want one from each of us but I can't get it right now, if that's okay with you?

Brittney- *grabs prince hands* Princy, you don't have to give me a promise ring to show me how much you care, just being able to date my crush is okay with me, and why would I leave you for a promise ring? just because you can't afford it doesn't mean i am going to leave you okay, you don't have to worried about it, it's fine. 

Prince- *hugs Brittney* i'm glad I was able to tell you there is one more thing I really need to get off my chest if that[s okay with you.

Brittney- Go ahead, i'm listening *waiting* 

Prince- I love you Brittney *smiles* 

Brittney- I love you 2 Princy *kisses Prince* 

Prince- why don't we go out somewhere hjust me and my girl ight. 

Brittney- I would love to *walks with princeton out of his room* 


Prince and Brittney are now happy together and she doesn't care that Prince can't afford the promise ring, being able to date him is all that matters to her not a promise ring has to show how much he cares for her. 

Here is Ray and Jessica's conversation about the situatuation 

Ray- Hey Jessica, 

Jessica- Wassup Ray 

Ray- Can I talk to you for a second, while you get your coat, and wait in the car please?

Jessica- *confused* okay, i'll wait in the car *walks away and grabs her coat and heads toward the car* 

Prince- Where are you taking her?

Ray- I'll txt you and Prod the details ight, see ya'll later, now I have a girl waiting for me in my car see ya'll later.

Prince- Ok, be careful bro, Take Prod's don't know where those fans are.

Ray- Ight, prince see you later man
Prince- See you later 
So Prince and Brittney are going to chill with one another for the rest of the day and they are going to watch some movies, and get to know a little more about one another. 
Is Ray ever going to tell Jessica where they are going, and telling her how he actually feels about her and tell her that it's not going to work out, or will he be there for Jessica?
Chapter 5 : Relationships
Jessica Pov 
I have no idea where Ray is taking me, I just hope he ain't breaking up with me. I love this boy with all my heart, but does he feel the same way about me. I wonder where were are going, I am not a big fan of surprises but i'll do anything for my baby. I just hope i will be with this boy forever. Maybe even be married, but i am only 16 i got a lot of things ahead of me. 
Ray- Parks the car) We are here, coming 
Jessica- Yh, where are we again?
Ray- For me to know and you to find out sooner than later 
Jessica- (walks out the car) 
Ray- (grabs jessica's hand) walking to the mall 
Jessica- Were at the mall yh, SHOPPING SPREE!!!
Ray- Not exactly, baby, I wanna give you sum, I just need to know what you like ight 
Jessica- Ok? confused 
So they walk into the store, and she was looking around so happy, what Jessica was thinking was that he was going to proposed, but to him it was going to be a promise ring just like the one Roc gave Y/n. 
Ray- See anything you like? (wraps his arms around her waist) 
Jessica- How bout that one (points to a silver ring, with a big diamond in the middle with purple one around it) 
Ray- Anything for my baby (walks to the cashier) 
Jessica- (walks towards Ray) *whipers* thank you
Ray- (kisses her) no problem (pays for the ring) 
Jessica- Can i have it engraved or is it to late since you bought it already 
Ray- No you can cutomize it even after it was paid for wanna go back and ask 
Jessica- Yh, you can wait here, it wont be long 
Ray- Ight, i will wait for you maybe grab us sum to eat, you hungry yet? 
Jessica- A little, we can grab a bit to eat at the food court, after 
Ray- ight, (waiting for Jessica to come back) 
Jessica- (walks back to Ray)
Ray- what did they put on it? (tries to look at the ring) 
Jessica- (kisses ray so he wont look at the ring) 
Ray- (kisses back) why wont you let me look at it i am the one who bought it for you plz baby just one look 
Jessica- for a teenage boy your acting childish rn, but fine you can look (takes off the ring to show ray) 
Ray- Why does it say Jessica Lopez?
Jessica- Bc, I know i would not want to be with anyone else in the world but you thats why 
Ray- So u saying you would marry me if I asked you?
Jessica- Why not, you love me right?
Ray- Why not, if i didn't i wouldn't have bought you a promise ring? 
Jessica- True, why don't we eat, im starting to get hungry now *laughs* 
Ray- ight, jump on my back 
Jessica- Babe, I can walk to the food court, im not injuried
Ray- Oh, come on just this once plz? *gives her the puppy dog eyes* 
Jessica- *laughs* seriously the doggy eyes, fine, i'll jump on your back. 
Ray- Yes, *helps her up* 
Jessica- You are one weird dude, you know that 
Ray- hey, as long as im your weird dude im alright with that *starts walking to the food court with Jessica on his back* 
Jessica- What food do you want, let me guess, tacos..
Ray- You know me so well babe
Jessica- Hey, im your girlfriend, im supposed to know what my baby likes.
Ray- You right, your right *puts her down* 
No Pov
So the guys are talkin among themselves since Ray and Jessica are at the mall. Roc and Y/n are on talking terms nothing happened between them there was no drama between them, just the other three boys who had trouble with their girls, but thats gonna change when Ray and Jessica come back from the mall.
Roc pov
I love y/n she is one of the many girls that are different compared to the other girls i have dated throughtout my teenage years, she is the love of my life. I'm glad she's wearing the promise ring I bought her. Ray decided to give Jessica one but is lettin her pick it out since she is the one goin to wear it. I just hope it looks good. I wonder how Prince and Brittney are comin along, since they wanted to spend the entire day with one another. 
Imma go check on my girl real quick check in witb ya'll later. 
Roc-Hey,baby what u doin? 
y/n-nothin much hby
Roc-Just wanted to know what my baby is up to, wanna do sum? 
Y/n-Sure, what did u have in mind?
How 'bout we go to the mall, walk 'round for a while, just me and my girl, how does that sound? 
Y.n-Sure, but isnt Ray and Jessica there? 
Roc-yeah, its not like were gonna be there at the same time, we can go sums where else if u want?, how 'bout the carnival that just opened up not that far from here. wanna go there instead?
Y/n- As long as im with my babe im fine *smiles* 
Roc- Well im glad u feel that way now let go *walks downstairs* 
Y/n- Wow ur just gonna leave me up here, what a boyfriend you are *goes downstairs* 
Roc- I thought u were right behind me srry *grabs his coat and keys* ready?
Y/n- yh, let's go 
No Pov 
So Roc and his girl go to the carnival. 
Roc- Babygirl, what ride do u wanna go on first? 
Y/n- How bout that one? *points to a tall roller coaster* 
Roc-*gulps* u sure 
Y/n- yh, what u scared *laughs* 
Roc- Hell nah, *goes in the line* 
Y/n- Wait for me *runs to roc* why u leave 
Roc- Bc, i thought u were behind me 
Y/n-nah, I wasn't behind u, I was still in the bathroom 
Roc-ight, srry babygirl, didnt realize
Y/n-it's fine, now what are we waitin for let's go *runs to the roller coaster*
Roc-babygirl don't forget me *runs to catch up with his girl*
Y/n- *walks back to Roc* Why don't we do sum we both gonna enjoy *smirks* 
Roc- Wym? I thought u wanted to go here 
Y/n- Yh, I did at first, but I thought about sum better, why don't we go back to the car plz *puppy dog eyes* 
Roc- Fine, but aren't u gonna tell me what were doin? if im apperantly gonna enjoy it to.
Y/n- U'll see once we get in the car's backseat *grabs roc's hand* 
Roc- I think I know where this is headed *smirks* babygirl u in control, and I like that *wraps his arms around her waist* 
Y/n- I know I am, and now u know ur gonna enjoy it as much as I am 
Roc-As long as I'm with you, im always gonna enojoy it *runs to the car* 
Y/n- *laughs* someones in a rush 
Roc-*smiles* it's not everyday that ur girl wants to do it and is the one in control
Y/n- True *goes in the car's backseat,looks at Roc* Comin'
Roc- Oh you know it *climbs in, Starts kissin Y/n* u love that babygirl 
Y/n- *moans* Yes baby 
Roc- *Climbs on top of y/n* now whos in control?
Y/n- Still me *flips them over* *smiles* 
Roc- Mami u fine, wanna hang out sum time 
Y/n- Spiffy I would love to hang out with you, but why don't we get to the point huh?
Roc- Fiesty, I like it *kisses her neck* 
Y/n- *moans* Spiffy why u gotta be like that 
Roc- It's only for the best, Mami it's for u 
Y/n- Why don't we have a challenge to make this makeout session a lil more interestin' know what I mean Spiffy 
Roc- Ik, exactly what you mean Mami, how bout if I turn u on, which im already doin, you have to put on a show for me in my room, and u sleep with me tonight, doing what ever u want to try and turn me on, ight 
Y/n- That's easy, If i win then u can't sleep with me or touch me at all for an entire month, not touchin' my body, ur not in my bed, u can't do anything with me, but kiss me, got it Spiffy 
Roc- Man, I hope I win, I can' t last a day without touchin my babygirl's body
Y/n- Then lets hope u win then, bc believe me, idk what I would do if u didn't touch me everyday 
Roc- Then let's start *kisses her again* *whispers* U don't how many things I can do to u rn* 
Y/n- Then why don't you start off, and see how many things I can stop from happenin', jk I just want you 
Roc- Then what are u waitin for, Mami im right here 
Y/n- Fine *rubs her hands on Roc's six pack* 
Roc- This is gonna be hard *laughs* 
Y/n- What all I did was put my hand on ur body 
Roc- ik, thats why, ur hands on my skin.....Man 
Y/n- Whatever,*smiles* sits on Roc since he's laying down on the back seat,* what if I do this, rocks her body on Roczilla* 
Roc- *moans* babygirl, what u doin to me damn
Y/n- Just tryna make my boi happy thats all 
Roc- Believe me, ur way beyond me  being happy 
Y/n- *goes faster* how bout this?
Roc- *gulps* ughhh *throws his head back* wouldn't this be better if we didnt have our clothes on? 
Y/n- Tru, *turns around, takes off her clothes* 
Roc- Babygirl, why u faced the window, it's not like I haven't seen u naked alreaady 
Y/n- *confused* Roc u never seen me naked, I was never with u until now, so how to u know how I look?
Roc-...........I may have looked at u when u change in ur room, and when u take a shower, whoops 
Y/n- Roc *punches his arm* seriously u pervert 
Roc- Oh come on, if I was a pervert u wouldn't be with me rn 
Y/n- Tru, also it's ur turn 
Roc- For what?
Y/n- To get out of ur clothes, u slow?
Roc- oh yh, and no Im not slow *takes off his shirt revealin his six pack and his toned body, since the boys workout everyday* 
Y/n- *gasps* *whispers to herself* damn, this boi is fine as hell, I'm glad I got him before the other fans did
Roc- *smirks* Take a picture it will last longer 
Y/n- Huh? oh heh* nervous laugh* i'm fine thank you 
Roc- I'm guessin u like what u see
Y/n- If i didn't I wouldn't be in the back of a challenger with one of the MB bois doin it now would I
Roc- Tru, *takes off his pants* 
Y/n- *climbs on Roc again* much better 
Roc- *Lays back down* I can feel ur hands even better without clothes on my body 
Y/n- I can say the same thing to u *kisses Roc* 
Roc_ *kisses back* mmmmm.....babygirl u taste good
Y/n- I have lip balm on, peppermint flavor if that's what u taste
Roc-*licks his lips* yh, pepperminty huh *smiles* 
Y/n- *laughs* ig u can say that, *sits on Roc, moves her hips* 
Roc- *moans* ur much closer now, and the movement is much better without having clothes block us from one another 
Y/n- *lays on Roc's chest* I know I don't say this to a lot of guys but.....I love u Roc *looks up at him* 
Roc- *looks down* I love u too babygirl *wraps his arms around her* now why don't we enjoy what we were gonna do and expand this makeout session
Y/n- Go ahead  not stoppin u *flips them around* 
Roc- Now im in control, *kisses her neck, goes down her body* mami ur so warm 
Y/n- *moans* Spiffy ur good 
Roc- Thats' my specialty *smirks on her stomach* 
Y/n- Ik it is 
No Pov 
Roc and Y/n are doing their thing, Ray and Jessica come back home from the mall, Prod and Isabel are getting to know each other more. Prince and Brittney are having thier time of their lives, they decided to go to the carnival, after Roc and Y/n went. Now Roc and Y/n are still there, they just are in Roc's  challeger in the parking lot. They never actually left the carnival just yet. Prince and Brittney don't know that tho. They wil find out sooner or later.
Prince- Hey Brit, u havin fun?
Brittney- Why wouldn't I, I love the carnival, and I'm spending it with the one I love *blushes* 
Prince- Well, *chuckles* I love you too *faces Brit, and kisses her* 
Brittney- *deepens the Kiss*, wow, ok, what do u wanna do now? 
Prince- How bout we do another roller coaster, and then to the food, if that's alright with you?
Brittney- That's fine, I have a question??
Prince- What is it?
Brittney- Isn't Roc and Y/n here too? 
Prince- Idk tbh, i think they left, we have the entire day to ourselves, so lets enjoy it while we can, before we get mobbed by fans. 
Brittney- Yh, ig your right on both Roc and the fans. I want to spend some time with my afroboi 
Prince-Afroboi? seriously 
Brittney- Yh, gotta another nickname?
Prince- How bout Misfit?
Brittney- Ok, let me see...i want to spend some alone time with my Misfit , How's that?
Prince- No offense, but it sounds better than Afroboi...*rubs the back of his neck*
Brittney- Ig, your right, well what are we waiting for come on *runs to the line of a roller coaster* 
Prince- Hey wait up*catches up to her* 
Brittney- *turns around so see Prince runnin* Oh hey
Prince- That's all I get for catchin up to u is a *breathes* hey 
Brittney- Well, what do u want me to do?
Prince- A passionate kiss would be nice... *breathes* 
Brittney- *walks to Prince* fine...**kisses prince* 
Prince- *stands up slowly* *deepens kiss* now that's more like it 
Brittney- *rolls her eyes* boys and their hormones 
Prince- Hey girls have wants and needs to..not just boys 
Brittney- Ik, but guys always want sum, and if they can't get it, they actually beg their girls. Like seriously you can't wait?
Prince- Well, I'm not like most guys,*wraps his arms around her waist* and I can wait, unless you want to do it? *puts his head on her shoulder*
Brittney-*leans back and closes her eyes* I would but not while you the Carnival
Prince- So ur telling me, that you would do it, if we weren't at the carnival this instant?
Brittney- *thinks* well, not exactly, I just want to get to know you first before, we know each other in the bedroom?, u know what I mean?
Prince- *upset*I get it, It's nice to just chill out with the girl of your dreams *kisses Brittney* 
Brittney- Exactly *kisses back*, and instead of girl for me, it's the boi of my dreams, I loved you ever since MB became a band to begin with 
Prince- So...Since 2009?
Brittney- Yh, How do u like all the fam, and fans, and the touring and practicing?
you get what i'm tryna say right?, plz tell u get it 
Prince- *laughs* Brit, I get what you mean, I like having 3 brothers in my life that I can depend on to help me in bad situations, and knowing that my fans are always there for me, whenever sum happens in the group. I love the tours, I get to see places and go all around the world. The practicing...not a big fan of but what can you do if you need to dance and sing at the same time.. that doesn't become an easy task to do. You gotta practice for it, it just doesn't appear out of nowhere? The fame just comes along with it, how else do u think I would met a pretty girl like yourself and spend the rest of my life with?
Brittney- Well, thanks for the info on all the stuff ur not a big fan of, and knowing that I wouldn't be able to meet you, and be where I am today, I don't what i would do, If I never discovered Mindless Behavior. I'm just glad the universe helped me meet you for the first time in my life, besides seeing you in concerts and watching you on T.v when you do interviews, I just knew someday I was going to meet you. And here I am with the one and only Princeton Perez. Aka my Misfit *kisses Prince* 
Prince- *kisses back* Well, I'm glad I met u, Idk what I would do, if this never happened, but whatever made this happen and glad it did. 
brittney- Me too, now do u wanna still do the ride or just go home *puts her hand on his chest* 
Prince- *looks down and smirks* why don't we just go home, if thats what u want?
Brittney- As long as I'm with you, I'm straight *smiles* where did u park the Jeep again?
Prince- There *points to a black Jeep near a black and blue challenger* 
Brittney- hey, Isn't that Roc's car?, apperantly they didn't leave 
Prince- And he had another thing on his mind..if u know what I mean?
Brittney- yh, sadly I do know what you mean, and apperantly y/n doesn't care, should we say hi, or just leave them be?
Prince- what do u think?, Wanna scare the hell out of them?, or leave them alone and let them spend some alone time with one another?
Brittney- hmmm...The first one, Y/n has always scared me and has laughed about it in front of my face, now it's my turn *walks over to the challanger smirking* 
Prince- *whispers* Damn, I like the way she thinks, and I'm glad to call her mine *runs to catch up with Brittney* 
Brittney- *looks behind her, sees prince* Ok, here is what we are going to do, you start making some kind of noise that surprises the both of them, they look out the car windows, and see nothing, you do it again, until you hear them talking and y/n tell him how scared she is.. then he comforts her blah blah, and out of no where imma have a mask on, and say "i'm your worst nightmare" and they scream, and then we lay on the ground laughing that we start to tear it?
Prince- mami I like the way you think*wraps his arms around her* U turning me on 
Brittney *blushes* I only do it for you *kisses Prince* 
Prince- *kisses back* now, lets do this and then we can go home and have some fun of our own.. dont you think *smirks* 
Brittney- *smiles* sure what ever u say misfit,now go behind the car 
Prince- Ok, *runs to the back of the challenger and ducks out of Roc and Y/n's sight* now what?
Brittney- Hold on*opens her purse and reveals a mask* 
Prince- *confused* you carry that thing with you?
Brittney- *smirks* on special occasions yh, I was gonna scare u with it, and see that little face of your scared out of ur mind but I decided not to, bc im a good gf like that..
Prince- Ok, nevermind, let's get this plan into action, you ready?
Brittney- Yh, okay start the noises?
Prince- you got it mami *smirks* *starts making screaming noises from behind the car* 
 ------In the car-----
Y/n- Roc, did you hear sum?
Roc- Babygirl, I didn't hear anything, why?
Y/n- I thought I heard sum, nvm
Roc- Just go back to sleep, I'm hear to protect you
Y/n- Ik you are, *falls back to sleep* 
Roc- Damn, now I'm wide awake,... *a few minutes later he falls back asleep* 
Prince- *makes screaming noises x2*
Y/n- Now did you hear sum?
Roc- tbh, yh, who in the world is screaming?
Y/n- idk, but Rocky im scared 
Roc- Don't worry im here for you *cuddles her* 
Brittney- *taps on the window* 
Y/n- *looks at the window* *screams* 
Roc- *worried* baby whats wrong, *looks around and sees a person in a mask* 
*screams likea girl* let's get out of here *grabs y/n and leave the challenger* 
Prince- *laughs* hahahaha, yall should've see ur faces...hahahaha
Brittney- *laughs* yh, man *reacts like y/n did* 
Prince- *reacts like roc did* bro no offense, but you scream like a girl 
Roc- *mad* bro that wasn't funny, what the hell are yall here anyway?
Y/n- *upset* yh, weren't yall at home, doing god knows what?
Prince- We were at home but we decided to check out the new carnival, We thought yall left, So we were having the time of our lives...*looks at brittney* then we decided to head home, and she pointed out the challenger, and decided to scare yall, but its not her fault...I was in on it to, and Im glad I was *laughs* 
Brittney- *looks at y/n* how do you like it now y/n huh, the many times you scared me and thought it was funny, but now when I do it to you, you look like ur gonna break down crying, *laughs* girl, put ur big girl panties on and girl up, I can't say man up bc u know ur a girl but u know what I mean. Not funny when someone else does it to ya huh?
Y/n- That wasn't funny, but you finally grew a spine and got me back after all thesse years, it took you a while huh, you had to have someone who would help you with it too, you couldn't do it on ur own apperantly...*looks at Roc* Come one were leaving *walks back inside the car* 
Brittney- Man, she's a bitch, she cant even take a joke, come on Prince lets leave these losers alone, if they can't handle a small prank. But man was it funny as hell. 
Prince- You got that right, well now u wanna go home?
Brittney- Nah, not while she's around *looks at y/n* how bout we go to the park, if ur up to it?
Prince- Sure why not, i think you and her need to chill and be seperated for a while...dont you think?
Brittney- ig, your right, come one *grabs Princes hand* wanna keep the car here, or take it with?
Prince- How bout we take it with just in know who might do sum to it *looks behind them* 
Brittney- Ight, got it *walks to the Jeep and gets in the passenger seat* 
Prince- *Hops in the driver seat, grabs his keys and buckles up* lets go 
------In the Challenger------
Y/n- That was not funny, right Roc?
Roc- Yh, idk what the hell they were thinking?, scaring the shit out of us like that..
Y/n- She wanted to get back at me, she wanted me to taste my own medicine, I would scare her all the time when we were little, and now since she's old enough she's gonna do back at me, so now Ik what she is going to do.. I just have to be prepared for the worst..*thinking* even though my boyfriend did sound like a girl when he screamed* 
Roc- *waves his hand in y/n's face* hello, there?
Y/n- *shakes her head* oh, yh srry, I was thinking bout sum*looks out the window* 
Roc- You wanna tell daddy bout it?
Y/n- One, not right now, maybe some other time when Im ready and two, why in the world are you calling urself daddy?
Roc- Ight, I can wait, and two I like it better when you said it...*whispers in a husky voice* it kinda turns me on, you sayin' my name when you moan, what boy doesn't love a girl who moans their name *looks back to the road smirking* 
Y/n- Someone who horny all the time, seriously is that all u boys talk about is girls moaning their names. 
Roc- Nah, and what boys isn't horny when they have a hot, sexy, girlfriend right next to them all the time. They can't help themselves now can they? *puts his hand on her inner thigh, slowly goes higher* 
Y/n- *looks down at his hand* what do u think ur doing?
Roc- Hmm...Idk what do u think I'm doing...I have my hand on my gfs thigh, while I'm driving got a problem with it?
Y/n- Why u mad?, I should be the one whos mad
Roc- I'm not mad, I cant have my hand on your thigh?
Y/n- You can, I was just asking what u were doing...sheesh
Roc- Damn, women I was just messin with you, you dont have to go all female on me.Why did your sister scare us like that?
Y/n- Well, to be honest I have no idea, apperantly she thought it was a good idea, and decided to scare us...I have scared her tons of times when we were little and she wants to get back at me, but when she does it to me its funny and so she gets back at me because of it. I don't know why she still trying bc were teenagers now and Im kinda over it. 
Roc- Well, Princeton thought it was a good idea bc he went along with it. 
Y/n- yh, I guess so *phone rings* 
Roc- Who is it?
Y/n- I don't know...never seen this number before...*answers* hello...
???-Hey, y/n havent heard from you in a while, how have you been?
Y/n- i'm doing fine, if you don't mind me asking who is this exactly?
???- You don't recongize my voice, its ur bsf James 
Y/n- Oh hey, james how are you, I havent' heard from you in a while 
James- well, I'm doing good, hows life treating ya 
Y/n- Pretty well so far, U still single? or did u finally get a girl 
James- Nah single still, that life tho, wby 
Y/n- I'm seeing someone, *looks at roc* so anything new 
James- Nah, not really I was just wondering if you wanna hang out sometime, u know catch up on things, maybe even introuduce me to ur man 
Y/n- Well, he is known alot and he has fans, and yh I would love to hang out, what time do you wanna pick me up?
James- bout 5ish, if ur not doing anything, and I would tell ur man so he doesn't think ur cheating on him, with me 
Y/n- Believe me, ur my bsf I think he will understand, and i guess I will see you then, and how did you get my number?
James- Oh, about that, I went to see your family, I went over there and you weren't there so I asked and they said that you would be out and about with your man, so yh, and I asked if I can call you and they gave me this number.
Y/n- Ah, got it, well I guess we have a lot of catching up to do, see you later bsf
James-See ya, *hangs up* 
Roc- Who was that?
Y/n- My best friend I haven't seen since 8th grade, he called me and was wondering how I was doing
Roc- So ur best friend is a dude?
Y/n- Yh, He wants to catch up so he is going to pick me up, at 5-ish, and he wanted me to tell you about it so u don't think I'm cheating on you. *looks at Roc* 
Roc- Why in the world would he say that to begin with? 
Y/n- *thinking* I don't know tbh..Ig he just wanted to make sure nothing would happen between me and you. 
Roc- Alright then, what do you wanna do now? it's 4:30 
Y/n- bout we go out to dinner? just the two of us, and then we can go home, and I can change into sum comfy and then James is gonna pick me up for our hang. 
Roc- I have one question for you tho...did this James person like you more than a best friend at one point or were you only best friends?
Y/n- Well, I did have feelings for him and since I was only in 8th grade and he is a year younger than me is was in 7th and I told him not verbally that I liked him, and apperantly he felt the same way just never came out and said it, bc as soon as I said that he started wrapping his arm around me, putting his hand on my thigh, and leaning on me. Now this was all when we were leaving and coming from school, we would sit together on the bus. and I asked him if we can make this work he said that it wouldn't bc I was leaving for high school soon, so we decided to just stay best friends, and we have been best friends ever since, and he now he's in high school and he is a freshman, he does have a girl tho. So I don't think you have to worry bout it ok. 
Roc- Ight, let's just hope he keeps his hands to himself on this "hang" that you two are doing later today. 
Will y/n really be loyal to Roc Royal...or will she be with James?, 
Chapter 6: James-Best friend or Boyfriend?
Recap: Brittney and Princeton scared the living hell out of Roc and Y/n since they were still in the car and they didn't leave the carnival. Y/n's best friend james called wondering if she wanted to catch up on life and see how every body is doing. James does like y/n but will he make her cheat on Roc or will she stay loyal to him. And is Roc really the Jealous type.Read to find out 
James Pov 
Man, I was so happy I was able to hear y/n's voice I havent heard from her in 2 years, and the things I want to do to her I can't describe. It sucks knowing she is with someone. I just hope I can make her mine. I love y/n, and I want her to be with me, Idk who she is seeing but I know for sure she won't be with him for long. I liked her more than a best friend when we were in middle school, and I would've been with her, but she was going to high school soon, and I would still be at the school, I am a year younger than she is, even though I'm taller. I would lean on her shoulder, wrap my arm around her, and put my hand on her thigh. We sat together on the bus going to and from school, I would be the first one to get off the bus and she would,she lives right across the street from me, more like another neighborhood. I just hope I can make her mine. Imma call her again. 
-------At the house---------
Jessica- Ray what are you doing?
Ray- making lunch,,,why 
Jessica- Just asking, what do u wanna  do today?
Ray- I have a couple things in mind *smirks* 
Jessica- Nasty, maybe later tonight, 
Ray- Fine, how bout we go to the mall, walk round get out of this house 
Jessica- Sure, Let me go grab my things and well be on our way *goes upstairs* 
Ray- *thinking* she's already upstairs..all I have to do is keep her there *runs upstairs* 
Jessica- *Turns around* why are u up here?
Ray- *closes the door and locks it* what I had in mind 
Jessica- Ray, I told u already later tonight *tries to leave the room* 
Ray- If I want it...Imma get it *grabs Jessica and puts her on the bed* 
Jessica- Fine, but I do wanna go to the mall, but let go of me
Ray- *lets go of jessica* *kisses Jess* 
Jessica- -*kisses back* *moans* 
Ray- I haven't even done anything and ur moaning 
Jessica- Oh leave me alone *gets off the bed* 
Ray- *grabs her and pins her to the bed* oh com on im messing wit u 
Ray- *kisses Jess, deepens the kiss, goes ontop of her, takes of her clothes* *whispers* I love you Jess 
Jessica- I love u 2 ray * puts her hand on his chest and goes lower 
Ray- *smirks* what u doin
Jessica- this * grabs his thing* 
Ray- oh, why?
Jessica- *moves her hand up and down his shaft* does that feel nice 
Ray- *tries not to moan* Yh, when you do it, now let me show you how I do it 
*pulls down her panties and sticks two fingers in her* 
Jessica- *moans* go faster 
Ray- As you wish *moves his fingers faster and deeper inside her* like that baby 
Jessica- yesss, ughhhhh shit this feels good, ughhh daddy 
Ray- *sticks more of his fingers in her* thrusts faster* 
Jessica- shit, baby OMG< ughhhh daddy faster harder 
Ray- You got it *moves faster inside her and harder 
Jessica- HOLY SHITTTT this feels good *arches her back* 
Ray- you like it dont u baby 
Jessica- Yesss, daddy now put it in me plz *rubs his shaft* 
Ray- Ofc, anything for my babys pleasure *takes his fingers out of her and sticks himself in her* *quickens his pace* 
Jessica- Ohhh, yessss daddy faster *moans** 
Ray- *thrusts faster and deeper inside her* 
Jessica- *moans* Daddy, ughhh thiss is sooo gooooodddd 
Roc- So where do u wanna go?
y/n- about Applebees 
Roc- Ok, are u ready to go 
Y/n- Yh, are you 
Roc- If I wasn't I wouldn't be asking if u were ready now would i 
Y/n- Tru, let's go we don't want to be late
Roc-u got that right *grabs coat and keys* 
So Roc and Y/n leave to go to Applebees' and since James is going to pick y/n up around 5 ish, they should have enough time to be back home before james arrives. Roc really doesn't like James even though he hasn't meet him just yet, he just wants to make sure that y/n doesnt have any trouble with him while they are on their hang out after their dinner. 
-------At Applebees'-------
They walk in 
Y/n- Two please 
lady- right this way *walks to an empty booth* 
they follow 
Lady- Your waiter will be here shortly, anything I can get you guys?
Roc- *looks up* yh, can we have menus 
Lady- Sure thing *winks at Roc* I will get those for you *walks away* 
Y/n- You are always getting hit on, no matter where we are at huh 
Roc- Srry, I can't help it, and its just what I do, but she was the one who winked at me, so it wasn't my fault 
Y/n- Whatever, do you know what you want to eat?
Roc- Well, I have an idea but it would be nice to see my options *looks around* 
Lady- Srry bout that here are your menus *gives menus* 
Y/n- It's fine, as long as we have them now, where is our waiter?
Lady- He will be right out *leaves to the front  of the resturant* 
Roc- Do u know what you want to eat?
Y/n- Yh, I was thinking some mini burgers with french fries, what about you?
Roc- I was thinking a steak, with a baked sweet potato, and some french fries
Y/n- Well we know what we want, we jus tneed our waiter 
Roc- Speakin of waiter *points to the kitchen doors* 
Waiter- I apologize, were a little short staff today, would u guys want to start with some drinks? 
Roc- I will have root beer, and the lady would have...*looks at y/n* 
Y/n- I will have a raseberry ice tea 
Waiter- OK, *writes on notepad* are you ready to order?
Roc- Yes, i will have a medium rare steak with a baked sweet potato, and some french fries
Waiter- ok, and for the lady *looks at y/n* 
Y/n- I will have two mini cheesburgers with some french fries *hands him the menu* 
Roc- *gives the waiter the menu, a piece of paper falls out* Hmm...What is that?*picks up the paper* 
Y/n- I wonder who it's from...*looks at the entrance of the resturant* 
Roc- How do you know if it was from her or not, there are other women here. 
Waiter- *leaves to put in their order* 
Y/n- Well she is the only one besides me who has actually looked at you today. 
so it's her phone number im guessin 
Roc- Its a phone number, why do u always assumin sum 
Y/n- Fine, I'm not assumin anything, call the number and see whos' phone starts ringing 
Roc- Ok, *grabs his phone, and starts putting the phone number in* 
*ring ring* 
*looking around to see who picks up the phone* 
Lady at the Applebees entrance *picks up the phone* Hello?
Roc- Hey, is this your phone number?
Lady- Well, I am answering the phone arent' I
Roc- Yh, what is your name by the way 
Lady- Its Ramone, and whats urs 
Roc- Hey Ramone, I'm Roc Royal 
Ramone- No way, From Mindless behavior 
Roc- Yh, ur the one who sat me and my girl down at our booth 
Ramone- Yh, I realized that, I just thought u were cute, i didn't realize u were the one and only Roc Royal is that ur stage name or real name?
Roc- Thats my stage name my real name is Chresanto but my friends call me Santo or Chres. 
Ramone- Is it okay if I call you Santo?
Roc- Yh, hey my girl is over here wondering why u gave me ur number it fell from inside one of the menus. 
Ramone- Well, I wouldn't give ur girl my number...last time I checked im straight and I thought that I can get to know you more
Roc- well, i would have to ask my girl if thats alright with her bc I don't want her getting mad at me and thinking im cheating on her. 
Ramone- Well one arent u with her right now, and ur in the same booth and talking to me on the phone a couple feet away. So why don't you ask her now. 
Roc- Ok, Ig I will talk to u later then 
Ramone- Ok, see u, i end my shift in a couple of hours, maybe we can hang out sometime after, 
Roc- Sure, what time do you get off
Ramone- Around 5 ish I usually start my shift at 7 in the morning and since its a weekday I get off at 5. 
Roc- That sounds fine, I can drive u home if you want 
Ramone- Thanks, but I dont think ur girl is going to be happy bout her man driving a random girl home, but thanks for the offer tho. 
Roc- It's fine, shes gonna be hanging out with one of her bsf and Imma be home alone since the rest of the group are out and about. 
Ramone- Well, Ig I will see you then bye Santo 
Roc- Bye Ramone, see u later *hangs up* 
Y/n- So ur gonna drop her off at her house after her shift ?
Roc- Yh why not, im not going to do anything if I was it would be with you and only you. She knows I have a girl 
 Y/n- So ur gonna be home alone doing god knows what, while I'm out of the house hanging out with a friend I haven't seen in 2 years. Are you sure ur not jealous of him? 
Roc- Now why in the world would i be jealous of someone I have never met in my entire life, and he is gonna be with my girl for the rest of the day out of my sight, now tell me are u jealous?
Y/n- Me..jealous plz, its not everyday that ur boyfriend gets a phone number in his menu when ur out to dinner, and he decided to drop her off at her place after her shift,knowing his girlfriend is right next to him. 
Roc- So ur not jealous....
Y/n- Yes, Roc im jealous, u don't even know her but ur allowing her into ur car, and dropping her off god knows where, and thats not a problem at all
Roc- Well, Im jealous too, u wanna know why, Well i'll tell u why my girlfriend is going to hang out with a dude i dont even know after this whole dinner and he may even still like u more than a best friend, he will probably make a move on u bc he knows i am not going to be there. All I have to say is that he better not lay a hand on u. 
Y/n- Can we not talk bout him....and finish this dinner 
Roc- Why can't we talk bout him huh, bc u know u still have feelings for him is that it, or u just don't like me talking about him? 
Y/n- Can we please change the subject *looks around* where the hell is our food?
Waiter comes in 
Waiter- Here u are srry it took so long *places their food in front of them* 
Roc- Thanks, *grabs his knife and starts eating his steak* 
Y/n- *grabs her burger* mmmmm...this is good 
Waiter- Is there anything else I can get you 
Y/n- No that will be all thank you 
Waiter- Enjoy ur dinner *walks away* 
Roc Pov 
Even though I know for sure y/n is going to stay loyal to me, I just hope this James dude keeps his hands to himself, He doesn't need to be touching her. He knows she is with someone because I was with her when he called. I know she hasn't seen him in 2 years but I am not taking any shit from nobody. My girl is jelous because the lady who sat us down gave me her number. And I agreed to drop her off at her place when she is done with her shift. She knows how I feel about James even though I never met the dude, I'm not going to let him do whatever he wants to do on that hang with her I don't trust him. 
-------Back at the house------
Y/n- Imma go change into sum comfy clothes before James comes and picks me up. 
Roc- Ok, Imma change too *goes upstairs* 
Y/n- Why do u need to change ur not going anywhere 
Roc- Ik Im not, but Im not wearing these Jeans for long, Imma put on some sweats and a white t-shirt 
Y/n- Ok, Imma put on some sweats, and a nirvanna shirt with a pair of jordans, hoop earrings, and put my belly button ring back on 
Roc- Hol' up u have a stomach piercing?
Y/n-- Yh, I got it when I was 16 
Roc- How come I never noticed it before 
Y/n- Bc most of the time Im wearing one of ur shirts or Im in a hoodie 
Roc- Make sense *lays on the bed* 
Y/n- *changes* 
While Roc is watching y/n change for her hangouut with James. Ray and Jessica are now at the mall. Brittney and Prince are heading home after their walk in the park. And Prodigy and Isabel are in Prod's room playing video games. 
------Prod's room------
Prod- Isabel ur gonna lose 
Isabel- Well see about that *sits on his lap* 
Prod- That's not gonna do anything .
Isabel- What about this *kisses him* 
Prod- *kisses back* nope 
Isabel- There is more where that came from 
Prod- That doesn't mean ur gonna win 
Isabel- i say otherwise *deepens the kiss* 
Prod-*goes ontop of her* Oh really *smiles* 
Isabel- *Smiles* really 
--------In the Jeep---------
Prince- So do u think they got over the whole prank thing?
Brittney- Probably, she usually forgets about it sooner or later
Prince- To be honest that was funny, Roc screamed like a girl 
Brittney- Yh, for a tough dude he is a real softy 
Prince- Yh, hes a softy when it comes to those he likes 
Brittney- So the girls he dates then 
Prince- Pretty much, but I think all four of us are like that towards those we love 
Brittney- Yh, same for us*kisses him* 
Prince *deepens the kiss* I can do this all day 
Brittney- Ik you can 
---------Back at the house-------------
Roc- So do I get to meet James or nah 
Y/n- If u want to, u don't have to mr jealous 
Roc- Hey I wasn't the only one who was jealous 
Y/n- Well I at least know him, and Ik what he is capable of, her on the other hand I have no idea what she is gonna do to u while u drop her off at her place.
Roc- Believe me, Im not gonna let her do anything to me, As long as ur loyal to me, imma be loyal to u got it 
Y/n- Got it. And I will never cheat on u, u of all people should know that 
Roc- Ik, but I trust u not him. So as long as Im alive he is never going to lay a hand on u 
Y/n- Believe me im not going to let him touch me, all this belongs to u *points to herself* 
Roc- u got that right *stands up and wraps his arms around her waist* 
Y/n- What time is it?
Roc- It's *looks at his phone* 4:55
Y/n- So I got time 
Roc- Got tme for what *confused* 
Y/n- this *kisses Roc* 
Roc- *kisses back* u Want to real quick
Y/n- Sure why not *sits on the bed* 
Roc- *Gets ontop of her* *kisses her neck* 
Y/n- This is nice 
Roc- Ur gonna enjoy it 
Y/n - I always do *kisses him* 
Roc- *kisses back and deepens the kiss* u taste good *kisses down her body* 
Y/n- You know what ur doing 
Roc- I have practice, now why don;t we get rid of this *tugs on her shirt* 
Y/n- Ok, and do the same with u *points to his shirt* 
Roc- U don't have to tell me twice *takes off his shirt and pants* 
Y/n- Someones eager *smiles* *pulls him back on her* 
Roc- U ready?
Y/n- Ready as I'll ever be *kisses him* 
Roc- *Kisses back* *puts his hands behind her back unclipping her bra* ur gonna love this *sticks two fingers inside her* 
Y/n- ohhh baby that feels nice *soft moan* \
Roc- Theres more where that came from *pushes his fingers deeper inside her* 
Y/n- Yesss, ughhh daddy *moans* go faster 
Roc- U got it *goes faster* 
Y/n- Ughhh right there, that feels good daddy 
Roc- *whispers* let daddy show u how much he loves u 
Y/n- show me daddy *giggles* 
Y/n- That was....amazing *breathes heavily* 
Roc- not as amazing as you *smirks* 
Y/n- What time is it? 
Roc- It's 5:00 shouldnt u know who be here by now 
Y/n- I think so, aren't u supposed to pick up sumone from the resturant after its shift 
Roc- Yh, well I was enjoying myself for 15min, and I still have time, So why dont we go take a shower unless you want james to know u did it with someone before he got here. 
Y/n- yh even though I haven't seen him in 2 years I don't want him knowing what we just did. *goes in the bathroom* comin?
Roc- Yh, *walks towards y/n* 
------After shower--------
Y/n- Okay, ig I have to put on another pair of sweats I have to put my hair up, and put on some makeup. 
Roc- Why do u need makeup? ur cute as it is , you don't need makeup to cover that pretty face of urs
Y/n- Oh, come on it's not like im gonna have layers of it on my face, imma add a lil stuff to my face, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and some blush. 
Roc- U can blush on ur own, without the makeup*smiles* 
Y/n- oh, shut up *playfully punches him* 
Roc- babe u know I'm just messing wit u 
Y/n- Ik, *phone rings* 
Roc- I wonder who that is *crosses his arms* 
Y/n- oh be quiet *hello* 
James- Hey, U ready I'm out front waiting for u...
Y/n- Alright, would u want to meet my man *smiles at roc* 
Roc- *laughs* rolls his eyes 
James- If it's okay with him, he doesn't have to see me, if he doesn't want to. I get it if he doesn't want to, I don't want to intrude. 
Y/n- Nah, its fine why don't u come in, I'm in our room, I will be down in a minute
James-Ok, is the door open??
Y/n- Nah, but Roc can go open for u 
James- Roc??? is that what his name is 
Y/n- Ohh, hah yh thats his name, I'll see u in a few 
James- Alrighty then *hangs up* 
Roc- Do I have to meet him?
Y/n- Yes, since Imma be with him dont u wanna know what he looks like? 
Roc- Not really as long as he doesn't put his hands on u. Im cool 
Y/n- Oh come on *grabs Roc's hands* get up u big oof 
Roc- Hey I'm taller and stronger than you are so who u callin an oof 
Y/n- You duh *kisses roc* 
Roc-*kisses back* ig I can meet this best friend of urs, imma have to leave anyway to pick Ramone up from her shift. See u later tonight 
Y/n- So u got her name...and yh youll see me tonight 
James-*thinking* so her mans name is Roc, why does that sound familiar? eh its probably nutin important, I get to spend most my time with an amazing girl. I just hope her man won't hurt me. I was thinking taking her to the movies, and then a walk in the park. Well see how this goes. 
Y/n comes out of the house with Roc 
James- Hey Y/n *looks her up and down* u look nice 
Y/n- Thanks but I'm just in casual clothes, so what are we going to do tonight 
James-*mubles* ik what i want to do, *looks at y/n* umm what do u wanna do?
Y/n- Idk....
Roc- *coughs* 
Y/n- *looks behind her* oh yh, James this is Roc, Roc this is James 
James- Nice to meet u bro 
Roc- Same here, so how long have u known Y/n 
James- Since I was a 7th grader and she was an 8th, so going on three years of knowing this amazing girl *smiles at y/n* 
Roc- *getting mad* ok, what are u guys gonna do?
James- I was just thinking maybe movies and then going to the park, u know nothing to fancy if its just a lil hang out and catching up. 
Y/n- That sounds fun, well we better get going, babe I will see u later *kisses roc* 
Roc- ight, *kisses back* *whispers* u sure he doesn't like u more than a best friend?
Y/n- *whispers* Im sure, if something happens I will call u I promise 
Roc- Ok, love u *kisses her* 
Y/n- Love u 2 *kisses back* 
James- Imma be in the car, come in when ur ready to go. 
Y/n- Alright I will see u later tonight *walks and goes into the passenger seat* 
Roc- Bye *waves* 
So Y/n is with James and Roc left a few minutes after James and his girl. 
-----On the Road---------
Y/n- Nice car*looks out the window* 
James- Thanks, do u know what car it is?
Y/n- I like cars, dont know much about them tho 
James- This is a Viper, it was originally red and green, but I changed it to black and blue so my favorite colors techinically 
Y/n- Those are my fav colors too, so how is life treating ya
James- Good *looks at y/n then back at the road* 
Y/n- Well thats good, so how come ur not dating anyone,if u dont mind me asking 
James- It's cool, I just haven't found the perfect one u know 
Y/n- I know what u mean, so do u know when the perfect one is gonna show up 
James- I think I already know 
Y/n- U do who is it?
James- Im lookin at her *smiles* 
Y/n- It can't be me, James I am already with someone I told u that on the phone. But I do hope u find someone that treats u with respect 
James- Ik, but I think u are the one, I like u Y/n and I never stopped once u told me u were with someone, my heart kinda shattered. I knew u wouldn't be single for long I should've expected it to begin with. 
Y/n- James, ur a wonderful person, ur smart, ur cute, ur talented and very sweet caring, strong, and protective and any girl would be lucky to have u and call u theirs. But it cannot be me. 
James- U think im cute?
Y/n- Umm....*blushes* 
James- Don't worry ur cute too *leans in to kiss her* 
Y/n- *kisses back* wow...ur a good kisser 
James- ur not bad urself, can I get another one?
Y/n- Sure, *kisses him* 
James- *deepens the kiss* gets on top of her, *whispers* Y/n ur so hot, I want u 
Y/n- Then have me, look i didnt know if I still had feelings for u apperantly I still do, but whatever happens between u and me stays between u and me got it 
James- Believe me, do u really think imma tell ur boy, u and me did it?
Y/n- Tru, come here *pulls him on her* 
James- U in control, I like it *kisses her neck* 
Y/n- *soft moan* ughhh
James- man ur moans sound good *kisses down her body* 
Y/n- Stop teasing....
James- *smirks* u don't like me teasing u huh?
Y/n- No not really, I hate being teased
James- But it makes it worth while *rubs his hand up and down her inner thigh* 
Y/n- Ur doing it again...stop teasing me*takes his shirt off* 
James- Someones eager*laughs* *touches her panties* man ur wet, want me to fix that for u 
Y/n- *pants* please
James- As u wish *takes her panties off, sticks two fingers in her* 
Y/n- Oh, yess *wraps her hips around his waist* 
James- U want me to go deeper?
Y/n- Yes, daddy 
James- Daddy? I can get used to that name*goes deeper in her, quicken his pace* 
James-As u wish *goes faster thans stops* 
Y/n-why did u stop? 
James-This *takes his fingers and licks them* u sweet babygirl
Y/n- Thanks *confused* u have protection right?
James-Yh, I have  a box in the glove department, if thats what ur asking?
Y/n- Yh it was, *laying down in the back seat of the car* 
James- Ur not a virgin are u?
Y/n- Nope, so ur good 
James- Ur gonna scream my name when Im done with u 
Y/n- Is that so?
James- It is *kisses her* 
Y/n- *kisses back*come closer 
James- Ight, open ur legs 
Y/n- *spreads her legs* 
James- *licks his lips* ur gonna be pleasured like u have never been pleasured before *puts his tongue on her entrance* 
Y/n- Ughh, keep doin that *arches her back* 
James- *licks up and down her entrance, sucking her* 
Y/n- shittt, ughhh yh right there *moves her body closer to his face* 
James- *kisses her lips, lickin 'em to,* u like that 
Y/n- Sweet Jesus yesss *moans* 
James- Baby i love ur moans, *sucks her harder* u taste so good 
Y/n- *pushes her body as close to his face as possible* daddy 
James- Yes sweet heart *still kissin and suckin her* 
Y/n- Give it to me plz *moans*
James- Ok* moves his face away from her entrance and ready himself* u ready?
Y/n- Yes, *layin on her back* 
James- *enters her* slow then picks up his pace* u like that baby 
Y/n- *moans* oh yes daddy give it to me good, Ive been a naughty girl *smirks* 
James- Yes, u have, let daddy show u how much he loves u *faster and deeper into her* 
Y/n- Mother, holy shitt ur good, ughhhh yesss, faster baby, give it to me good. 
James- Hey I try to be the best. *goes faster* 
Y/n- Baby imma come...*moans* 
James- Hold it for a lil while longer, we can do it together 
Y/n- Okay
Y/n- *breathes* ughhhh that was.....amazing 
James- Not as amazing as u *kisses her* 
Y/n- *kisses back* why don't we go to the movies now, I'm hungry, after can we go to ur place, I need to u know freashen up after what just happened. 
James- Yh, we can stop at my place then we can go to the movies. *puts his clothes back on* *goes into the drivers seat* come on 
Y/n- *gets dressed, sits in the passenger seat* *calms down* ready 
Did Y/n really cheat on the one and only Roc Royal for a boy she hasn't seen in two years? 
Roc Pov 
So right now I am driving to pick up Ramone from her shift. I really hope she doesn't try anything, even though she knows that I have a girl. I just really hope her best friend isn't tryin sum with her bc believe me, he won't live another day if I found out sum was between them. 
Roc parks his car, and txt Ramone 
Roc- Hey Ram, I'm here 
Ramone-  Ight, Imma be out in a few minutes, have to talk to my boss 
Roc- Ight, Im outside I will see you in a few 
Ramone- Ur girl with u?????
Roc- Nah she is out with one of her best friends 
Ramone- Oh, too bad :P 
Roc- If it was bad why the smiling face??
Ramone- Nuthin', Im on my way 
Roc- Ok, im here u already know 
Ramone- Look up 
Roc- Ok *looks up from his phone to see Ramone* 
*opens the door* 
Roc- Hey, how you doin' 
Ramone- Good, Im just glad my shift is finally over, but tomorrow is a repeat until the weekend. 
Roc- Damn, that must suck, Im glad I have my own kind of work 
Ramone- Believe me if you didn't have the boys to be with what would u be doing?
Roc- Ummm....I never really thought of that...till u mentioned it 
Ramone- Well now u have sum to think about 
Roc- I guess I do *laughs* 
Ramone- Ur not what I thought u were 
Roc- Well, what did u think I was *backs up out of the parking lot* 
Ramone- Well,I thought u were the bad boy type, like u didn't care about what others thought of u, and u didn't seem like u had a girl in ur life.But ur very chill, passionate, and very caring, motivated, charming, respectful, nice, sweet, protective, and so on, oh also very cute 
Roc- Thank you, so do u want to go somewhere or do u still want me to stop at your place???
Ramone- We can go to my place, I can grab a bag of clothes and then we can go to ur place, and I can meet the rest of the boys.
Roc- Yh, I don't think the boys would mind if an mb fan came, as long as you don't scream like most MB fans do when they see us. 
Ramone- believe me if I didnt scream when I saw u and ur girl then Im not gonna when I meet the boys. 
Roc- Tru, ur not bad Ram, not at all
Ramone-Im guessing u have a nickname for me then 
Roc- Yh, u mind????
Ramone- Nah, I like it, and since u have a nickname for me how bout I call u Royal 
Roc- So the other half of my name then?
Ramone- Yh, pretty much, so how come ur girl isn't with u??
Roc- She is with one of her best friends, she hasn't seen him in two years and thought It would be a good idea if they caught up u know???
Ramone- Oh yh, Wait??? her best friend is a dude??
Roc- Yh, but I don't trust him *backs out of the parking lot* 
Ramone- But u trust her???
Roc-Ofc, I trust her, and if she is loyal to me then Imma be loyal to her, easy as that 
Ramone- What if she isn't loyal to u???
Roc- Then im not gonna be loyal to her
Ramone- Who would u be with then if she isn't loyal to u??
Roc- Probably u, ur the only girl I have interaced with since I started dating y/n \
Ramone- Really wow, I must be lucky then *smiles* 
Roc- *laughs* I guess u are, so where is ur adress *looks around* 
Ramone- We're no where near where I live we are still like 20 minutes away 
Roc- Damn, u live so far
Ramone- I have to get up at like 4:00 in the morning inorder to be on time for work. 
Roc- Well, I dont have to do that 
Ramone- All u have to do is make sure u look good 
Roc- I don't try most of the time 
Ramone- So ur saying it happens naturally??
Roc- Yup *smiles* 
Ramone- I love ur fangs, srry that sounds creepy 
Roc- Nah its cool, ur not the first person to mention that to me, I like them and....I may like u too *looks at Ramone* 
Ramone- I like u too Royal *moves closer to roc* why don't u pull over I have sum I need to get from my backpack. 
Roc-Ok *pulls over* whatcha need??
Ramone- this *takes out a packet of gum* want one? 
Roc- Sure *grabs a piece of gum* what flavor is it?
Ramone- Mint? why?
Roc- Just asking before I put it in my mouth 
Ramone- thats not the only thing ur gonna put in ur mouth *smirks* 
Roc- *smiles* oh really, what else is gonna be in my mouth??
Ramone- Me *kisses roc* 
Roc- *kisses back* come here *puts her on his lap* 
Ramone- *moves  her hips back and forth* u like??
Roc- *tries not to moan* love *kisses Ram* 
Ramone- *deepens kiss* *moans* this feels good, dont u think we need a lil more space, to enjoy ourselves
Roc- Tru, there is a hotel a few minutes away can u wait a few minutes???
Ramone- Sure, but can u??
Roc- Babygirl, if I want it imma get it one way or another *buckles himself and starts driving again* 
Ramone- Puts her seatbelt back on* ur demanding much aren't u 
Roc- Yh, I do that alot *puts his hand on her inner thigh* 
Ramone- *laughs* u relly think u can wait that long *puts her hand on his shaft* 
Roc- *moans* yh, I can wait but can you *rubs her V spot* 
Ramone- *moans* don't do this to me royal, ur not helpin ur case....are we at the hotel yet??
Roc- *pulls in the hotel* here we are...coming???
Ramone- Why not, *gets out of the car* now are u comin 
Roc- Im coming hold ur horses damn mama 
Ramone- How many nicknames are u gonna call me royal?
Roc- Don't know let see how many u call me once we get into that hotel room. *gets out the car and locks it* *walks inside the hotel* 
Ramone- hey royal wait for me*catches up and grabs roc's hand* 
Roc- Im not going anywhere, I was just checking us in *gives the front desk money* 
Man- here are ur keys to ur room, its on the suite level, with an ocean view right??
Roc- Yes, thank u come on *grabs Ramone* 
Ramone-Im coming, im coming and u talk about me 
Ramone Pov 
I cannot believe im with the one and only Roc Royal. His girl is not with him and Im surprised he wants to be with me. We're at a hotel, he got a suite..OMG this is the best day of my life. Im glad his girl is gone tho, I have him to myself, and I know for sure if my boyfriend was Roc Royal from mindless behavior I would never cheat on this fine ass boy. She probably with her best friend James. Yall are probably wondering how I know who he he is my ex, he didn't love me for who I am so I dumped his ass. He didn't treat me right, and he was always with someone else. When I wasn't home until I caught him. 
Roc- Ramone, u coming, u don't have to stand in the hallway u know what right? 
Ramone- Yh, srry I was thinking...u ready now??? *walks inside the room* 
Roc- Ready as I'll ever be *lays on the bed* comin??
Ramone- Yh,*climbs ontop of Roc* *kisses Roc* 
Roc- *deepens the kiss* mami u ready 
Ramone- Baby Im always ready for u *humps roc* u like that baby 
Roc- Go faster babe *swollows* *thinking* am I really cheating on y/n, I mean Ik she gonna be loyal to me, but what she won't know won't kill her. 
Ramone- Why dont we take these offf *points to their clothes* it'll make it a lot more interesting don't u think???
Roc- What ever u say mami * takes off his shirt, takes off ramones shirt and unclips her bra* mami u so big
Ramone- quit talking and enjoy urself huh...let me treat u right *puts her fingers on his chest tracing his six pack* 
Roc- Quit teasing me....u want it, U got it, what ever u like
Ramone- fine, *grabs his shaft* now 
Roc- Go faster  baby *grabs her hips* 
Ramone- *goes up and down his shaft* better baby 
Roc- Yesss, now my turn *rolls them over so hes ontop* 
Ramone- *giggles* now u in control im guessing *kisses him* 
Roc- U know it *deepens kiss* *rubs her v  spot* 
Ramone- Ohhh, right there *moans* ughhh yessss 
Roc- *goes faster* good????
Ramone- *moans* ughhh shittt, this feels wonderful royal 
Roc- Well, im glad u like cause there is more where that came from....*licks down her body* 
Ramone- ohhh, baby ur good *fingers his shaft* 
Roc licks down ramones body and stop at the end of her stomach, and looks up just to make sure he has permisson frorm Ramone to go further, she nods her head letting him know its alright, so he starts leaving hickys down her body and reaches her entrance, he sticks his tongue out and touches her entrance with the tip of his tongue her body went into chills at his touch, he knew how to make a girl scream his name, and he wanted to make it last, so he started slowly licking her entrance faster making small circles on her. 
Ramone- Sweet, Jesus that feels good *arches her back* 
Roc then starts sucking her and rubing her at the same time while his tongue and making small circles on her, hes kissing her, sucking her and rubbing her as much as she can take. 
Chapter 7:Affairs???
recap: Y/n gets a surpise call from her long time best friend james, he hasn't seen her in a while I thought that it would be a good idea to hang out and catch up. James had other plans about what to do on this so called hang out. Will y/n cheat on Roc and will Roc cheat on y/n? Roc started talking to a girl named Ramone, she works part time at Applebees' he found her phone number inside his menu when he went out with his girl. He thought it was a good idea to drop Ramone off at her place after she got off her shift. Roc started to have feelings for Ramoen even though they haven't known each other a long period of time. He kept in contact with her just in case she needed anything. The rest of the group were chillin' at the MB mansion. 
-------MB mansion-------
Ray- Where is Roc and y/n??
Prod- I don't know maybe one of the other girls know *walks over to Isabella* 
Ray- Yh, they know where they are most of the time, so that makes sense *walks over to Jessica* 
Prince- How long are they gonna be out its already 8:00, I thought it was later than that nvm *looks out the window* but it looks really dark tho.
Brittney- Prince, Don't worry about it, their teenagers let them be alone and spend time together.
Isabel- Wait, their not even together tonight?? 
Jessica- Yh, Y/n's with her best friend James, and Roc is with a girl from Applebee's that he was supposed to drop off at her place like 3hrs ago, why isn't he at least home???
Ray- Bro they cheating on one another without each other knowing it damn...thats messed up...
Jessica- Yh, believe me if one of yall did that to one of us its a done deal. right girls 
Girls- hmmm.... 
Prince- I speak for all of the guys minus Roc that is, we don't plan on cheating on yall any time soon, and disrespecting yall either, so yall don't have to wrry bout that ight ladies. If we like what we see we gonna keep it right fellas 
Ray- U got that right *wraps his arms around jess's waist* *whispers* u are my everything 
Jessica- same here *kisses him* 
Ray- *kisses back* *looks up* what bout u Prod, isn't Prince right...or are u gonna cheat on Isabella with another bitch that may look like her
Prod- Believe me, I have everything I need right in front of girl, and my guys *kisses Bella* 
Isabella_ Well, I love u too *deepens kiss* wanna take this upstairs 
Prod- Sure if u up to it??
Isabella-If I wasn't up to it, I wouldn't be askin', 
Prod- Tru, come on *grabs her hand and goes upstairs* 
Isabella- We will see yall in a few *smiles* 
Chapter 7- Summer Party plan 
Recap: So Y/n and Roc are still out and about they haven't came home from each other their so called hangouts with their friends. Roc is with Ramone and Y/n is with her best friend James. Everybody else is at the MB Crib. 
Ray- Have they come home yet? 
Jessica- I don't think so..imma txt y/n and ask her what she up to Ray you can do the same with Roc 
Ray- Ight *goes on his phone* 
Prince- I really hope they tell each other bout this tho, if not their relationship is messed up already 
Brittney- Tru, I hope they do, but it's their relationship not ours well see what happens. 
Prod- Let's just hope for the best is all I gotta say 
Isabella- Yh, what do you guys wanna do today?? 
Prince- Why don't we pick since the last time we went out was the girls having to pick, now I didn't mind the movies even though none of us exactly watched it but yh *grabs brittney's hand* 
Ray's txt with Roc 
Ray- Bro where the hell are you??
Roc- With Y/n why??
Ray- U sure, or are u with that Ramone chick that u just met 
Roc- Fine, ,I'm with Ramone at a hotel if you must know 
Ray- Why in the fucking world are you at a hotel???
Roc- Her house was father than the drive itself so we decided to sleep at a hotel and then I can drop her off at her place, protective much 
Ray- Everyone wonderin' why you and Y/n haven't come home yet 
Roc- Hol' up Y/n isn't back yet???
Ray- Nah, It's just me, prince, and Prod and our girls no Y/n Jessica is txting her now to see whats up, please tell me you didn't cheat on her with Ramone 
Roc- Ummm....
Ray- Roc what the hell bro, you haven't had a chick in your life since MB and now you cheating on her with another bitch bro thats messed up 
Roc- She probably cheating on me with her best friend if she hasn't been home yet, thats an awful long hang out and catching, and she told me if he ever tried anything she would call me and she hasn't so I think she's fine. 
Ray- Well hurry up and drop Ramone off at her place and come to the crib so we can figure this shit out. 
Roc- Ight, see u in a few then 
So Roc has ro go back to the crib and figure out where the hell his girlfriend is, even though he is with someone already he still loves y/n he just hopes she stays loyal to him but we all know that ain't happenin' 
Roc pov 
So I know for sure that she is cheatin' on me with that son of a bitch James, bro he isn't going to live to see the next day Imma make sure of it. She better tell me before I hear from someone else. I rather have her tell me and be honest with me instead of having one of my bros tell me. Like if she can't be honest with me then we are through. She can have that nigger if she still has feelings for that dude. I knew this so called hangout was gonna be more than that. I was right, he still has feelings for my girl, she won't be with me for long. I can be with Ramone  Ik for sure she wouldn't cheat on me. Like fr who would want to cheat on the one and only Roc fuckin' Royal. Well I'll see yall later...peace ?
Y/n pov 
What the fuck did I just do???? I seriously cheated on my boyfriend, I can't believe it. I had feelings for Roc since the group started and now I'm with him and Im cheatin' on him with my best friend who I haven't seen since 8th grade. I know what you are thinkin' I am a hoe...Im not my parents didn't raise me like that. I just hope he didn't do anything with that Ramone bitch. I knew for sure that she was tryin' to be with my man, I can't believe he agreed to droppin' her off. I wonder if he's still with her. He should be at the crib by now chillin' with the rest of the boys and my girls. 
Jessica's and Y/n's convo
Jessica- Hey Y/n, where are you??
Y/n- With my boyfriend....why??
Jessica- Who???
Y/n- Girl don't play dumb, you know the one 
Jessica- Just tell me..who??
Y/n- Fine, Roc Royal 
Jessica- You sure??
Y/n- Yh, why 
Jessica- Bc if you were he wouldn't be at a hotel with Ramone 
Y/n- Hol' up, he's still with that bitch
Jessica- Apperantly, ur still with James right???
Y/n- Yeah, I'm at his place
Jessica-So ur cheatin' on Roc with a guy you havent seen in 2 years 
Y/n- He's not just some guy he's my best friend to be exact 
Jessica- So you are cheating on him with James 
Y/n- FIne, I still have feelings towards him, once I saw him again idk why tho?? 
Jessica- Why don't the both of you come back to the crib, and sort this whole thing out...he's with her and your with him, you guys need to tell each other before one of us do, and I don't think yall want us to be in your guys business. 
Y/n- FIne, I will come back, Roc's on his way right???
Jessica- Yh, he's on his way Ray just txted him while I am talking to you, let's just hope yall sort this out for real 
Y/n- Me too, I have no idea what has gone through me, I had feelings for Roc since the band started and now once my best friend comes back into my life I choose him over Roc...Now that I know is messed up 
Jessica- why did you cheat on him anyway?
Y/n- Idk, tbh I just thought once James came back into my life we can all be friends and apperantly he still has feelings for me
Jessica- Yh, I can see that but you can't encourage the dude you gotta tell him, you can't do this especially to Roc 
Y/n- Yh, Ik I will tell James I have to go home to sort sum out with one of my girls if he realizes that I am going home to sort things out with my boyfriend then he might want me to stay with him. I will see you later, I am leaving now. 
Jessica- I will see you soon, love you 
Y/n- love you 
Both- But we don't love them hoes 
Y/n- *laughs* 
------Back to the hotel-------
Roc Pov 
What am I doing here?? I am with a girl I just met at a resturant inclluding the fact with my girlfriend during that time. I really messed up and she probably did to, I get it she hasn't seen him in a long time, but I hope she tells me sooner than later. I guess I will be on my way back to the crib, I do miss holdin' her at night. I don't like Ramone like that, I have the love of my life already. I just hope she can forgive me like imma forgive her. 
Ramone- Hey baby, I didn't know you were awake
Roc- I'm awake, my bro just txted me saying I need to go back to the crib real  quick and sort this whole thing out.
Ramone- ok, but u still have to drop me off at my place so...
Roc- I can do that real quick, and then go back, don't you have a shift to go to tho??
Ramone- Nah, I don't go until 7pm so usually during dinner time 
Roc- Tru, and it's only 6 in the morning, so I guess I can still drop u off still *signs*
Ramone- Baby are u alright??? *sits behind Roc on the bed*
Roc- One I am not ur baby, U know that and two nah Im fine, nothing I can't handle on my own 
Ramone- Ok...*gets off the bed* aren't you comin'
Roc- *looks up* yh comin', grabs his keys to his challenger* 
So Roc drops Ramone off at her place. He is headed back to the crib to see his girl and his bros and their girls. Y/n is also on her way home, James was still asleep so she didn't have to say anything to him, she left a note on the refrigerator telling him that she headed home. 
Roc and Y/n Convo 
Miness-Hey baby wyd??
Rocky-Just dropped off Ramone. On my way back to the crib. Wyd??
Miness-ok, I am on my way back too, why don't we meet sum where to figure this whole situation out. I don't want us having this kind of situationgoing between u and me.
Rocky-Ight, where do u wanna met up at
Mines-how 'bout the park...
Rocky-Fine by me, see u later baby.  I luv u 
Miness-Not to sound rude but well see if u still love me after this
Rocky-I get it but I will always luv u Y/n..Ramone doesn't treat me like u do, I want u and only u. That will never change. Trust me
Miness??-u know I will alwys trust u as long as u trust me, and Rocky I do luv u, no matter what happens between us. Can't wait to see again. 
Rocky-I feel the same way..see u in a bit 
Y/n Pov 
I am so glad that he agreed to go sum where to talk about this. I want him and only him, and I would never lie to this boi. He is fine and I don't know why I cheated on him with my best friend. What if my best friend and Ramone link up?? now that would be fine as long as she treats him right. Imma ask Roc to pick up Ramone tomorrow and I will pick up James tomorrow and see if they hit it off with one another. If they don't then oh fucking well. I have Roc and he has me, no one or nothing will get between me and my Mr. Right. ANY bitch that tries and layes hands on my man are not gonna be able to think straight after I'm done with them. Roc doesn't know how much I care for him, and he is gonna see how much once we go home. Also I have a huge surprise for him once we go the park. I had planned this for one of our dates but since neithere of us were with one another, I just left it there, I just hope no one messed with it. I love my baby, and nothing is going to change that. 
Roc Pov 
I am so happy to see my babygirl again even though we were just a day without one another. The bad thing is that we were both with people that wanted to seperate us. I gave into it and so did she, I just hope we can work this out. Imma txt Ray real quick and tell him that me and girl are headed to the park to work things out between us.
Roc-hey man,good news
Ray-wassup?? u better not be with Ramone
Roc-nah im gonna hang withmy girl she wanted to meet up at the park. So we can wrk things out. 
Ray-Man that is good news. I hope yall fix things and do wrk it out. 
 Roc-I hope we are still together after this for real.I luv her and I did tell her that, and she told me well see after this whole thing is figured out. I know where she is coming from. I mean if I did that i would do the same thing, 

Submitted: January 19, 2021

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it is really good a lot T between the characters

Fri, January 22nd, 2021 1:57pm

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