Hire Lernin': An Idealist’s Quest Through the Realm of for-Profit Education

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The novel involves the bittersweet journey of a young, idealistic attorney who takes on the role of academic dean at a for-profit business school in New York City in 1987 knowing nothing about the industry. Unable to accept the way things are, he immediately launches into a personal mission to change lives for the better in an environment where only the bottom-line matters. Hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit quickly propel him to professional success, but at a deep personal cost in the process as he learns critical life lessons about himself, about his chosen profession, and about love.

Table of Contents

Author's Note

Forthcoming novel — Summer of 2021
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Dan peered out of his Jackson Heights second-story apartment window, hoping to see the letter carrier’s cart on the sidew... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 The next morning, Dan got up early, put on his best suit and gathered his leather portfolio, placing extra copies of his re... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

The phone rang at 9:00 a.m. the next morning as Dan was having his third cup of coffee and thinking about the prior day’s interview.... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

A half hour later, Dan was at the lobby of the Wang Office Building waiting for the elevator. The place was teeming with people going ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Walking back to the reception area and passing the still smiling receptionist busy on the phone, Marvin led Dan to the double swinging do... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Monday morning Dan showered, changed, had his usual two mugs of coffee and headed out of his apartment by 8:00 a.m. for the five-block wa... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

  The next day, Dan rose early after a night of maybe two hours of restless sleep as he could barely contain his excitement ab... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Back in his office, Dan turned to creating a prioritized To Do list for the remainder of this week. This included putting together an ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

He awoke as usual a few minutes before his alarm clock came to life, showered, shaved, dressed, and had two cups of coffee before heading... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

He awoke the next morning startled by his alarm clock. It was rare for him not to wake up on his own before the alarm went off, but this ... Read Chapter

About the Author

Victor D. López is the Cypres Family Distinguished Professor in Legal Studies in Business at Hofstra University's Frank G. Zarb School o... Read Chapter

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