In the dusk

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Prompt: the fairies move at twilight

In the dusk
I hear the soft fluttering of wings
And it brings me out of my Restless sleep
The grandfather clock in the hall Tings
It startled me so I let out a peep
I slowly crept towards my window
To see what could be causing this soft sound
I looked towards the garden below
I scanned the damp ground
The Flutter continues softly at first
My eyes focus in the darkness
The fear causes my heart to burst
My eyes see nothing in this vastness
My breathing becomes calm and steady
My senses are on high alert
The smell of roses makes my brain heady
I stand there in just my pink shirt
I open my window to the Summer Breeze
It smell strongly of wildflowers
I look across the yard towards the trees
Their trunks stand as tall as Towers
I see a light dancing in the garden
A small glow on top of the lilies
My lips pull into a grin
They're so small they could dance with the bees
They Twinkle like fireflies before me
As they dance among the soft roses
They sing a sweet Melody
As they spin in different poses
I can never quite make out there song
But the Melody can calm the roughest tide
In my garden is where they belong
Because they feel like they don't have to hide
They tiptoe and twirl So magically
Their languid movements are peaceful
I watch them so quietly
I don't want to startle them so I'm careful
The fairies usually move at Twilight
While everyone sleeps in there warm beds
They bring us peace and love at night
As We Lay Down our tired heads
They give us magic Love and hope
As they spin to their beautiful song
They help the weak cope
They help the outcasts belong
If I could be like them fairies I would sing every night
I would help the world in so many ways
While dancing in the pale moonlight
That's how I would spend my days
I say goodbye to the fairies in the night
As I pulled the covers to my chin
The fairies will sing and protect me
And that's how this story will begin
Amber Piercy
January 19th 2021

Submitted: January 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A.D Piercy. All rights reserved.

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