Consequences of a Party

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mason Fain always seems to get himself in trouble whenever alcohol is involved. He's the crazy drunk that jumps off of the neighbor's roof into the backyard pool. Always the partier, with his best-friend by his side.
It isn't until Mason's secrets are revealed and a party night goes south that he begins to realize the consequences of his actions.

Table of Contents

-1- Beginnings and Surprises

"Shit." That was the first word that came to mind as he stared at the small test balancing on the edge of the laminate counter. Whe... Read Chapter

-2- Toilet Trips and Explanations

Waking up with a groan Mason rolls out of bed, his stomach twisting in both pain and nausea. Clutching his middle, he stumbles from his... Read Chapter

-3- Phone Calls and Excuses

"Wh- what did you say?" Mason's voice shakes as he clutches the phone tighter in his grip. "The tests were confirmed, Mr Fain; they w... Read Chapter

-4- Doctors and Conversations

"No, I can go by myself Ben. Can you please just stay here? Or go out somewhere?" Mason begs whilst tugging a fresh shirt over his head... Read Chapter

-5- Late Lunches and Arguments

Steam from the shower escaped the bathroom as Mason opened the door, his towel over his head has he tried to dry the bird's nest. He co... Read Chapter

-6- Atmospheres and Toilet Bowls

Mason wakes before his alarm decides to great his ears with its blaring noise. His throat felt dry and his head was light. Both of thes... Read Chapter

-7- Family Meals and Questions

The phone call with his mother was a short one. She sounded sweet and understanding on the phone, but Mason knew she was bubbling with ... Read Chapter

-8- Avoidance and Excuses

While everyone was busy getting a serve of the delicious cake, Mason snuck back to the car to get the manila envelope from the boot of ... Read Chapter

-9- Little Details and Lots of Pasta

Mason stands in front of his mirror, hoodie lifted above his stomach. He was growing. What was once a small amount of pudge, had now tu... Read Chapter

-10- Late Nights and Early Mornings

"Macey? Mace?" a voice whispers next to his ear. Ignoring the pestering noise, Mason cuddles closer to the soft surface beneath him. ... Read Chapter

-11- Blue Hair and Fresh Air

"Mason! You little shit!" the scream echoes from the bathroom.  Mason, on the other hand, happily munches a packet of chips on t... Read Chapter

-12- Pepperoni and Friends

Another sigh reaches Mason's ears. They had only just reached the store and Ben was already whining to go back home. To shut him up, Ma... Read Chapter

-13- Mother Bear and Coffee Cups

"Mason! Table three!" George, one of the café cooks, calls as he places a fresh plate of eggs Benedict on the counter. Mason sighs... Read Chapter

-14- Pouting and Protesting

True to his word, Ben made sure Mason was resting as soon as his foot touched the apartment floor. He'd demanded Mason go to his room t... Read Chapter

-15- Mothers and Roommates

Mason sits at his desk tapping a pen against the report that was due in a few days. Most of his classes happened to be either at night ... Read Chapter

-16- Cravings and Cupcakes

Mason sits in front of his laptop, tapping a pencil on the desk. He didn't end up calling the doctors yesterday. Instead, he hung out w... Read Chapter

-17- Bumps and Smiles

The past couple of days had been going well. Ever since that day when Mason's mum and brother rocked up, and Mason gave them a piece of... Read Chapter

-18- Silence and Understanding

Mason sits on the hospital bed, dressed in one of those thin gowns, knees pulled up to his chest. A lump was stuck in his throat, and h... Read Chapter

-19- Couches and Chats

Mason's curled up on the couch, a blanket wrapped around him as he blankly watched the tv.  Ben's cooking in the kitchen busying h... Read Chapter

-20- Revelations and Cupcakes

Mason woke early the next day, finally sneaking away from Ben and heading out the door. He wanted to leave for a bit. To just get away.... Read Chapter

-21- Confrontations and Yelling

Sitting in the park did not help Mason in the least. He thought that maybe with all the trees and birds and flowers, his head... Read Chapter

-22- Forgiveness and Tears

Standing with hands in a sink full of water, Mason stares at the disappearing bubbles, the soft popping filling his ears. He had been s... Read Chapter

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