Chapter 1: The Missing Number

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The Missing Number


It's about a girl named Naomi. She is good at studies, she is the topper of her class.But she is a that type of girl who like hurting others and their feelings. She even thinks of herself as the most beautiful girl in the world. She even likes to tease the other boys and girls whose grades were not good enough.But it all changed one evening.



It was sharp 4pm and she was getting late for tutions. She was running all her way to her home. She stopped when she saw an Old Man.He was standing very close to her but she couldn't see his face. The Old Man asked her if she would like to see what's inside his suitcase. It was then that she realised that he was carrying a suitcase.She nodded her head up and down. The Old Man opened the suitcase. She thought that there would be old books or maybe his collection of something. She stared at the suitcase and she was suprised by what she saw inside it. The suitcase had numbers. From 1 to 9 one number was missing. The Old Man said - Naomi, these numbers are very important...He closed his suitcase. She yelled at him. What's this all ! I expected something else and how do you know my name? The Old man replied, Well that's something that i don't know. He started walking the other direction. She turned back, the Old Man was gone,he wasn't there. Then she started running again. She reached her home but no one was at home. She looked at the clock. Sweat intensified from her forehead, she came a step back and hits the table. The vase that was on the table fell down and broke. She was horrified cause she couldn't read what was written on the clock. She couldn't say the numbers. She even forgotted what are those. She knows that it is a clock but she is confused with the numbers. She said to herself, WHAT ARE THOSE SYMBOLS! IT LOOKS FAMILIAR! A-AND WHAT'S MY BIRTH DATE? WHAT IS MY NAME? I CAN'T REMEMBER IT!!! She opened her maths copy. What are all this weird ancient symbols! She forgotted what is multiplication, what is division and many things! She rushed out of her house. She looked at the walls, the poster etc. All had those weird numbers , texts etc. She cried looking everywhere.

Where is EVERYONE! What are these weird symbols. She ran to Street B. It also had those weird symbols and texts. She opened mobile and opened contacts but there is no one's number, no photo , no google , no human anywhere. It's like everything didnt existed at all.She heard footsteps. She turned back and saw that same Old Man. He said, It's all confusing right? The Girl cried again. Please forgive me! I will never annoy anyone again! The Old Man replied, Annoy Anyone? How can you Annoy anyone if they didn't even existed.

Naomi - NO!! You are lying.
Old Man - OK! listen. Remember i had a missing numer in my suitcase. Can you Find it for me?

Narrator - But if only she could remember anything at all and even still today she is finding the missing number

Submitted: January 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 priyanshukashyap101. All rights reserved.


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Hey guys Thanks for reading this

Thu, January 21st, 2021 10:35am

Criss Sole

That would be terrifying!
I feel bad for Naomi, but at the same time, feel she needs a lesson.
Great start!

Sat, January 23rd, 2021 6:25am

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