Chapter 3: Train Journey

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Train Journey



Planet Earth is full of mysterious tales.Some are filled with lies and there are others which are better if not told. This one is about a careless and a lazy person.



METRO SUBPURF! what a childish name said the man while reading the metro station's name.

The lazy person in this tale is none other than the man carrying a black bulk sized suitcase.

The very man in black suit has a  daughter whom he has to pickup from school by 3pm

He is so careless that he even forgot about it.

He is waiting for the metro as he is already late for office by 15mins.

The time is 11:40 am and the gates closes at 12.

His boss is a very strict man.

He was murmuring to himself that he is getting late.

He can't even see the time as he forgot both his watch and smartphone at home.

He can't even ask it from anyone as he is an introvert and socially awkard.

Man - (thinking) - Where can I see the time in a metro station ?

It must be nearby!

He kept the suitcase where it is and went looking for the time.

He saw from a distance that the lifeless suitcase began to move a little but he didn't care cause he thought it was the wind.

After searching for awhile he saw a wall where the time is displayed on a machine.

It was written 12:00 on all the machines nearby.

He saw an old lady near him.

He mustered courage and asked her.

She showed him the timeon her phone.

It was 12:00 pm

He saw an clock on the wall it was 12:00 pm but the second and minute hand refused to move.

The old lady said - Maybe it's all in your head.

She collapsed on the ground.

He saw her eyes become white.

Her heart wasn't beating.

She was DEAD!

He stepped back 1 feet.

He was in a shock.

The people nearby weren't there.

Man (thinking) - Where is everyone!

He was alone in the metro station.

He saw a metro train about to go and he also saw his suitcase inside that train.

The train was about to go.

He didn't had time to think WHAT or HOW.

He rushed towards the metro train.

He managed to reach inside.

After few seconds the doors closed itself.

He saw an beautiful woman sitting near his suitcase.

He asked her Can I take a seat ?

She replied yes.

He looked around the train.

He saw a couple hugging each other , holding each other's hand and talking.

He also saw an old man looking towards him , eye-to-eye

The old man looked creepy and had scars on all over his face.

He forgotted about office , that he was late.

Man - Hey young lady what's your name?

Lady - Don't you think it's too early to ask my name? 

Man - I see, you don't trust strangers but I'm George.

He forwarded his hands and both of them did a handshake.

She replied back.

Don't you think you are forgotting something important?

Man - Oh! Yes I'm getting late.

He carried his suitcase but it is heavier than before.

Man - why it's heavy!

He opened the suitcase and found a dead corpse.

It was of his DAUGHTER!

There was blood all over.

The nearby lady's face changed to a ugly rotting zombie and everyone's face changed to dead zombies and omsters.

AAHhhhhhhh NOOOO!!! he screamed.

He woke up.

He saw himself at the metro station.

The time is 11:59 pm

The old lady was still there.

He went inside the train.

Man - What a bad dream it was!

The door closed.

From the glasses he saw that the old lady collapsed to the ground and he saw himself nearby that lady.

Man - WHAT! IF I am here then how I am there!

He saw the people on the metro train.

The same couple , the same beautiful lady , the same creepy old man giving a dead stare.

Man - NO! NO! NO! How is happening!

The lady said - Don't you think you are forgetting something important?

He saw his other himself get inside another metro train.

He punched on the metro train's glasses and shouted for help.

He shouted as much he could.

But too late.

The train went inside a dark tunnel...













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Submitted: January 22, 2021

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