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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Christian Writers

Leadership simply coined our new friendship within and its benefits will contest this message so hopeful. Thanks.

Thank God why you loved us more than this transitory lifetime,

What never matters just owed us more than your expectations,

You always corrected our deepest desires so mad,

We want to live a new promising day always so united,

May be everyone forgets you experienced this lifetime,

So much we were given this faithful life in your blind love,

Life rewards the best yet there is a test where the rest fails,

Your ordeal told us everywhere your test makes us the best,

Life is a hope to turn their dreams into reality,

You made us so loved wherever this reality turned away from the evil,

Life is so promising on the steps that kept its faith in you,

Today I have wrongly never tried to arrive this destination so alive,

I want to understand you better,

I doubt I hurried everything you can do behind this story,

Today I further sow seeds that benefit others,

You made the Earth I can hold on the incomplete,

You see my progress I can sell everything that’s in it,

I think I have to be known as your contribution in life,

It touches by the way my life help others life,

Like a man of action,

I count the marks of good or ill this day is done,

Empowering others changes my life to worship work which is more,

If I fill this prayer when you are the faithful,

I hold on the Earth and everything that’s waiting,

To serve the thanksgiving experience more than I understand,

Towards a constant battle for completeness across your plan,

As I grow younger trusting the word gives up something as your compassionate sacrifice,

I try to own very gift available accept this final responsibility,

Everyday I realize we have worked together finishing the touch intentionally approves this accident,

I try to draw this line to beat the best idea that wins,

And accept a deep respect competing with them,

Ahead of completing this competition,

Again I admire my search leads into your investments in time,

What leads me affirm my vision into the message,

The greatest teacher our world has ever seen,

Made this day so untold,

So laid this friendship that will raise compassion for all.

Submitted: January 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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