The tales of squad 13

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Julian, oh Julian... I am so... sorry... For everything."

Ten years ago, Julian Gromel's world got torn apart. Literally. However, amidst the carnage, he lost and found his only true ally.

Now, ten years later, he finds himself at a loss. All those years, wasted on killing small fry. Not even once had he found a trace of his enemies. Julian had long since lost his hope for revenge, along with his emotions.

Until he met Carmilla, the leader and sole member of Squad 13. Together with her and allies he never thought he needed, he sets out with a renewed vision in his mind. A vision of his enemies being paid their dues.

"No matter the cost... I will right what has been wronged!"
Updates every other day, or every two days.

Table of Contents

Under the scarlet sky

The night sky was like it always was. Bloody red with a milky-white orb hovering in the middle. The streets were empty; not even a single... Read Chapter

The flames underneath the night sky

"What do you mean, there is an entire organization of artifactors?"Julian Gromel took a deep breath of fresh air. There was no difference... Read Chapter

Chasing explosions

"I swear… Never again!" Julian groaned as he plucked himself from the sticky leather sofa. His back protested against every move he mad... Read Chapter

Amidst bombs and blood

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