Visit from Voodoo Man

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Short story I made up

In New Orleans in the city of Mandeville, there lived a couple by the name of Wilmot’s who moved into an old apartment building they had bought had a good price and it was a beautiful old building that was built in the late 1900s and it had the most beautiful trim and decorations on the building it made of brick that was laid by hand. The inside was just as beautiful as the outside and it all the old original décor, tile, wallpaper, and lighting. Old places like that usually are haunted, especially in Mandeville. There was a ghost story about a Voodoo man who killed a tenant that died mysteriously in the apartment, the landlord found him dead a circle that looked like it may have been satanic or something. He was bear chested his shirt was torn open and his heart had been cut out of his chest and the word Voodoo Man had carved into his chest after he died. Now when the Wilmot’s bought the apartment building the real estate agent didn’t disclose the information about someone dying in the apartment let alone letting them know about the ghost story of a Voodoo Man.

Their plans for buying the apartment building was to either rent it out or turn into a B&B which had been their dream. They spent the day moving their furniture and things and spent the rest of the week decorating and that’s when things began to get strange, they would paint and the paint would end missing or the paintbrush would disappear and end up in a different room and at night when they were asleep they would hear voices, or scratching, or even knocking. One day when Mrs. Wilmot was home alone she had a weird experience her husband had gone out shopping and she was painting her living room when saw a strange shadow out of the corner of her eye, it was tall dark, and it looked like it had a tall top hat or something, it looked it was wearing some type of cape and she heard chanting.

That’s not the only thing she saw she saw man come out of the wall and he looked pale and skinny he had a whole in his chest and his shirt was ripped open, his hair was jet black and he blue eyes but they were pale in color, he didn’t harm her or anything he just wanted her to know she was there before he disappeared into the other room he spoke to her and sound sounded eerie, “beware of the voodoo man, he’s coming for you he warned.” Mrs. Wilmot got the chills after hearing the warning. When her husband got home, she told him what happened, but he didn’t believe her he just dismissed it like it was nothing, but he’d soon find out himself what his wife experienced. Things in the apartment grew worse for Mrs. Wilmot she was the main focus for the spirit, she would end up with welts or black and blue marks. She would have nightmares of a Voodoo man doing spells and hearing him chant she even witness him murder someone.

She’d wake up screaming and crying and shaking, her husband would wake up and panic thinking something was wrong. Late one night there was a bad thunderstorm and it knocked out the power because it was so windy. Mr. Wilmot had grabbed a flashlight and headed to the basement where the main breaker was; he was carefully making his way downstairs to the basement when he heard moaning or crying coming through the walls. The closer he got to the basement the louder the sounds. As he makes his way downstairs out of the corner of his eye, he saw red, blood was oozing down the walls. He got scared and ran down the stairs this time a shadow of a tall man with a cape wearing a top hat was chasing him. Mr. Wilmot looked behind him he saw the red eyes glaring right through and what he felt was pure evil and this thing wanted him dead.

He made to the safety of the basement where he shut the door, he checked the breakers and the breaker, and it was fine. He made his way to the door only to find the spirit there waiting for him, it began to take its creepy hands and wrap it around his neck and began choking him and the longer it choked the stronger the spirit become. Mr. Wilmot began seeing the spirit’s true form as it transformed in front of his eyes and there stood this tall figure in cape wearing a top hat, after the spirit choked the man, he became weak and passed out. While the man was unconscious spirit had tied him up, he then ripped open the man’s shirt and began chanting as he did a voodoo spell. The spirit took his knife and began stabbing the man over and over and then he took his knife and carved out his heart, and wrote the words Voodoo Man on his chest. It had been hours since Mrs. Wilmot had seen her husband and she had no clue what happened, she was tired and worried.

She grabbed a flashlight and headed to the basement, and as she is walking the ghost of the man that was his name was Bernard Bruneau he had come to Mrs. Wilmot to warn her that the Voodoo man was coming for her and try to keep her away from the basement he all he could, he’d talk to her, tug on her arm or clothes but nothing. He then took his hand and wrote with the blood on the walls stay away, but she didn’t listen nothing was phasing her. She made to the basement with her guardian close to her she walked into the basement door and nothing would prepare her for what she was about to see, she saw her husband tied to the on the floor his heart cut out, and the words carved into the chest Voodoo man, she screamed and passed out.


Her guardian found the strength to pull out only for her to meet her death. All the Voodoo Man needed was one more life to take and he’d be back in his true form and not a spirit anymore. Bernard did everything to fight off his attacker, but he was weak and didn’t have enough energy to fight or protect. The spirit laughed and hissed, took his long knife, and stabbed Mrs. Wilmot, she coughed up and spit up blood before dying, the spirit took his knife and carved out Mrs. Wilmot’s heart and carved his name into her chest. Just as she dies her spirit looms over herself and her husband, she saw her husband waiting for her in the light before she goes, she grabs Bernard’s hand and tells him to come into the light with her, “I can’t because my spirit is bound to this place and I have to stay to protect whoever comes in here next, I’m sorry I couldn’t save you or your husband, he replied.” With that she said thank you and went into the light. 


Submitted: January 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 CreativeWritingWorks. All rights reserved.

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