Black is the new Romance

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

He stared at me. His eyes were alive and blazing, touching me everywhere despite being nearly seven feet away from me. Slowly, he strode towards me, tipping my chin back with his deft fingers so I could grovel with my eyes glued to his.

"You're right, Adrienne," he sneered, a malicious smirk curling at his lips. "I really do have a cold, black heart."


College graduate meets billionaire devil in this CEO story twist. Adrienne Walker wanted nothing more than to finish college and get a good-paying job to complete what she thought was the ideal life plan. However, life is never perfect, and Adrienne learns this the hard way when she is thrust into the world of billionaires - specifically, the arms of Lazareth Noir. Their feelings are both played with, especially once it is revealed that Lazareth is not human and Adrienne's anxiety constantly impedes their relationship. However, when an old enemy tries to break them apart, can Adrienne put her perfect checklist and anxiety aside to save the one thing she swore she would never let break - her heart?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

I glanced at the clock that hung languidly on the wall, sighing. Tapping my pencil on my desk, I gazed at the rows of chairs in front of ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

My feet felt heavy as I trekked to Professor Alvarez's office. The library was in the farthest part of campus, meaning that it would take... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

  I took a deep breath, gauging my outfit in the mirror. I tried to go for something simple, but fashionable at the same time...... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

 "What do you think of this dress?" The clang of hangers brought my attention to where Kath was standing. She held up a frilly p... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

 The white dress stroked my knees, swishing gently in the breeze coming from my open window. The pheasant sleeves puffed proudly aro... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

 The device that laid on my bed looked heavy, suddenly, like it weighed the weight of a brick. The cling film around the shiny box s... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Keating Enterprises.   The building was large, but I doubted that it was any bigger than my college. It was wide, definitely, an... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

 "You're here on time," Jackie commented the next day, smiling her toothpaste commercial smile at me.  "I like to be on tim... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

 "How was your night last night?" Gryffin asked the next morning, pouring me a cup of tea.  "It went well," I shrugged, sti... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

 "I saw the news."  "I'm sure you did."  Jackie leveled me with a sympathetic look. "Don't take it too hard on you... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

 I scowled at myself as I tried the fancy ballgown in the dressing room. It just barely fit by my hips and the zipper looked ready t... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

What has my life become?  The eager sun pulled at the bottom of my eyes, forcing me awake as I broke the capsule in half. Yellow... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

 "Where were you?" Jackie hissed at me as I strode into the office. She rounded her desk to stand in front of me, arms crossed and l... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

 Lazareth stared at me for a few ticking moments, unmoving. His impeccably hard eyes dug into my soul like an obsidian shovel. A par... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

 One paper down, thirty more to go. I cast a dirty look at the stack of new white paper that balanced on my bed. They had just b... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

 As Gryffin and I stood idly in the ticket booth line, observing the large, yet familiar airport, I felt his dark eyes studying me w... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

 "Home sweet home," Gryffin sighed, tugging the door open and striding into the house towards the couch, flopping on the pillows u... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

 I couldn't speak. I couldn't move. From head to toe, I felt paralyzed, and maybe Lazareth was the one doing it. I wasn't too sure. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

 "You did what?!" I burst at him, jerking my wrist away from his grasp. Fury bubbled in my stomach like a volcano ready to erupt. I ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

 When Lazareth told me that he was a demon from hell, I didn't believe him at first. I mean, a demon from hell? Those only existed i... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

 "How do you like your coffee?" I asked, opening one of the cabinets above me to reach the pot of sugar Laura kept there.  ... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

"Ugh," I groaned, blindly reaching up above my head to push the sticky strands of hair out of my face. My eyes felt glued together and ev... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

"Hey, Lazareth?"  "Yes?" From where he was packing papers into his backpack, Lazareth's eyes snapped up to mine. "What is it?" ... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

 "What are you doing today?"   From the opposite side of the table, I peered at Lazareth from over my steaming tear mu... Read Chapter

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