Lobby D

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lobby D

?starkly lit lobby? waiting for something but I didn't know what.
I look over and see a familiar face. Familiar not in the way that I know him but that I've known

him for my entire life.

He says as we lock eyes he gives me a look of reassurance.

?I? am?” The man says.

?finger? on it” I say in a state of disarray

he says as we lock eyes across the room

“What is your name?”.
He says as I blankly stare at the office desk in front of me

“I don’t actually remember who I am”
He looks down at his hands glance at my wedding ring Then over at George,

“Where are we?”
I say gawking at George

“Do you not see the sign”
As he points to a
Blinking Red Fluorescent Sign? that says

?WAITING AREA”?. I felt confused

“That wasn't there before” I mumbled to myself

“I've heard about this somewhere“
As I look up into the ceiling and roll my eyes back into my head and begin to think “It goes something like
... if you wake up without a memory of the past,

My eyes slowly looked back at George “Or you're
I collapsed into my legs in astonishment,

“Which do you want to believe?”
George says with a calming look on his face
“I don’t know” I looked down at my open palms

?truth? or I don’t have the will to accept? it” I said with a quiver in my voice

“What if it is true”
I looked up at George with remorse as he said

“Who's to say you're incorrect, where do you base these assumptions about life without the prior knowledge of your past”

George says confidently

“What do I do if it is true?” I say as tears flood my eyes

As George points towards the sign again I look and I see that under the Blinking Red Fluorescent Sign? there's a wooden door

“That wasn't there before”

I mumble to myself
as I sit back in my chair

“There's only one way to find out”

With tears streaming from my eyes I stand up and walk towards the door.
Wiping tears from my face I open the door and see a bright light with a gust of nostalgic wind


George chuckles and says “Either way”
“I’ll see you on the other side"

I step through the door and get absorbed into the warm bright light and the door shuts behind me.

Then we pull back to see another man rush in and sit where I was sitting. He looks around confused and then looks at George with confusion. Geoge says “Hello?”.


Submitted: January 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jack T. Garvey. All rights reserved.

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