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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mindy Jones is a handicapped woman whose dream is to become a writer. Mindy is in love with her neighbor Alex Price. Alex insult Mindy in front of his friends. Mindy's roommates steal the rent money and Mindy is evicted.

Mindy is living on the street for a while until she became a famous writer

Mindy is living it up until a person from her past asks for help.

Table of Contents

Bad and Good Luck

Mindy has some bad luck, but her luck starts changing
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The Wrong Career

Mindy learns about Jill's secret life.
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The Suprise

Mindy learns that Alex is in prison for fraud.
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Mindy's book is being turned into a movie.
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Love at First Sight

Mindy went on a date with her favorite book writer.
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Alex's Story

Alex tells Mindy and Patty that he was setup.
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The judge found Alex's innocent.
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