Declining Emperor Penguins

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

It starts by doing why the Earth matters as living common home for all our loved ones. This walks away into our quest for existence, let greet every truth for this promise.

Ever imagine our living Earth faced some inconveniences,

Daily this art sustains the entire creation giving some conveniences,

When I draw every dream desired how much the living Earth matters for our existence,

Where you left these gestures share this common home for our sustenance,

Where on Earth I stop this very moment thanking everyone who are our inspiration,

For better endless freezer the Arctics claims this challenging climate,

As their blistering fight for survival at the extreme poles,

The life survives on this continent not owned by any country,

The flat treeless landscape inhabits penguins and seals closed twice for extinction,

Partly due to melting Artic may lose almost all its summer sea ice within decades,

Today our local changes have global effects for their survival,

Threatened animals ringed stronger to the sea may have long gone made with oil spills,

We are adding to the problem with Inuit industrialization brought as pollution hunters,

Tourist cruises brings disturbances into the frozen north icebergs,

Stinging Sunburns penetrating the thin ozone layer over the Arctics leaves challenges never experienced,

Unthinkable winter overcoat drifts the polar bears in declining numbers with shrinking dreams,

Our Earth’s surface to the boreal forests in the South are equally affected,

Human activity has shifting end of the road for fresh water sources into ice age,

Cracking up a thawing permafrost from draining away into Earth’s atmosphere,

Currently carbon dioxide released is the biggest cause of global warming,

Now the locked up fresh water in a massive ice sheet bigger than USA open trap doors,

Under the warmer ice Antarctic will be a harsh place to live for mammals and others,

How far can the life exist here migrate when the snow packed poles are disappearing,

Land, sea and air around us is our Earth’s last great wilderness,

If you don’t want to be our environment advocate,

It is ok if you have claims that feature any unknown treaty in existence,

But all of us are responsible caused by the things people are doing far away,

Let us act before this polluting chemical mix still threatened by human activities violate every ethical border,

The only known entire universe where humans are known to settle is our living Earth,

Before the huge chunk of melting ice do further harm for their food supply,

Let our oneness in this commitment give emperor penguins huddling in the cold a new sustainable future.

Submitted: January 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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