Earth Going Viral

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It is said we have five elements of ancient existence in our Indian culture and there is a revisit by our guardian whenever it is under threat. Every time when this moment came in our history, there remained infinite challenges. Yet human life on this living Earth sustained every hope in peace adhering to some divine truth. If you find any such secret revelations, you make take this time as our most needed effort in action and let this oneness save our planet for the sustainable future we want. I have given this message in my writings and let it make the best where we must be now.

Where are we making a difference collecting garbage at waterways?

Cleansing the beach stretching any litter into its trash take part where we started,

The job takes this outdoor work mix easily with people from different daily recordings,

We sing this background hymns informing the public how it affects everyone,

Even though we are far away engaged how to protect these special places,

If mining for oil and minerals stops at the sensitivity that such insecure drilling harms our environment,

Today we have big alternative packs as true energy sources from renewable resources,

Yet the economic treasury lobbing with cartels in return put money that lures the political power,

Vital to all if only memories remain as the safeguards stealing what energy you use less,

If you reduce your carbon footprint by advancing walk to work than using car,

Turning off lights answers the littler impact can do things to help in this crisis,

We shouldn’t invite the evil into our fortunes endangering the future we want,

A plastic bag disturbs our environment even the darkest summer can foretell,

We are alarming the ecological imbalance without doing the right tasks,

We are creating more problems enlarging the divided revenge doing the wrong resurrection,

Increasing the fishing quota wipes off the very sources eaten by sea birds and aquatic life,

Start lobbying the world’s dying temperate forests that we grow everywhere using less paper,

Seasons shift everywhere Forest grow very depended on this move that preserve our ancient wood,

If you can recollect the wounds that late arrived on this spot stranded for the rest of our lives,

Let us suffer less saving every tree from wild fires for pure water sources,

Let us secure the forest people who are connected with these habitats most suitable heaven,

Today the drier conditions run off the life from our earth below,

Animals are migrating turning life at the edge finding life-saving species into extinction,

The journey ahead may witness another ice age,

Yet the hope bears every ocean nutrient to answer this call,

Creatures in a broken-up forest can’t easily adapt to change,

Yet the leafy corridors of our existence on this living Earth,

Earnestly requests don’t throw away all of us into the unbearable fate,

Let us heal the wounds we have done around the world,

Our answers come when we can accept the responsibility each one can do,

Only then our living Earth can protect and shelter this common home for generations ahead,

What makes this commitment being undone will revisit this memorial message,

“He that plants trees loves others beside himself.”

Thomas Fuller, English writer, 1732

Submitted: January 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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A lovely poem. I think you might enjoy this too

Thu, January 21st, 2021 5:52pm

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