Speaking To The Press

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The lizard lick from Jen Psaki

Like peanut butter too thick

Gingerly conversing with grace

Slightly red in the face

Confident, intelligent, and educated till

Her hooped earrings get me

To lower my eyes

pale nape

Ever so briefly

Yearning for fremented grapes

Talking too quickly to wander


In the world of the seaguls

A more serious tone

With the French and Red

The tension filled dread often left me as a zit

Who were the toes and who were the head?

Boy did I cut the shit


In the years of speed, I ran like the wind

Heart palpatation fretting for life

Panic attack with strangers in the streets

The "H ending with K" in 91 started that

I was in cuffs at the wake the white Russian was taken

Can't forget nor be brought back to the subject

and yet I persist to insist that I'm ever so flattered

while picking up pieces from my wings that were shattered


Pardon the tangent but it does make sense

Since were all subjected to the first and second tense

Talking heavy while making it seem light is an art of the mind

She sold loose so tight

My fires burn

That's the truth with my witch

Does she crouch and wither while holding a cane?

I'll watch her walk on by

Will she give snow white the apple or is she lame?

I'm confident within and without that grid

that she did do a good job



Submitted: January 21, 2021

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