The Moment

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story of two people deeply in love sharing their love of travel until fate separates them in death.

Though I would really prefer to roam

I sit and wait for him to come home.

As I wait I remember all the times

And places we traveled in our lifetime.

First was from Cincinnati to Key West.

But the Navy our plans did devest

To Norfolk, Virginia you were sent.

Back to Cincinnati was where I went.

Next you sailed to the Mediterranean Sea

At first I cried and stayed so lonely.

You sailed three days before anniversary one.

And I felt our married life had barely begun.

So I sat and waited day after lonely day. 

Knowing you would be back home someday.

Remember how into your arms I flew.

So happy to be back with my love so true.

Then in Virginia we lived so very briefly

Then back to Key West thanks to the Navy. 

Hurricane Donna separated us once more.

As the Navy took you to safety on a distant shore.

A few months later we both were set free

When you received your discharge from the Navy.

No more travels were in our future for many years.

Though short vacations within the state fetched souvenirs.

Living back in Cincinnati was a mistake we proved

So ten years later back to Florida we moved.

No travels of note for local trips on some weekends 

Except our 20th anniversary where you did pretend

A McDonald’s lunch our treat would be that day

What you and your helping friend did not say

The location of those famous Golden Arches

Would be in the hotel in Nassau in the Bahamas.

As anniversary twenty-five drew very near

Our plans gradually became very clear.

Rockhounding and camping sounded oh, so fun

So we planned a trip that would keep us on the run.

Twenty-one states we would rockhound and tent camp.

In twenty-one days all states we would visit and tramp.

Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and we came home with 250 pounds of rock in a GMC Gremlin 

Many changes came into our lives in the ensuing years.

With too many of them bringing much grief and tears.

Too many loved ones called to their final rest

Now there were only three of us still left.

Take your father to the desert the doctors did say.

You surprised us with our first RV that day.

Our travel was very much different with the trailer now.

Little did we know it would change our lives somehow.

From Florida to Yuma, Arizona we did go

In the conversion van with trailer in tow.

Though it was small and cramped with adults three

And a trio of cats plus a very large dog you see

There was something wonderful about the freedom 

We felt and wanted to keep so gypsies we did become.

We traded the tiny trailer on one much bigger

Having more room certainly was much better.

Then much too soon our family of three

Was now reduced to kitties three a dog, me and thee.

Though we stayed still in Yuma and many other spots

For a couple of years here and there we sat on lots

In RV parks from Yuma to Corpus Christi, Texas we went

Then Kingsville, Powderly, and in Longview some time we spent.

Weekends were enjoyed looking for quartz or gold

We thought hunting for rocks would never get old.

College was the reason for time you needed to retrain.

Because a terrible fall from a ladder was to blame. 

Three years in those classes we sat side by side

Till we both graduated with honors and pride.

Then on to Round Rock outside of Austin we parked

For your brand new job you gladly embarked.

One year later we hit the trail once more

Back to Florida for the fourth time is the score.

Thinking we no more wanted to roam

We traded the RV for a permanent home.

Along the way and through the years

Four more losses brought grief and tears. 

They also brought new fur kids to love and pet

But our story is far from finished yet.

Owning a home was not our style for sure

So back to RVing cause we wanted to tour.

From Florida to Texas to Las Vegas we did go

Then Tucson, Alpine, Marfa Lights all aglow.

Back to Corpus Christi to spend the winter

That for the next four years our life it would alter.

You read an newspaper ad that sounded interesting.

A new chapter to our lives you did certainly bring.

No more retirement, no it was not to be for us.

A new job that was to take us over much of Texas.

To the oil fields as drill site gate guards we would be

Guarding and logging traffic in and out so carefree.

Between jobs we again hit the road the country to see

For anniversary number 49 we took extra time you know

From Texas to Indiana with a stop to see family in Ohio.

Then on across to old New York and Niagara Falls

Where Horseshoe and American Falls enthralls.

As we left the car and walked along the path

The roar of the falls sounded the falling waters wrath.

First a ride on Maid of The Mist then on to Cave of The Winds.

At Top of the Falls Restaurant our anniversary ends.

Now back to Texasto work gates once more

Believing this life could go on evermore.

Fiftieth anniversary deserves a great celebration

So great plans we made and invitations begun.

Then jobs took all our plans and promises away 

When on the current gate job we had to stay.

The sole tribute to all our many years together

Was a Cajun takeout dinner while to the gate we were hostage.

Another year or two we worked those gates 

Each job our ardor for the job deflates.

Something about you began to change

It wasn’t something I could exactly call strange.

I had to remind you of chores so routine

Chores you had never required to be overseen.

Then on that last fateful trip we took

A side you had never shown left me shook.

In tones of anger never before shown 

You ordered me to go home alone.

Though we were many miles away from home

You ordered me to walk those miles alone

Or continue what I felt so deep inside

Was a horrible mistake to continue our ride.

My fears came true as along the road we did sit

A broken transmission was the cause of it.

Then waiting in a parking lot for a tow

Only seemed to increase my woe.

When the tow truck came so fast 

It took us on the hook to an RV park downcast.

The people in the park were so great

Some of my worries they did placate.

Our stay turned out to be much longer than thought

The friends we came to see both were wrought

With illnesses so severe they needed us

To be there for them in their time of crisis.

When to home we did finally return at last

I hoped our previous problems all had passed. 

Another gate job suddenly appeared and ruined

Our Thanksgiving holiday that certainly never happened.

Once on the job I noticed changes in you I had never seen 

Changes both in you and your normal routine.

You slept on the job and failed to log those coming and going

Yet you saw nothing wrong in what you were not doing.

Still I did not recognize there was something really amiss

And all my negative thoughts I did dismiss. 

Though we re-retired from that time on.

I didn’t know our future was foregone.

As your memoryslowly begin to fail 

I still did not question each detail

That finally it became so obvious I could no longer ignore

So to the doctor we went hoping for a cure.

His diagnosis of dementia was grim but too broad 

It was accurate but was still flawed.

He told us what it was but not what it would do

There would have been changes if we only knew.

We did not know he handed you a death sentence for one

So many things that shouldn’t be done.

We let you have surgery to replace your knee

Not knowing how devastating anesthesia could be.

It cost you your home and me my mate.

But when we finally knew the cost it was too late.

In many ways that surgery ended our marriage 

And it time and again tested my courage.

One thing it could not do to me

Is kill the love I still have for thee.

Though dementia finally won the fight

I knew we would be parted that last night.

So I sit and wait for him to come home.

Waiting for the moment we together again will roam. 

Submitted: January 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 scarletscribe. All rights reserved.

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