Chapter 1: The Fox

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 60

“Brooke!!” Chloe called out, searching for the shy girl, “Where did you go?” Chloe stood at the entrance of Brooke’s house, waiting for her to return. A soft breeze whistled through the wind as bluejays sang. It was around 12 o’clock and Chloe wanted to take Brooke to the cafe downtown so they could hang out.

“Sorry, I had to grab my sweater.” Brooke blushed because her friend had had to wait on her. Brooke’s cotton-candy pink tipped hair blew in the wind, as she shivered. I could really go for a hot chocolate.. It’s freezing out here! Brooke thought as she walked alongside her bestie, who was almost the exact opposite of Brooke: short hair, dark colors, and anything crazy. Brooke, on the other hand, was more shy and timid. She wasn’t interested in people, but animals and nature. Brooke liked all animals. 

“Brr.. Are we almost there yet Chloe? I’m freezing my fingers off!” 

“Almost.. And here! Ta-da!” Chloe made a flourishing movement.

“Do they sell cocoa by any chance?”

“Probably.” Brooke sighed and walked in, holding the door for Chloe. 

The cafe had pale yellow walls with huge windows made with silver frames. This looks perfect for what a cold, dreary day it is! Brooke thought, starting to warm up. She walked up to the counter to order with Chloe.

“I’ll pay.” Brooke said kindly. Brooke smiled at Chloe and looked up to the menu. Maybe a hot chocolate with marshmallows? Or a bowl of chocolate.. Then I could share it with Chloe.. I’ll get both I think. Brooke decided. 

“Can I get a small bowl of chocolate with a cup of cocoa?” Brooke asked. “Hey, Chloe, what do you want?” She whispered.

“Umm.. A strawberry smoothie.”

“And one strawberry smoothie.” Brooke added.

“9.98 please.” The cashier said, “Thank you for coming to Cafe la Chocolate!”

“No problem.” Brooke smiled and handed over the money.

“Ok, let’s sit.... There! Wow.. I still can’t believe I’m turning 16!” Chloe pointed to a table by the window. Chloe dashed to the table. 

“I know,” Brooke sipped her cocoa, “It’s crazy! Happy B-day also.”

“Oh, right! Don’t miss my party! It’s in a little more than an hour!”

“Ok then I should probably go soon.. Sorry Chloe!”

“It’s ok.” Chloe shrugged, snatching a cream-filled chocolate from the bowl.

“Let me have one!” Brooke struggled to suppress her giggles as her bestie shoved two truffles in her mouth. “Hey! I paid for those Chloe!”

“I know- shey’re shust shoo good!!” Chloe replied through mouthfuls of sweets. “Ok.. I’m done now!” Chloe grinned with pure delight.

“Are you sure?” Brooke raised an eyebrow.

“Yes..” Chloe said. 


An hour later, Brooke was back at her house, getting ready for Chloe’s birthday party. Well.. Parties aren’t REALLY my thing.. But it’s for Chloe! So I may as well. Brooke stood staring in the mirror at her reflection. She went to grab her dress. It was mint green with silvery sequins. Brooke tied her hair up in a ballerina bun. There, good enough I suppose... Wait, I want my bag. Brooke grabbed her bag with her phone inside of  it and walked out the door. Then she turned around and walked back inside. She was getting Chloe’s present. It was a rock CD, black fingernail polish, and a bestie bracelet with her name on it. She has to love it! Especially the polish! The bracelet is a bit girly.. But I think it’ll be alright.

She glanced in the mirror, practicing her smile. I want Chloe to be as happy as possible today! Brooke began to walk away again, but turned around because she had seen a flash of red? No it was orange.


Brooke smirked and figured out what was happening, “Great job Cassie! You’re SUCH a wonderful spy!” Brooke was shocked though when she heard her sister call from downstairs that she was watching TV. Her little sister was NOT that fast.. Brooke suddenly turned around and came face to face with a fiery orange furred fox. 


Submitted: January 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 dreamcatcher10. All rights reserved.


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