Chapter 3: Betrayal

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“Hey Party Pooper! Over here!” Why was everyone calling her that?! She slid her phone out of her pocket. The girl called for her again.

“What do you want?!” Brooke demanded.

“I saw the post online! Ha!” What are they talking about?!

“Uh WHAT post?” Brooke asked, feeling fueled up with anger.

“Look,” The girl said, showing her an image. Brooke stared, her jaw hanging open. It was an image of Chloe, holding a present, and it had a caption that read ‘My bestie ditched me ON MY BIRTHDAY :(  What a party pooper’. 

“I-It was important! I tried to call her! It’s not my fault she didn’t reply!” Brooke protested. She would have to talk with Chloe next class. At least her teacher there always had been kind.


Brooke walked to Language and felt eyes staring her down and whispers drifting through the atmosphere. She tried to drown out the noise, but was unsuccessful. All she could seem to hear was; ‘I CANNOT believe Brooke did that!’ and ‘Brooke used to be so nice! Then she left Chloe for no reason!’. Brooke felt a searing pain ache in her heart, one of the whisperers was her bestie... Brooke kept walking but no matter how fast she walked they were there. She was nearly running and she just kept hearing the awfulness, spreading from person to person. 


Finally, Brooke couldn’t take it anymore. She dashed off at full speed, hoping to get rid of-of everyone! She burst into the Language classroom and sat in the back row. Brooke sighed and attempted to hide her sadness in a book. She drank the words in, feeling their comfort.

And through the black and blue midnight, the girl ran away on her pony. Away from everyone and everything. And in that moment she realized, she was finally free. Free from her horrible parents, free from her rude aunt, free from her responsibilities. It was all the girl had ever wanted. She became one with the sky, riding her silver pony. 


Brooke wished she could just escape. It continued; though she tried to tell them that it was a misunderstanding, but no one cared. Brooke glanced across the aisle, where Chloe sat. Chloe was wearing the usual; black pants, dark sweater, and huge earrings. Chloe stuck her tongue out and then looked away. Why??! Brooke asked herself, I can’t believe she won’t  even let me explain! After school finally ended, Brooke had art with Chloe. She decided to skip. She DID NOT need to run into them again!
“Hey Brooke!” It was Kim. 

“Oh great now you too! Whoo hoo! Why dontcha just tell the whole school that I’m ‘Brooke the Party Pooper!’ Whoop-de-doo! Everyone hates me! Yippee! Now you too. AGHHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed back to him. Brooke did not need anymore today. 

“Uh, what? Look I didn’t want to-”

“Sure you didn’t.” Brooke cut him off, coldly. 

“Look I only wanted to say: I hope Chloe forgives you…” Then he mumbled something under his breath, “Or not, I wanted to be your friend too…” 

“What? Did you say that………” Brooke asked.

“Um. NO!” He replied, running away.

"I'll still be your friend!" She replied, weakly.

Submitted: January 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 dreamcatcher10. All rights reserved.


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