Platinum Princess

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Zoe Gordian and her sister make a daring attempt to escape from prison. She manages to get away but her sister gets recaptured and sent back. Zoe struggles to survive on her own until she's taken in by twin brothers named Lune and Lium. The brothers turn out to be expert swindlers and devise a plan to get rich, but it involves exploiting Zoe and drastically altering her life. Much is at stake, as Zoe will have to fool an entire kingdom and finesse her way from poverty to royalty, but this might be her only chance to free her sister from prison.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

All hell had broken loose at the maximum-security prison in the city of Ekor. The prison, known as Ixion, had become a scene of insanity ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Perry pedaled his wagon toward the festival like his life depended on it. His plans for avoiding the event were scrapped thanks to the ho... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Zoe and Marigold made their way into the Golden Days Festival. They walked in a calm, but quick manner, trying not to draw attention asid... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Fueled by anger, Zoe moved toward the sessaphone player on stage, but she only managed to take a few steps before Marigold grabbed a hold... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

After the sisters trekked across Denver Park in the sweltering summer heat, Zoe and Marigold were finally closing in on the hot air ballo... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Ahn and the Gordian sisters were about to begin a new journey as the hot air balloon that they stood in rose up into the sky. They were s... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

The sisters, who remained in Ahn's hot air balloon, pulled up and away from the distraught man on the mall roof. Zoe sat on the basket fl... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

The air gliding vessel from Ixion prison was quickly approaching Zoe and Marigold's stolen air balloon. "Shit!" Zoe cried out. "How d... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Time had seemed to be at a standstill for Zoe as she floated through an atmosphere of despair. She felt as though she was trapped in a ni... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Zoe's stomach growled, reminding her that she had eaten her last meal many hours ago. She lacked her usual heavy appetite due to her curr... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Zoe laid by the base of the oak tree, soaked and embarrassed. The farmer and the twin men were already storming at her before she could e... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

After about fifteen minutes of cruising on the roads of Recor, Zoe and the twins drove into a neighborhood where many citizens roamed abo... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Zoe and the Taro brothers sat at a table inside of a barbeque restaurant named "Wild Wilbur". Atop the table were multiple family-sized b... Read Chapter

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