Guardians of Elyria

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Thrust into another plane of existence, Avalie Tennant discovers that there's more than fairy tales, mental disorders, and Bible stories.

Table of Contents


She had awoken from a dream of vampires and demons hunting her down. Vampires of all sorts, demons as well, but one, who had stood out wh... Read Chapter


"Strength, agility, speed. These are the things that we are made of. You will learn how to to be as fast as a cheetah, have the strength ... Read Chapter


"FASTER!" Dexton yelled at her. "You have to go faster than that. You look like a fuckin' turtle. Be the rabbit!"   "I don't... Read Chapter


Sitting around the fireside, Fregger handed Avalie a bowl of fruit, taking a piece of melon from it. He took a bite and stared into the f... Read Chapter


Rowan and Avalie had walked for forty miles up into the hills, not speaking one word to each other. Rowan had lived with his men for the ... Read Chapter


Nails digging into his arm, Avalie tried not to scream as she put pressure on her leg. It had been three days since the incident, and she... Read Chapter


"Wake up, sunshine." Avalie patted his arm until he opened his eyes. "Morning." She was a little happier than normal, and that made him w... Read Chapter


"We will have to stay here for the rest of the night," Hera announced as she hopped off the carriage and headed to the front door of the ... Read Chapter


When night fell, they could see the city lights and Hera calculated that it would be about noon when they would arrive, earlier if they d... Read Chapter


"Get back here, faggot!" One voice shouted.   "I'm going to kick your ass!" Another was heard.   "What a loser.... Read Chapter


Eyes open, shining blue and green with a bit of brown.   Eyes closed.   Eyes open. Blue as dark as the one who ... Read Chapter


Three.   Two.   One.   Avalie pushed on the door, stepping in and stopping when she saw him sittin... Read Chapter


Two Riders, unknown, brought Gushaun down from the rooftop and over to them in a not so pleasant manner. Both towered over him, taller th... Read Chapter


Rowan quietly entered Avalie's room, seeing her asleep on her stomach, one leg out of the covers and over Fregger's legs. Fregger had fal... Read Chapter


"Daegan. How'd you get in here?"   He held up his hand, indicating to keep her voice down. "You need to be careful. The more... Read Chapter


When Callum and Alec returned, they were joined by Cassia, a redheaded girl and two other males she didn't recognized, mostly because the... Read Chapter


Jetson flipped Bryce over his shoulder, letting her go, stepping back when she landed on her back. Cuss words floated out of her mouth as... Read Chapter


"Avy, calm yourself." Keran's voice was soft in her ear as his arms wrapped around her. "That's good, just breathe." All of the overwelmi... Read Chapter


Avalie and Emma slept soundly in Avalie's bed, while Gushaun slept in his own room. They had spent all night with him, talking about rand... Read Chapter


"Why are you here?" Callum slammed Hera against the wall, not caring that he was going up against a witch.   "I assumed a th... Read Chapter


Run.   Run was all she could do.   If she was wanting to make it to the river without being detected, running w... Read Chapter


Queen sized bed, practically in the middle of the room, surrounded by darkness until the door to the large bedroom opened up and a man st... Read Chapter


"My mother insists that you become familiar of this land. She doesn't believe that you will learn as you go." Avalie stopped by the rose ... Read Chapter


"Why have you done this? You've created something that will destroy everything that I have worked on." He snapped, anger slowly rising. ... Read Chapter


Avalie walked the halls after breakfast, admiring all of the art hanging on the walls as well as the sculptures that crept her our as muc... Read Chapter


Magrid and her handmaidens all surrounded Avalie, pulling and pushing, tying and collapsing the dress that they made. It had the ribbons ... Read Chapter


Daegan slowly made his way over to the demon, quickly putting him into a head lock and speaking as fast as he could to make the demon tur... Read Chapter


"What are you going to do with these rocks?" Michaela asked Avalie as she handed them to her, then sat down on her knees and watched Aval... Read Chapter


Avalie came to a stop, unable to understand them, then felt something hit her on the left side. She flew into the air and landed hard ont... Read Chapter


Crickets echoed in Avalie's ears bringing her to reality. She opened her eyes, seeing the dark sky and stars above. A familiar smell waft... Read Chapter

Tangled in the Great Escape

"Where would you like to go eat, now that you are a free woman?!" Joel asked, slightly teasing. He walked her out to his 1971 Chevelle, p... Read Chapter


Avalie jumped awake when she heard her name being called. The voice like her father's. But she didn't see him. She didn't sense him eithe... Read Chapter


"Miss, Miss you're going to be late." Avalie slowly opened her eyes, seeing a women walking around her room, opening all of the curtains.... Read Chapter


"Hey sweetheart." He moved his hand from her face, placing it on his leg.   "Where am I?" She looked around.   ... Read Chapter


Daegan quietly walked out of the cabin that he and Astrid were staying in and made his way to Avalie's. He had been keeping an eye out fo... Read Chapter


Fregger walked into the cabin, books under one arm, empty hand holding the door as he took in the view before him. Emma was laying next t... Read Chapter


"What the hell is going on in there?" Jetson stepped up to Fregger as he stood up and held up his hands.   "She's just overw... Read Chapter


Avalie wobbled as she went to the door hoping to stop her father before he could do anything derastic. She pulled the door open, not cari... Read Chapter


Daegan walked into Avalie's cabin against everyone's better judgement, going straight to the bed without hesitation and grabbed her arms.... Read Chapter

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