Some Sense of Security ~ A Guardian's of Elyria Book

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents


Bent over the kitchen sink; water rushing from the faucet, flashes of what she thought wasn't real happened again. Her husband assured he... Read Chapter


"Her wounds are healed, pulse is fine. We just cannot figure out why she's unresponsive." The blonde female pushed her hair behind her ea... Read Chapter


Deep down underground, some miles under the mansion, stood a large tent; dark green in color. It sat up against a large stone wall, stret... Read Chapter


"Its not a permanant thing. Give it a few hours and she will be able to see again." Elixa looked up at Callum and Daegan as she sat on th... Read Chapter


Jagged white lines was all Daegan could see at first. Then he saw Avalie standing next to him. She was silent as she stared into the fiel... Read Chapter


Avalie marched up to her father slapping him hard enough that it made all of the riders stare at them. Bryce moved away from Joel and gra... Read Chapter


Daegan walked into the room, hesitant on saying anything. He heard everything that had been said and was at lost of words. He wanted to h... Read Chapter


"NO!" Avalie screamed as Thor pointed Mjölnir at her father. Emma and Gushaun tried to grab for her, but she slipped away from them and ... Read Chapter


"Your daughter begged me once again and again I reminded her that a marriage must come first, but I am afraid that Daegan will gain the u... Read Chapter


Callum walked into Avalie's bedroom with a full intent on convincing her to return home with him but when he saw the sight before him, hi... Read Chapter


Avalie shot up and grabbed a hold of the person to her right and steadied herself. Astrid held her up as she stared at her father, peicin... Read Chapter


Hera was wondering around, counting the many things that was needed for the wedding on her fingers and in her head, watching her sisters ... Read Chapter


"Put the flowers over there." Hera instructed Sasin, pointing to the large circle table in the corner. She then turned to Elixa to see ho... Read Chapter


Avalie sat on her knees in front of Gaven who was tied up on a chair. He was in severe pain, but not from her powers surging through her.... Read Chapter


"You'll never get pass the guards. They were pumped full of Leviathan blood. If I will you my powers, you can get through them." &nbs... Read Chapter


Worry kept them awake at night. It was tiresome wondering if Callum was going to walk away from all that was happening. Elixa and Jaycee ... Read Chapter


Rushing into the ballroom, her son right on her heels, Adele wasn't surprised that her best friend would revert back to her old ways. She... Read Chapter


"Forever and after, right? That's what it's suppose to be. You and me..." Daegan looked to the window and scoffed. "Yeah, like that's goi... Read Chapter


"Are you sure that you are up to this?" Daegan tried to disguise his apprehension over everything. "We can do this while you do something... Read Chapter


"You don't have a choice. Bow down to Avalie, or be destroyed." Daegan's gruffness surfaced, as he stared at the two young men standing b... Read Chapter

Twenty One

Piercing sounds drowning out the voices all around him. Vision blurred, head rush aproaching as he tried to sit up. His name...faint at f... Read Chapter


Her head pounded when she finally came to, eyes blurry and body shaking as she tried to sit up. This feeling was all too familiar, yet sh... Read Chapter


Avalie was sure her father was going to lecture her until her ears fell off and then strangle Ada until his grace couldn't funtion anymor... Read Chapter


Gushaun and Dexton stood there, staring at Chloe as she sat there, tied to the wooden pole, helpless. Gushaun slowly walked around her, g... Read Chapter


Keran's mother's house was cold, depressing and full of antiques. It had been years since the last time Avalie had set foot inside and sh... Read Chapter


Rowan wasn't surprised at all when Avalie told him everything she had learned since the last time they were around each other. The only t... Read Chapter


Three a.m. rolled around quickly and Avalie found herself wondering to Jetson's room. She tip toed past Taron across the cold wooden floo... Read Chapter


Appearing through the tall window in the library, holding onto Avalie's unconcious body, Daegan made Jezelle jump up from the couch, star... Read Chapter


"Alistair and my father will be retiring." Avalie paced back and fourth in front of the desk, making Fregger uncomfortable and on edge. H... Read Chapter


Cool air woke Avalie, shivering and wondering why the heat had been turned off. She slipped from the bed, grabbed the robe and tip toed a... Read Chapter


Gifts came from far and wide, from species she hadn't met yet and from those of her dear friends and acquantances. Some of the gifts wher... Read Chapter


Upon hearing about Keran and Avalie's engagement, Daegan grabbed an apple and threw it at the fireplace, watching it hit the edge and exp... Read Chapter


No longer feeling the warmth of her body, Daegan woke up, sitting up quickly when he didn't see her in the loft. He tried to recall the e... Read Chapter


"Do something!" Jezelle snapped at Sharon.   Sharon stammered. "I...I can't. I can't bring back the dead."   "W... Read Chapter


Daegan, Keran and Callum were on the verge of a fist fight, trying to keep their distance around the long dining room table that could si... Read Chapter


Gavin kept a firm grip on his hunting knife and kept his other hand out to prevent Avalie from moving. Micah's hand held onto the handle ... Read Chapter


Rain poured hard onto the house, making Avalie pull on her father's trench coat, securing it tightly around her small frame. Climbing the... Read Chapter


"Tobias Lanker. Squirrly mother fucker. He ran during the last war your father fought. Nothing was the same after that." Jetson threw the... Read Chapter


Hands shaking, bottles clanking together, Avalie handed over the satchel to Alastiar, hoping that he wouldn't notice that there was somet... Read Chapter


Being slammed into the wall of his bedroom wasn't something that he was wanting, especially since it was from someone he hardly knew and ... Read Chapter

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