Mother of truthfulness

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Truth triumphs, if there is no public support.

During British ruling in India, a family from rajasthan having a business of selling the clothes ,due to British steadiness all people were forced to take there materials, slowly everyone business started to fall, the family was in tension, they were knowing if they take any step against them, they will kill them, the family was having many children to learn the business of the family, but the business was fall. 

All the elders of family made a plan to purchase goods from British workers, but sell to local people's in high price, as they will get money and British will be happy to sell these materials all were excepted with this plan but mother of children was not happy to see these and although they started to work, they felt some difficulty in starting but they continued and earned more money, British workers were not aware of this all. 

The mother was not happy to see these all, surrounding people started to see there status and wanted to know what's happening all family members told the mother to shut her mouth and be silent. Days went she didn't said anything, but she was afraid that her children's will learn the wrong way to do the work. She stopped her family, and said to do the everything in right way in business. But they didn't listened to her, they started to teach there children's and she was not able to stop them. 

One day the office got to know that something is fishy as surrounding members also complaint that suddenly they got rich, so one day they reached there house to inquire. Children's were learning business but there mother told to do anything in the right way the children also obeyed her. When officer inquired they started to pretend as they are innocent, after not getting anything they said that they will set an committee were they have to say. The mother was told to be silent and quite there. When inquiry started, argument started one  from officer and one from there side, they were not getting any proof so they asked family members, they also pretend as they didn't know, but when it comes to mother and children's, they taught they will save them or else they will not leave them. But she supported for truth and said everything and too opposed British for not giving chance to sell there materials, all children's also supported there mother, everyone there supported her, she opposed both and said its fault of both. But officers punished the people's for selling the things, leaving mother and children's but all committee members forced them to mandate to sell there things in market, so offices allowed them. As she supported for truth, everyone appreciates her and all were happy to get there work back, but her family members were punished for there work. 

All her children's worked in a right path and kept her mother happy.. Everyone were happy in there business. 

Truth triumphs, if there is no people support. 

Submitted: January 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Aaliya Balabatti. All rights reserved.

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Aaliya Balabatti

It's not a true story but learn from it.

Sat, January 23rd, 2021 7:18am

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