Her wolf

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Logan and Emily used to be best friends until Logan began to bully her and pushed her away and now he is regretting it big time. Will Emily push him away and make him suffer or will she forgive him and let him mate her to make a fresh start?

Table of Contents

Chapter one Emily was an 18 year old girl who kept herself to herself, she had brown eyes and long wavy brown hair that she kept tied u... Read Chapter

Logan quickly changed back and stood up, he was shaking inside as he couldn't believe his wolf would do that but he felt his wolf was ... Read Chapter

Emily opened her eyes and winced as she felt the throbbing pain at the back of her head, she heard the sighs of relief and her father whi... Read Chapter

Emily after having very slow two days at hospital was now resting at home in her pyjamas, her mom Marie fussed over her and her dad Geral... Read Chapter

  Emily regretted opening that door as soon as she saw Logan standing there,  "I don't want to see him" she said to Eve,"bu... Read Chapter

Logan knew he had a lot of work cut out for him. He had lost his best friend, his only friend when they first started elementary school... Read Chapter

Emily stiffened, "what will the pack think when they know you have banished Claudia and that I'm now your mate?" He chuckled, " they ha... Read Chapter

Logan later on that night climbed through her bedroom window to find her sitting on her bed waiting for him. He saw she was wearing a tan... Read Chapter

Chapter nine

Logan mindlinked himself to Aaron and Jack to come and meet him in their usual meeting place in the forest. He stood and waited as he wat... Read Chapter

Chapter ten

Claudia couldn't believe her plans went all wrong, she was supposed to be mated to the alpha and Logan was next in line, she was meant to... Read Chapter

Chapter eleven

Emily clutched her bag and walked out the front door, she felt nervous as this felt totally new to her and she didn't know what people at... Read Chapter

Chapter twelve

Logan sat next to Emily in the classes they had together which made the gossip and rumours stronger as he was known for bullying Emily an... Read Chapter

Chapter thirteen

Logan watched as both packs entered and stood around the table, he noticed there were a few that weren't there as they were in guard surr... Read Chapter

Chapter fourteen

Franklyn had always been called weak and the runt in his pack from a very young age, his mother was forced to mate with his father due to... Read Chapter

Chapter fifteen

Emily was sitting in her room, she had  heard her parents talking about the meeting they just had, she didn't know exactly what had ... Read Chapter

Chapter sixteen

Logan walked with Emily to their meeting spot in the forest where they waited for their pack, the sun was just starting to set. Laura ran... Read Chapter

Chapter seventeen

They all changed back to human form and quickly put on all their clothes on the best they could. Logan walked over to Emily and hugged he... Read Chapter


The next morning, he woke up to Emily on top of him and kissing him, he ran his hands down her back feeling her curves, she rubbed her no... Read Chapter

Chapter nineteen

Zella sat on a chair looking out of her bedroom window, her bedroom overlooked a big garden and she was staring down at the pond as she t... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty

Franklyn was furious, his rogues had come back to tell him that Claudia had been knocked out and kidnapped. He knew her parents had found... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty one

After that night in the forest there wasn't any more trouble, Zella had appeared to have settled down with her new pack and Franklyn a... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty two

Logan and his father heard the whimpering as they stepped closer towards the building, the smell of fear became stronger. They reached th... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty three

Logan, Derek and Owen and their packs  looked around the place after they had discarded the body. Logan wondered where Franklyn actu... Read Chapter


Six months later Logan and Emily were cuddling in bed that night feeling happy that everything turned out the way it did, Logan place... Read Chapter

Epilogue two

Six months later Daniella rubbed her heavily pregnant stomach as she watched as the men were moving in her belongings into the big ho... Read Chapter

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