The slayers

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Cyril with Elaine must get their group out of danger and to a new safe land but time is against them.

“Get a move on will you,” yelled Cyril with Elaine to the rest of the group.  
It was beginning to warm up and he knew the next few days were crucial. They had travelled long and hard throughout the night and were totally exhausted. There was little time for rest. They needed to strive forward, their very lives depended on their ability to endure the next few brutal hours. There were only 28 of the 48th battalion left from the once prosperous town of Muscalville. For many years now the ever-changing environment and effects of global warming had threatened their very survival. It had been tough for these lonely soldiers and now those left knew it was them alone who had to save their entire race.
It didn’t seem that long ago that Cyril with Elaine was in his prime, living amongst leafy suburbs of Muscalville. He lived with his extended family, the Issilo’s and their friends, a community of some 3,000 in total. They lived together in almost perfect harmony. Almost that is for there had been a rift between two rival families for over 350 years. The Minscural family had always believed they held the rights to the gates of Muscalville. The gates were made around the year 1630 of solid Oak and had been blessed with the power of Miloue, an ancient Minscural spell designed to reward whoever cleaned them with Emolieo - a mixture of months old extra virgin olive oil, wood shavings from a 76 year old Oak tree, sweet cider and a collection of wild fungus creating an overwhelming sense of dizziness and disorientation when inhaled. (Legend is whoever cleans the gates will find a bottle of Emolieo manifest itself at the foot of their bed three nights later). Now, this may well seem a little odd but to the Minscural family, this was sheer indulgence. They loved nothing more than to be dizzy. The Issilo family on the other hand found the thought of them basking in the sun in states of drunken euphoria to be somewhat disturbing. The sight was certainly nothing to get excited about. No, the Issilo family absolutely detested those gates and the power they possessed.  They also very much detested the Minscural family. So for three and a half centuries, this feud had been fought with vigour and passion. There were no winners or losers, it was just traditional. But the tradition was about to end.
A recent change in environmental conditions had caused a series of flash floods to their community and there had been huge fatalities. It was rumoured that the gates had become dissatisfied with the increase in the use of cleaning chemicals and the lack of respect for the true traditional spirit of the ceremony. The original spell had been programmed, so folklore said, to bring about Armageddon should the power of Miloue ever be abused. It would appear that time had come and therefore the community had no choice but to flee for their lives.
So on they pushed for days until they came to Galipo Forest.  This was good news thought Cyril with Elaine to himself. They could use a little shelter from the elements and this would be an ideal cover. As they neared the opening to the forest Cyril with Elaine motioned to the rest of the group to stop. He explained it would be wise to camp just by the opening for the evening and to get some rest. Jeff, the group anarchist, and Minscural family member naturally disagreed. He insisted the group push on as time was against them and after all, he knew best. Jeff had always been like this, a social misfit and drop out of everything. Where others happily and naturally fitted into social circles, Jeff never could. There was a time when Jeff was admired for all his ingenuity and achievements.  Tragically, as a result of a gardening accident with a sharp spade, he was now a little less the Jeff he used to be. Of course, the youngsters never mean to be cruel; they are too inexperienced in life to really understand suffering and pain. But how they used to make fun of him trying to walk, well just get down the street. Quite simply he was unable to move with the same grace and speed as those all around him. He was taunted wherever he went and when he eventually hibernated away he started to taunt himself. As time passed he came round and found he had managed to rid himself of the depression he’d slipped into. He was stronger, harder, and altogether more whole, becoming the anarchist who was about to take on the world. This was Jeff’s destiny and he would fight for what he believed right. History would remember him. Everyone else on the other hand just saw nothing. No one ever noticed Jeff anymore, he’d become so insignificant with no friends or respect, he was a true loner. And so, Cyril with Elaine plus Jeff were once again wrapped up in a battle with little chance of either side surrendering. The respect was predictably won by Cyril with Elaine. Jeff unable to accept defeat took off into the forest and shortly disappeared. All he heard as he went was the faint cry of someone calling out to him to mind his step.
As the day drew to an end the colony were well on their way through the forest. They eventually came to a small grassy hollow with an abundance of life brimming from within it.  Cyril with Elaine noticed a pair of Peacock butterflies waltzing around a Cabbage Tree. Cyril with Elaine found this somewhat odd as they were near to the New Forest, not New Zealand. He suspected something untoward might be going on. In fact, thinking about it Cyril with Elaine realised it was actually an Oak Tree. Elaine with Cyril then reminded him he’d drank some Emolieo earlier on and that must be causing him to hallucinate. Either that or he was losing the plot as she put it. Looking further on they noticed it was getting lighter which was odd as evening was now drawing closer. It soon became clear they were near the edge of the forest. Cyril with Elaine suddenly stopped. His heart started beating faster and was pounding just like the time he first laid eyes on Elaine. All of a sudden he felt alive and excited. They were almost home.
It was spring 1964 when Cyril and Elaine first met. They were both in relationships that had all the excitement of a rainy Sunday afternoon in October, with the TV just gone out of action and the batteries for the radio having drained that morning. Cyril and Elaine were both very lonely souls and their meeting together at a conference for trespass control breakthrough was, in their minds, truly meant to be. It was an instant attraction. Not a physical attraction as Cyril was, to be somewhat frank, about as good looking as a Baboons bottom.  No, it was the kind of pulling together of two souls that dissolve into one at first sight. They enjoyed a fun-filled courtship with Cyril impressing Elaine with his frighteningly real animal impressions. Elaine would simply roll around in fits of laughter. They were destined to be together for good and nothing would ever pull them apart. Well, it couldn’t really. Naturally, Jeff was always the main suspect for this prank but he strenuously denied any part in it and said if Cyril and Elaine had managed to become super-glued to one another that was their problem.  
And so they marched forward. As they emerged from the edge of the forest Cyril with Elaine surveyed the terrain ahead. Miles and miles of barren flat land with a meager scattering of solitary Fir trees just hanging around looking bored. It was dry with very little vegetation, even the trees didn’t look too happy. Every few hundred meters were what looked something like Hobbit homes. Small semi-spherical earth domes about a couple of meters in diameter and rising a meter above the ground. A single rather healthy looking sunflower was growing from the summit of each one which Cyril with Elaine swore he saw maneuvering to face him. He immediately dismissed this as a trick of his mind. And so, on they went through the centre of the bizarre landscape. They all volunteered Edward to go ahead of the group as he was their protector. Edward was not one to be messed with. Large and solid, he had never understood the concept of fear. If there was ever the slightest promise of trouble, Edward would be there waiting and ready. As they made the way towards the third sphere, Edward called out to the group to stay where they were. Something wasn’t quite right and Cyril with Elaine went to see what the problem was. He caught up with Edward to find him looking seriously disturbed.  
“That was Jeff you know,” said Edward. And Jeff it was too.  Sickeningly spread across the base of the sphere-like marmalade on a piece of fresh toast.
“What the hell’s happened here Edward,” Cyril with Elaine cried out.
“How the bloody heck should I know. We’ve got to get out of here and quick.” Cyril with Elaine thought about this for around one-twentieth of a second before agreeing it was a good idea. As they turned to flee, the ground began to shake violently and they were tossed to the ground. A bright light followed which spewed out across the area for what seemed like miles.
Cyril and Elaine dragged themselves up from the ground and were about to head back towards where the rest of the group had been waiting. Looking up through eyes full of soil and dirt something very peculiar struck them both. Cyril with Elaine had become Cyril and Elaine. The shock of the blast had managed to do what no medical team so far had been able to achieve, their separation. All of a sudden Cyril felt naked and lighter. He felt an overwhelming loss and could sense a depression clouding over him. His life would never be quite as it was from now on.  
Elaine too was experiencing a range of wild emotions. But Elaine was feeling a different state of mind from Cyril. She felt free as well but not sad. Secretly she had not felt as wonderfully happy as Cyril. Now she was off to enjoy the pleasures of Emolieo which she had secretly desired for a long time. Poor dumb Cyril. As Elaine pulled herself free she just looked down at him and said goodbye.  Somehow his intuition told him how things really were. That for a long time he’d been living inside his own fantasy world. Now he was all alone and lost in the world. He forced himself to his feet and was instantly overwhelmed with sensations of confusion and utter devastation. Elaine was nowhere in sight and his cries to her were in vain. Snow fell all around him, soft and dry snow, not the usual cold and wet stuff he was used to.
The air was warm and calm now but he couldn’t sense the sky.  He felt like he was in a think mist. Maybe this was some weird dream or shock. That was it; he’d just been through a freak accident and was now recoiling from the after-effects. He must be in a state of shock. He started moving in the direction he was going before the bright lights and shock wave struck.
Just further on from the dome that Jeff had spent his last few sad moments Cyril could hear a faint sound crying out. He couldn’t make out the words as they were distorted but he recognised the voice as Edwards. Very carefully he crept around the side of the dome. He felt a warm damp sensation in his right hand and looking down, almost threw up. He’d come into intimate contact with Jeff. He felt light-headed and was aware of a sweet sickening smell that penetrated into him. He tried to clear his mind and keep moving but his attention kept drifting wildly from images of Jeff, hazy lights and sounds, none of which made sense to his logic.  
As the day closed, the skies around the blast site began to clear and Cyril could see the early evening stars. He’d been sitting there for several hours just staring up at them trying to make sense of the day. He was well away from the dome now and next to an old ruin of a farm barn. There was a small pile of wild fruit next to him. Edward had found him unconscious and carried him to safety away from danger.  
“How’d I get here Edward?” said Cyril somewhat confused.
“You were just laying there mate, I thought you were a gonner like the rest” replied Edward.
“A gonner, what do you mean?  What the hells been going on Edward, I feel sick,” and with that Cyril was promptly sick into his food.
“Oh for crying out loud Cyril, that’s all the grub I could find. We’ll bloody well starve now.”
“Sorry,” said a sorry Cyril. He really wasn’t feeling too good. He’d experienced far too much in one day and his mind was in a bit of a muddle.
“We need to get away from here Cyril mate, those lights and blasts earlier, well, I think it was some kind of nuclear explosion.”  
Cyril passed out again.
The next morning Edward had gathered up their belongings and found some more wild berries to eat. He knew they’d be needing water soon but the only source he could find was a clear stream that was running from the direction they’d been. He didn’t risk collecting any as he thought there was a good chance it could be contaminated from the nuclear blast or whatever it was. He found Cyril sitting up again.  
“What did you mean like the rest?” said a now very worried Cyril.
“I’m sorry mate, but that explosion came from where the others were waiting. I went over to see if they were okay but when I got there they were all sort of dissolved, just like Jeff on that dome, dissolved!”
Cyril was having great difficulty comprehending what Edward was trying to tell him. "How can they be sort of dissolved? And what happened to Jeff anyway?”
“Look, Cyril, we need to get going.” Edward was already on his way.
They eventually came to a small hamlet village. It was warm now and had they not been party to the shocking events of the previous day it would have been a beautiful place. The lane into the village was nothing more than a dirt track with just four shops and an inn at the centre. Around 30 tiny hamlets were distributed throughout the village which was divided up by three more tracks. As they neared the centre, they could see young ones playing on the village green amongst lush vegetation. This was a place not unlike heaven.  
As Cyril and Edward made their way towards the Inn they both noticed a somewhat out of proportion building near the green.  It was larger and altogether more modern than the rest of the area and just didn’t fit in. It was also strange they’d missed it as they came into the village. Cyril looked again at the building and noticed it was on wheels.
“It’s bloody mobile,” he said to Edward. It had the words Agricultural Scientific Unit painted on the side with some rather sinister looking warning triangles that neither Cyril nor Edward understood. There were some people busying themselves around the entrance to this strange place and Cyril thought it was best to steer clear. They went into the Inn and ordered two salads. The Inn was cozy and had subdued lighting.  There was a gentle sound of calming music floating through the warm air. It was made up of an orchestra of Pan Pipes and flutes. A few customers were at the bar ordering drinks and food and one of them, an elder and regular Cyril fancied, started to chat to them.
“You’re okay then?”
Cyril was suspicious of this question. "I guess, why do you ask?”
“There’s been some kind of experiment just several miles from here,” the regular informed them. "From what I can make out some new technology which can wipe us out on a mass scale.” He went on.
Strange thoughts were now starting to ferment in Cyril’s mind. Recent events were starting to make sense to him. His thoughts went back to the conference where he’d first met Elaine. They’d had to sneak into the hall unnoticed but then Cyril’s family had always been experts at getting into places they were unwelcome. It was their skill and ensured their survival. The conference had been addressing the problems of how to keep out groups of advanced trespassers like Cyril and a breakthrough had been discovered by a genetic scientist and particle physicist. Between them, they’d developed a weapon of devastating proportions. Cyril needed to understand what had been going on as he’d learned from sources that something was in the pipeline. What he didn’t quite pick up on from the conference was that this weapon was only years away from reality. He thought it would always just be theory and concluded it wouldn’t go beyond that stage. What was now coming back was the description of how the weapon would probably work.  The bright light caused by burning magnesium and a sonic sound of such enormity causing a vacuum around a wide area. In reality, the area was only a three-meter diameter. The vehicle for the weapon was a small earth dome with a genetically modified dwarf sunflower strategically growing out of the top. The sunflowers were able to sense the presence of trespassers within a 3 meter radius and send an electronic pulse down its shaft into the dome. This in turn self detonates wiping out the intruders instantly.
Back at the explosion site, two farmers were surveying the carnage.
“It worked a treat, Charlie,” said a stout red-faced man in a green boiler suit.
“Yep,” replied Charlie. "Doesn’t look pretty mind, I mean slugs don’t look good at the best of times but all melted like that. I found one of them over by an old gate, looked kind of drunk if you ask me.” His body gave an involuntary spasm as a cold shiver shot down his spine.
“Dissolved,” the stout man said.

Submitted: January 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Fin Flanders. All rights reserved.

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