Night Guillotine

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: The club of Literature

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Last breath at the stroke of midnight,

Christened with the holy water of indifference,

Spit into the predatory snake pit, rebirthed from the 

Venomous vicissitudes, scars sculpted from the carcasses 

of culminating contemplation, ritualistic blood-smeared

on firebrands pulling the strings of the unborn, 


Statues casting anachronistic shadows, mesmerising zealots

chanting faded interpretations, ever so softly entrenched in psyche,

Hesitate and mediate till the congregation is buried, semblance of wisps 

shape up in a carousel of screams, lights frantically flickering,

 the deafening scream echoes out, Suicide costs more than blood 

and broken bones, born a saint bled out a sinner, 


Trapped in the vestibule of vindication, between the elevator to 

ecstasy and the doorway to deprivation, castle of glass shatters not at the

 onslaught of stones, It bleeds quick in the furnace of futility,

Widowed innocence’s wizened wails, weathered the effigy aplenty,

Cacophony of the tipping scales rung out, coalesced with the shattering,

The crescendo died out, silence conquered the tides of glass.


Submitted: January 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 symphonyofthedead. All rights reserved.

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