Apiary Of Danger

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

From storiesstate.blogspot.com.

There was a chaotic din in town and every civilian had to stay at home. The city had been in commotion, for.... I don't know why. And everyone had to hide for safety... But I was far away from home.
I walked out of the mall with my goods at hand. I galloped to my car, parked directly at the base of the giant front glass of the mall, holding four shopping plastics each in one hand. Suddenly I heard that some rioters were approaching and they were destroying vehicles and public buildings. Relying on the security men guarding the mall was no good option because of how lean they all appeared.
Therefore I had to run. I started the engine and forgot to change the gear to reverse. I squeezed the accelarator and VROOM my car jacked forward. Viola! The monsterous glass came crashing.

Twarrn Twarrn Twarrn!
The alarm went crazy. Immediately I zoomed to the gate with a reverse, making people get out of my way with screams of terror.
I was flying with full speed on the smooth roads when suddenly I noticed some tyres on fire, placed on the road to prevent cars from passing through. I stopped my car, turned off the engines and thought for a while. A short moment later, the rioters in the front took to their heels leaving all they had with them. I didn't understand what was going on until I heard a defeaning siren.
"Stop right there."
A police officer ordered.
I knew they had come for me, so I opened the door and slowly placed a foot on the floor.
"Put your hands in the air and slowly come out of the car." The police officer said using a megaphone. A crazily short sabbatical was given there and then.

What crime did I commit other than destroying the glass? Did I knock someone down with my car? Oh! I did not obey traffic laws, right? I'm no rich guy in luxury, how will I pay for all my errors? So this was how I would end this wonky journey of mine. I reflected on my children's faces. My wife was no more! Tony had always been up and doing, presently now in the University studying medicine. Trix my girl, she told me she wanted to be like me when she grows up. She wants to be a lawyer. And my cute littly Tom, the baby of the house. I raised my left hand up and s..l.....o....w...l..y brought out my other foot.
The officer cried. I turned my face and looked at the policemen.
"Come out slowly!"

I started my car, got inside and zoomed.
"This is crrraaazzzzyyy!"
They started their police vehicles and the chase began. I kept getting closer to the burning tyres with seconds.
Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Someone was calling. I could not look at the caller, thank God it was an iPhone.
"Hey Siri!"
Crash! A bullet brought my car's windscreen down.
"Wow! Hey Siri! Who is calling?"
"Trix is calling!"
Siri responded.
"Hello Trix my girl."
Blow! The left back tyre got shot.
"Hello dad, are you coming home?"

"Trix my girl, I'd like a favour from you. Countdown 15 seconds for me. I'm going into fire."
"What!" She was confused.
"Do it!"
I commanded
"10, 9, 8."
I started.
She continued, "7, 6"
I squeezed the accelerator. Blow! The right front tyre got shot. And the car went mad.
"... 4, 3,"
I could feel the heat from the burning tyres by now.

Drive! Drive! Bounce!
"I hope you are safe da..."
was all I heard last.

Everything seemed slow. I could see the fire engulf around me. My hands were partly on fire, and the car seemed not to move.
"Trix my girl! Trix, Tri... T..."

"Dad, I want to be like you when I grow up."
five years old Trix stated.
"Oh! You want to be a barrister?"
"No dad, I want to be a lawyer!"
Trix corrected.
"I want both of us to be lawyers, so that we can be happy together. They will call me, small lawyer and you, big lawyer."
Trix said with my barrister's wig on her little head.
"Dad, I love you!"
She said with a part of the wig now in her mouth.
"I love you too daughter."
Vrm! I lifted my head from the dashboard of the car and I realised that the car was still in motion.
"Oh goodness!"
I screamed in joy. The fire was no more and the police no where around.
"Hello dad!"
I heard.
"Trix my girl! Good to hear your voice again, I'm coming home!"

"How is Tom?"

"Dooiing good!"
I could detect happiness in her voice.
"Tom, talk to daddy."
she said.
"Dadda, hawa you duwin?"

"Tom, I've bought some goodies for you and I'll be home soon."
I turned my head and looked at the backseat.
I exclaimed. The things were all burnt.
"Dad, what's wrong?"
Trix questioned.
"Don't mind me dear. I mean wow, thank God! I'll be home so....o...oh..oh....n..no...no....no! Not again!"

"What happened dad?"
"Trix my dear, take good care of Tom, I might not come home in time, alright?"

"Alright dad!"

Submitted: January 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Excellent Theophilus. All rights reserved.

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I am very confused. I am not sure what I read. I will read again and try to sort my thoughts. Interesting but very confusing. Thank you for sharing.

Sun, January 24th, 2021 5:44pm


Please, It is fiction! You don't really have to bother about it. There are more, that are quite easy to understand. Thanks for reading.

Sun, January 24th, 2021 12:51pm


I'll admit I'm pretty confused by what happens in this story. The guy leaves the mall and accidentally ends up in a riot followed by a police chase? It also seems like he dies at the end, but on reading it again, maybe he doesn't. There's an interesting rhythm to the story that kind of reminds me of freestyle poetry. But, this is a short story, so it ends up feeling very disjointed especially with all the jumping around of dialogue and flashbacks. I think this story definitely has potential, but it needs a clearer focus to solidify the writing style and show the story's meaning.

Fri, July 16th, 2021 3:14pm


Thanks for reading.

Sat, July 17th, 2021 8:34am

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