“A day you will NEVER forget!”

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Look out for references to other”horror stories” I wrote in this short story.

It was a Saturday morning and my grandma had just gotten into a nursing home to live permanently. I drive down to her condo to throw away trash and clean the place up. I arrived and saw several police cars in the lot next to hers. I walked over and unlocked the door and entered the apartment. 
I heard several static from the police radios. I ignored it and started to throw trash away in a garbage bag. I looked to the window for a second and thought I saw a face staring at me. It looked to be a black mask with a cross on the forhead. 
I walked over to the window and peaked out. There was an ambulance in the parking lot with two guys  entering the apartment accross the lot with a gurney. I started to clean the table it was close to the window so I could spy on what was happening. I heard noise and looked over I saw a man running from the room and he ran outside several police officers shot at him and he fell down. 
They came over to him and picked him up and brought him back in the room and slammed the door. A half hour later I saw the door open and the men wheeled a body with the gurney back to the ambulance. 
The police had several zip locked bags in they’re hands. I brought several trash bags out to the car. One police officer walked up to me and said “be careful don’t take chances.” *he handed me a gun.* “ what do you mean? I asked. “Something is happening and it’s not good the people you could trust you can’t anymore. The man inside that body bag was my brother Tony. 
Me and him were going fishing this weekend. Today I got a stress call we showed up he Murdered his wife cold blood he had a cross on the wall in blood said the devil made him do it. But that’s not all the lady who used to live next door also freaked out and murdered her family. Just be cautious.” 
“Ok I said taking the gun.*
I threw away the trash and got a phone call. My daughter was calling. “Hey sweetie I’ll be home soon.” I said. “Hurry mom is crazy.” I froze and asked what was wrong? “She chased after me with a knife im in the attic trapped. “Listen to me are you hidden good? I’m on my way.” I got in my car and drove as fast as I could home. 
On the way I saw people all around acting suspicious. I pulled into my driveway where tom our neighbor was standing pointing a shotgun at my car. I slowly got out of the car. *tom what’s up Buddy?” “I’m not your buddy. Tom shot the gun at me I jumped out of the way. As Tom started to reload and shot again I hid behind my car and grabbed the gun the police officer gave me and I silently moved around the car until I was behind Tom and I shit him in the back of the head. I ran into my house where I froze as six of our neighbors were staring at the attic door with knives and the closet door opened and my wife ran at me and tackled me threw the closet door. She’s tried to stab me I managed to grab ahold of her knife and pushed her off me. “What is wrong with you?” I yelled. 
As she started stuttering. I heard our daughter scream. I got up and ran pushing threw all the neighbors and managing to grab the ladder and climb up several knives cut deep into my legs as I started to climb up. 
I opened the hatch. My daughter was frozen against the window a man was inches from her. I ran and tackled the man we fell out the third story window and I landed in my car he landed on the sidewalk dead. I told my daughter to jump and I’d catch her. She jumped and I caught her and put her in the car and we sped off being chased by my wife and every neighbor in the neighborhood. 
We didn’t stop till we were safe. I had to find out what was happening. This was all over the news “people murdering people under the influence of the devil” I received a call from John one of our best friends who said he had a safe place. 
We drove there and met him. John said there was a safe bunker south of the bar and grill. I drove by the bar and grill and kept on the path we got out of the car and walked towards what looked like the bunker. I saw John he was wearing a “pig mask” and I saw he had a book in his hands “sleep paralysis.” “So glad to see you He said to me as I shook his hand thanks. He opened the bunker door and struck me with a wrench. 
I fell down the bunker and he slammed the door and yelled “I’m sorry this is for the best.” “John!” I yelled as I looked up and six of our friends stared at me and started chanting “sacrifice” they grabbed me and threw me to the floor and started to pour gasoline on me and grabbed a match to lit. 
John threw my daughter in the car and he got in and started to drive off. “Your ok sweetie he said” a few minutes later Carrie The daughters wife had entered the car. “Hello Carrie don’t worry it’s mommy.” She said smiling and her smile turned into a horrifying grin and she started to chuckle. 
“We’re going home now.” She said holding a cross.

Submitted: January 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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