Insecurity Pt.1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Annalyn, A girl who gets bullied in Mylinith High School, She was lonely, no friends, no one to talk to, and to ask to, She almost gonna give up, but then someone came to protect her from the Bullies and make her heart beats




*alarm rings*
*Annalyn wakes up*
Annalyn : *yawns*  It's 5:30, time to get up
*gets up*
*makes bed*
*goes to the kitchen*
Annalyn : Hello, Mom, Good Morning!!
Maria : Good Morning, My Annalyn!!
Annalyn : Good Morning, Lucas!!
Lucas : Good Morning
Maria : Ok, eat your breakfast
Lucas & Annalyn : Ok, Mom!!
*Annalyn & Lucas eats*
Annalyn : ok mom, we're finish
Maria : Ok, Take a bath now
Annalyn : ok mom, but eat your breakfast too Mom
Maria : ok, I will
*Her Mother Maria eats*
*Annalyn take a bath*
*Annalyn finish took a bath*
Annalyn : ok Lucas, you can take a bath now
Lucas : Annalyn, your bath takes so long!!
Annalyn : HAHAHA I'm sorry
*Lucas take a bath*
Maria : Ok, Annalyn, Here's your uniform
*Her Mother gives her Uniform*
Annalyn : Thank you, Mom
*Annalyn dress up*
Maria : Here's your ID too, you're always forget to wear your ID
*Annalyn laughs*
Annalyn : Sorry Mom
Maria : Be a good girl okay?
Annalyn : Ok mom
Annalyn : Ok, Mom, I'm going to school now
?Maria: Ok, Annalyn

( at School )

Annalyn : Wow!!
Annalyn : Mylinith Junior High School!!
*Annalyn walks in*
Guard : Hello! where's your ID?
Annalyn : here!
*Annalyn gives her ID to the guard*
Guard : oh, New Student?
Annalyn : yeah
Guard : oh okey, so welcome to Mylinith High School!!
Annalyn : Thank you very much *smiles*
Guard : *smiles*
*Annalyn walks inside the school*
Annalyn : Class... 3-E?
*goes upstairs*
Annalyn : oh, here it is!
*Annalyn walks to the door*
*Annalyn knocks*
Mr. Glieco : oh! come inside!
*Annalyn walks inside*
Mr. Glieco : oh! you're the new student!
Mr. Glieco : ok class, we have a new student, Annalyn
Mr. Glieco : by the way, I'm Mr. Glieco, your Adviser
Annalyn : ok
Mr. Glieco : ok now introduce yourself
Annalyn : Hello, I'm Annalyn, and Nice to meet you all!
Mr. Glieco : ok, now sit
Annalyn : Thank you, Mr, Glieco
*Annalyn sits*

*school bell rings*

Mr. Glieco : ok, class dismissed
everyone : thank you, Mr, Glieco!
*Annalyn puts her notebooks in her bag*
*Someone aproach her*
James : oh, hello there!
Annalyn : hi!
James : you're new here so you must know our rules
Annalyn : rules?
James : yeah, and if you break it,you'll regret it
James : by the way, my name is James
Annalyn : oh, Hello, James, nice to meet you
James : ok here's the rules
James : so rules number 1, you're gonna do whatever I want
James : rule number 2, your lunch money will be mine
James : and rule number 3, don't try to mess up with me
James : understood?
Annalyn : *scared* u-uhm...
James : *shouts* understood?!
*Annalyn surprised*
Annalyn : *scared* y-yes
James : good *walks away* *laughing*
*Annalyn's tears up*
*someone's looks at her*
??? : James, you didn't change yet

*the school ends*

*Annalyn puts her things in her bag*
James : oh! hello again!
Annalyn : hi...
Annalyn : bye James, sorry but I have to go
*James stops Annalyn*
James : hey you, Annalyn, don't even try to escape
Annalyn : ...
James : I want you to do is clean the room
Annalyn : huh? clean the room?
James : yes! clean the room
Annalyn : cleaning the room... myself?
James : yeah, I have alot more things todo
Annalyn : but I need to go back home early, my mom's gonna mad at me
James : I don't care, i don't really care
James : go! clean the room!
*James exits*
Annalyn : o-ok...
*Annalyn starts to clean*
*someone's open the door*
Annalyn : James? are you there?
*someone's walks inside*
Leo : hello!
Annalyn : hello!
Leo : your name's Annalyn, right?
Annalyn : yeah
Leo : by the way my name is Leo, nice to meet you, Annalyn!
Annalyn : nice to meet you too, Leo!
Leo : can I help you with cleaning?
Annalyn : no it's ok, i'm gonna do-
Leo : your mom's gonna mad at you if you didn't go back home early
Annalyn : you hear it?
Leo : yeah, you and James, talking
Annalyn : ok, thank you!!
Leo : you're welcome *smiles*
*Leo & Annalyn cleans*
Leo : Ok! the room was cleaned, you can go home now, Annalyn
Annalyn : ok, thank you, Leo!! *smiles*
Leo : you're welcome!! *smiles*

*at home*

Annalyn : i'm home
Maria : Annalyn, it's almost 6:00, were have you been?
Annalyn : mom, we're just cleaning the room
Maria : ah~ ok, eat your dinner now
Annalyn : ok mom

*at bed*

Annalyn : wow~ Leo's so great!!
Annalyn : i want him to be my friend
Annalyn : He's so sweet
Annalyn : ok, Annalyn, go to bed now, it's late
*Annalyn sleeps*


Submitted: January 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ECHIEBERRY. All rights reserved.

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I hope you guys love my first ever story that I've ever created, this is the Part 1 of " Insecurity ", Stay safe everyone!!

Sat, January 23rd, 2021 7:37pm

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