Insecurity Pt.2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Annalyn, a girl who gets bullied in Mylinith High School, She was lonely, no friends, one one to talk to, and no one to ask to, She almost gonna give up, but then someone came to protect her from the bullies and makes her heart beats


Annalyn : I'm gonan go to the school now, good bye Mom!!
Maria : Goodbye, Annalyn!!

*at school*

*Annalyn goes to the classroom*
James : oh, hello, Annalyn!
Annalyn : hi...
*Leo looks at them*
Leo : *whispers* James, you what are gonna do?
James : I want you to do is to do my homework
James : I forgot it to do it yesterday so... DO IT!
Annalyn : I don't want to
James : I said do it!
Annalyn : I don't want to!
James : wow~ you're fighting back?
*James gets Annalyn's homework*
Annalyn : wait that's my homewo-
*James rips it to pieces nd stomps it on the floor*
Leo : *whispers* James! why did you do that?
James : oh, sorry Annalyn, I ripped your homework
*Annalyn tears up*
James : what? are you crying?
*Annalyn tears up*
James : ah~ what a crybaby!
*James goes to Annalyn's ear and whispers...*
James : i told you to do whatever i want
*James walks away and laughs*
*Annalyn cries*
Leo : *whispers* what have you done?!
*Leo aproach Annalyn*
Leo : Annalyn, here's my handkerchief
Annalyn : thank you, Leo
*Annalyn wipes her tears*
Leo : Annalyn, copy my homework
Annalyn : no, it's ok
Leo : for me, it's not, copy it
Annalyn : ok *smiles*
Leo : *smiles*
*Annalyn copy Leo's homework*
Annalyn : I'm done! Thank you very much, Leo!
Leo : you're welcome as always, Annalyn!! *smiles*

*school bell rings*

*Annalyn puts her things to her bag*
* Annalyn puts her lunchbox in her chair*
James : oh, hi Annalyn!
Annalyn : hi...
*James opens Annalyn's lunchbox*
James : wow! delicious
James : it's mine now
Annalyn : how can I eat?
James : well it's your problem, not my problem
*Annalyn gets her lunchbox*
Annalyn : this is mine, so I eat it!
*James gets her lunchbox*
James : I said it's mine now!
*Annalyn & James arguing*
*Annalyn get her lunchbox*
Annalyn : it's my lunchbox, so I eat it, it's not yours!
James : you'll regret what you did
*James gets her lunchbox, open it, and then he throw the food to Annalyn*
*everyone in the class shocked*
*Annalyn surprised*
James : oops, I'm sorry, my fault *laughs*
*Annalyn cries*
*Leo walks inside the classroom*
Leo : Annalyn!
*Leo runs to Annalyn*
Leo : Annalyn, who did this to you?
James : me, why?
Leo : James, why are you doing this?
James : 'cause I want to
Leo : James, what Annalyn do to you? is She do something wrong?
James : well, I said that her lunchbox was mine but she didn't give to me so...
James : I threw her food to her
Leo : James, you're mean!
James : i know *laughs*
Leo : Annalyn! are you okey?
Annalyn : I'm okey *crying*
Leo : you made Annalyn cry... James, what's wrong with you?!
James : not hearing anything~ *laughing*
*Leo wipes Annalyn's head, face, and her uniform*
Annalyn : thank you, Leo!
Leo : it's ok, I'm here now
James ; wow~ you guys are sweet~ *laughs*
Leo : Stop, James! you're so mean!
*James walks away, laughing*
Leo : Annalyn, let's go to the shower, i'm gonna go to your house to ask your mom for clothes
Annalyn : ok but you know my home address?
Leo : yeah! it's in your ID, ok, take a shower now
Annalyn : thank you, Leo
Leo : you're welcome, Annalyn *smiles*
Leo : ok so I gotta go, take a bath now, Annalyn, bye!
Annalyn : bye!!
*Annalyn take a shower*

*at Annalyn's house*

*Leo knocks*
*her mother opens the door*
Leo : hello, Aunie! I'm Leo, Annalyn's classmate!
Maria : oh, nice to meet you, Leo, come inside
*comes inside*
Maria : why are you here, Leo?
Leo : ?uhm, Auntie, Annalyn gets bullied by James
Maria : what? 
*Leo says the whole story*
Maria : oh, my Annalyn
Leo : can I borrow Annalyn's clothes?
maria : why?
Leo : 'cause Auntie, she's taking a bath now at school
Maria: ah okey
*gives clothes*
Leo : thank you, Auntie!
Maria : thank you very much, Leo!!

*at school*

Leo : Annalyn! here's your clothes!
Annalyn : ok, thank you very much, Leo, thanks alot
Leo : you're welcome!! "smiles*
*Annalyn dress up*
Annalyn : done!
Leo : ok, Annalyn, let's go to our classroom
Annalyn : ok, Leo


Submitted: January 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ECHIEBERRY. All rights reserved.

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