Safety’s End

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

When Arvin, a skilled aeronaut, crash lands into the underground city of Auksand, he learns of the growing MA pandemic. After meeting Talia, and exploring other cities with his crew, Arvin discovers that MA may not be the true threat to life.

Table of Contents

Crash Landing

Arvin stood atop his gondola, with an arm holding onto a rope of his dirigible airship. With his keen brown eyes, he scanned the land tha... Read Chapter


Talia had finished her shift at the hospital and she was heading up to the second tier of her city, Auksand, to collect some flower heads... Read Chapter

Marston Household

The world felt distant and blurred as Arvin began to come to. There was a musky smell and after a few moments, Arvin recognised it as com... Read Chapter

Exploring Auksand

Morning came and Arvin offered to walk Talia to work. He needed a walk himself to clear his head and he hadn’t been in Auksand before, ... Read Chapter


“There you are, I was beginning to think that you wouldn’t show,” Talia said as Arvin arrived and they began walking. “No, I’... Read Chapter

Leaving the City

Twenty minutes later, the cell door opened and Arvin and Talia turned to see a policeman enter. “It has been decided that Arvin will ... Read Chapter


Arvin turned his attention to the farming lands of the plains before his eyes slowly moved to the distant mountains. Ansora was his next ... Read Chapter

Arvin's Crew

Monti wrapped up his meeting and came into the tunnel. He was overjoyed when he saw Arvin waiting for him. “Arvin!” He called befor... Read Chapter


Two days later, Arvin had finished repairing his airship and he was settling down to a well-cooked lunch when someone hammered on his doo... Read Chapter


The next morning, they prepared their airships and set off for Saoulhul. Travelling north-west, the land grew colder and the natural land... Read Chapter


They turned south-east and it took a long five days before they were able to see the entrance to the city of Lila. Surrounded by marshlan... Read Chapter


They flew through the night and arrived in the farming village in the early hours of the next morning. Matthew lowered his airship over a... Read Chapter


The sun beginning to set and it lit up the plains, casting a shadow of a farming village that was not far from them. Soon, the sun descen... Read Chapter

Closing the Gates

Upon their return to Ansora three days later, Monti and Matthew disappeared off to make up their brotherly differences, while George went... Read Chapter


Several days passed before their supplies began to run low. One night they stopped at a farming village to get what they needed and to ge... Read Chapter


The next few hours passed as people began to leave. Most headed for farming villages as they had either never been out of on the surface ... Read Chapter


The next morning, when Talia couldn’t even see the faint outline of Auksand on the horizon, a great weight fell on her heart. Her home ... Read Chapter

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