Chapter 3: Feeling defeated

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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When she got on the bus, she felt confident that the meeting was going to go well. If the weather and sunshine was any indication she would be leaving with an offer.

Unfortunately just after she transferred busses and headed to her final destination the clouds began to move in causing the sun to disappear. The moment she entered the building there was a clap of thunder and rain began to fall. 


Entering the building she walked up and introduced herself saying she had an appointment. The receptionist smiled and told her to have a seat someone would be right with her.

Within minutes someone opened the door and came out. “Ms. Caw-field I regret to inform you someone was hired just a few minutes ago. I am sorry but thank you for your interest in our company.” The woman said smiling before she turned and headed back behind the door leaving Emily defeated.

As Emily just stood there,she tried

not to let the disappointment show as

she said “Thank you” before turning to

leave. But that was not what she  was

feeling. No, at that moment I wanted

to break down and cry. But there was

nothing she could do at that point, so

she just turned and left. Hoping she

hadn’t missed the bus back home, she

headed to the bus stop across the

street. Unfortunately, she had just

missed the bus by minutes and would have to wait an

hour for the next one. On a sunny day that wouldn’t have been

a problem, but because it was now

raining seeking shelter for an hour

was at the top of her list. Then she

saw a restaurant a few buildings away

and quickly headed there.


Submitted: February 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Lea Rachel. All rights reserved.


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