Insecurity Pt.3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Annalyn, A girl who's get bullied in Mylinith High School, She was lonely, no one to to talk to, no to ask to, She almost gonna give up, but then someone came to protect her and makes her heart beats


*at Annalyn's House*

Annalyn : I'm home
Maria : Annalyn! what happened?
Annalyn : I accidentally thrown away my lunch box on my uniform
Maria : you're lying, Leo Said to me that you're getting bullied!
Annalyn : He said it?
Maria : Yes! Why are you lying? I don't want to get you bullied *hugs Annalyn*
*Annalyn hugs back*
Maria : i'm gonna go to the School!
Annalyn : no, Mom, it's ok *smiles*
Maria : no, Im going tomorrow!
Annalyn : ok Mom
Maria : why you didn't report that to the teacher?
Annalyn : 'cause... *cries* I'm Scared...
Maria : Don't be scared, It's ok, you must report it to Mr. Glieco
Annalyn : Ok Mom
Maria : ok, eat your Dinner now with Lucas
Annalyn : ok Mom, let's eat

*at bed*

*Annalyn lays down*
*Annalyn flashbacks*
Leo : Annalyn, are you okey?
*Annalyn flashbacks*
James : I threw her food to her
Leo : James! you're so mean!
*Annalyn flashbacks*
Leo : by the way, my name is Leo, Nice to meet you, Annalyn!!
*flashbacks stops*
*Annalyn tears up*
Annalyn : Leo... Thank you!! *crying*
*wipes tears*
Annalyn : I must go to bed, it's late
*Annalyn sleeps*

*at house*

Annalyn : Mom, are you gonna go to the School?
Maria : yes, I want to report that bully
Maria : I don't want you to be bullied
Annalyn : ok Mom, thank you
Maria : *smiles*
Annalyn : Mom, where's Lucas?
Maria : uhm, at the bed
Annalyn : why? did he got sick?
Maria : yeah, some high fever
Annalyn : Mom, you should keep an eye to Lucas
Maria : ok, I'm gonna tke care of him
Annalyn : don't worry about me mom, it will be fine
Maria : ok

*at school*

*goes to classroom*
*sits to her chair*
Annalyn : ok *puts bags to her chair*
Leo : oh, hi, Annalyn!
Annalyn : Hello Leo! Thank you very much for yesterday!! *smiles*
Leo : you're welcome as always, Annalyn!! *smiles*
*James walks in*
James : oh, hi there Leo and Annalyn~ such a sweet couple~ *laughs*
Leo : don't mind him, you'll gonna be fine
Annalyn :ok *smiles*
*Mr. Glieco walks in*
Mr, Glieco : Hello, Good Morning, Everyone!
Everyone : Good Morning, Mr, Glieco!
Mr. Glieco : ok, so i'm gonna say some names to answer my questions
based on what we studied yesterday
Annalyn : huh? surprises*
*everyone surprises*
Mr. Glieco : oh? what's with you guys faces? I'm gonna say some names one by one
Mr. Glieco : get ready
Mr, Glieco : Sarah!
*Sarah stands up*
Mr, Glieco : in periodic table, what's the meaning of Au?
Sarah : Gold, Sir
Mr. Glieco : very good!, next!
Mr. Glieco : Althea!
*Althea stands up*
Mr. Glieco : what's the meaning of atomic number?
Althes : it is the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom, Sir!
Mr, Glieco : good job, Althea, next!!
Annalyn : pls not me...
*Annalyn scared*
Mr, Glieco : ok, next is... Annalyn!
*Annalyn surprised*
*Annalyn stands up*
*Annalyn's mind : I can't do this...*
*Annalyn's mind : I'm not gonna make it...*
*Annalyn's mind : I really can't do this...*
Mr. Glieco : ok, Annalyn, so how many elements in Periodic Table?
*Annalyn's mind : I didn't know this... I can't do this...*
Annalyn : u-u-uhm...
James : Annalyn? I thought you're smart *laughs*
Mr. Glieco : stop, James
James : ok, Sir
*Annalyn's mind : James is right... i really can't do this..*
Althea : you can do it!
*Annalyn Surprised*
Annalyn : Thank you
*Annalyn thinks*
Annalyn : there are 118 elements in the periodic table, Sir!
Mr, Glieco : very good, Annalyn, next!
*Althea goes to Annalyn*
Althea : Annalyn! don't lose confidence, you can do it, just Ignore James, ok?
Leo : yeah, Annalyn, you can do it, don't lose confidence
Annalyn : thank you guys, I'm just insecure to myself
Leo : Don't be, Annalyn, be confident' don't be weak
Althea : yeah, don't be weak, Annalyn, be brave
Annalyn : thank you guys!
Althea : by the way, my name is Althea, nice to meet you, Annalyn!!
Annalyn : Nice to meet you, Althea!!
Mr. Glieco : class dismissed!
Everyone : thank you, Sir!
Althea : let's eat lunch together!
Leo : yeah, sure! Annalyn, let's eat!
Annalyn : ok! *gets lunchbox*
James : don't worry, Annalyn, I'm not done with you *smirks*




Submitted: January 24, 2021

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