Starlio Stex:Year 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Starlio Stex.

Possessing dozen of state of the art crime fighting armors,a fortified futuristic man made island as his home surrounded by people he loves with billions of dollars in his wallet:

Now known as one of the most powerful heroes,rich,famous and powerful.Once,he was just a teenager living in a family ridden by poverty,struggling to get by day to day with his only redeeming factor as a student was his unparalleled intellect.

Using his passion for creation,Starlio began constructing homemade weapons and technology,knowing that such tools would one day be vital in his crime ridden town to defend the people around him and when a group of his classmates went missing during a school trip,Starlio was forced to go out on his own to rescue the friends that no one else wanted to.

A 14 year old boy with homemade weapons,fighting against an army of human traffickers...

Cover done by me

Table of Contents

The Prodigy

The Prodigy Starlio Stex.The man with everything in the world. A superhero,who uses his extensive knowledge in technology to cons... Read Chapter

A Talent's Enemies

A Talent's Enemies "Detention.One week." Starlio didn't even regret his actions.It felt more than right to him and adults like Mr... Read Chapter

Who Needs School?

Who Needs School? Why did I come here again? Starlio found himself bumping into Kane Kyoung right at the entrance of the library ... Read Chapter

The First Flight

The First Flight No calls. Starlio looked at his watch.It was already the following morning and still no calls from Shannon,who h... Read Chapter

Bleed for Greed

Bleed for Greed "So,Shannon huh?" Shannon glared at him at the unamused Vincent,the human trafficker who kidnapped her. She w... Read Chapter

The Lawyer and the Technician

The Lawyer and the Technician Why did he do it? I don't know...we would not be here without him. What do you know? That h... Read Chapter

Model 1 Armor

Model 1 Armor 28 Teenagers reported missing since the last week. Starlio scrolled on his news feed on Facebook,looking at multipl... Read Chapter


Demonshot Vincent clenched his fist,looking at the five new teenagers he just kidnapped. With a pistol in his hand,Vincent appr... Read Chapter


Recognition Vincent could feel nothing but fear. He failed.Now kneeling down with his hands still chained up in the middle of an ... Read Chapter

Attack on North Star

Attack on North Star "Your family...if you wanna see them again.Kill the kid." Vincent felt powerful within the Model 1 as the fi... Read Chapter

Last Day of Innocence

 The Last Day of Innocence "So this is where the $40,000 generator you ordered in going to?"Xavier asks. 2 Weeks Ago. ... Read Chapter

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