The Dance

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Wrote this one years ago for a friend. It was to be a Gorean slave dance, but didn't work for that. I hope you all enjoy it.

The dance floor is ablaze with light and I kneel with my head down in the center of the deafening silence awaiting the start of the music the start of the dance.


A single drop of sweat rolls down my nose and drips onto the floor, this is the only outward sign of the stress I feel.


It begins with a reed pipe played in the darkness that surrounds the dance floor. My head slowly rises and begins to move side to side as the music puts out a charming tune.


It moves down to my shoulders, which roll right to left then left to right. Then my whole body begins to sway side to side as I rise off my knees like a cobra being charmed from a basket.


My hands glide up my sinuous thighs and over my tight firm stomach, brushing across ample breast barely contained in my shimmering sheer blue silk top.


They rise above my golden locks as I continue to sway to the reed pipe. A flute and a harp seem to fade in as the reed pipe fades out and my slow swaying takes on a more gyration motion around the hips.


As the tempo picks up my gyrations become a spin. Then the rhythm changes slightly and I find myself following a complex pattern across the floor with my feet.


My hips swaying in an enticing manner and my chest rises and falls with the rhythm of the music. I prance across the dance floor on my toes.


Suddenly with the change in tempo I throw myself into a pirouette. My silken attire flairs outward revealing more of my body as I spin.


The tempo slides into a faster beat and I whirl out of control my hair and arms flying. I’m feeling wild and free as the beat of the music touches my soul.


Across the floor I dance, my whole body, my whole being 1 with the music. I don’t care about the audience; this dance is for me.


I suddenly back flip back across the floor and just before I reach the corner I launch myself into the air and with a twist I land facing the corner.


The kettle drums beats as he steps from the shadows, from the darkness. His muscles glistening and rippling, he moves with the grace of a cat. He moves towards me and I back away.


I turn to flee and see the other three approaching me. The one behind me grabs me but I spin away. Another lunge for me and I slide around his hands.


The third catches my wrist and pulls me into him as he spins us around. I feel his heat and desire as I slip away and into the arms of the fourth that lifts me high into the air.


I gasp as my body rubs against his as he lowers me. With a twirl, I speed away but only to turn and face them again. I rush towards them and with a leap I let them catch me.


With a toss and a twist, I end up facing the ceiling as they gently lower me to the floor. The music stops, silence except for my heart that seems to beat with the rhythm of the music.


The men slip away and I lay there waiting for it to pick up again. It starts with the drum, a single beat causing my heels to jump. It comes again and my legs rise slightly.


Each beat moves me a little more, each thump raising my legs higher. Then with a final lonely beat of the drum my legs shoot up and I’m doing a handstand.


I teeter and totter, weaving back and forth, then with the sudden eruption of music I fall and with a roll leap to my feet.


I explode as the music grabs me again, my body twists and turns, twirling and whirling I move across the floor. I feel so alive and the joy shows in my every movement.


Then I find myself in the center of the dance floor and the music fades and the reed pipe begins its charming tune again. My body sways as it slowly lowers to kneel once again, with its head down.


I await the start of the music and the dance, like I have always done. I wait the day the audience will applaud and set me free from this private hell.


I wish for it to end but when the music begins I pray for it to never end. When I dance I feel the joy and rapture which I so long for while I await the music.


It will start in a second and all thought will be gone and I will only live for the dance as it should be. Yes, I can sense the beginning...


It begins with a reed pipe played in the darkness...

Submitted: January 24, 2021

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