Spellbound Standalone: Party of Thirteen

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Hey guys! I chose to write this story for two reasons. One, because I need time to figure out what to do for the second Coven of Cards book. Two, to introduce you guys to the characters that come in the second series in the Spellbound Sagas, which will be called The Thirteen. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Table of Contents


I turned off my phone then put my hair in my signature fishtail sidebraid. Getting up off of my bed, I snagged my spellbook and shoved it... Read Chapter

Triple Goddess

I walked into Triple Goddess and breathed in the sweet scent of the herbs hanging by the door. I headed toward the leather journals. Sinc... Read Chapter

Scorching Mark

I gasped in pain and Lucas snapped his head in my direction. He did a double take when he saw my arm and his jaw dropped. "EV? Have you s... Read Chapter

The Thirteen

After I bought the book and the pendulum I skateboarded back to my house. "Dad! I'm back!" I called out, putting away my board. I plopped... Read Chapter


I checked my watch. 6:07 pm. Here in Tallahassee, the sun set at 6:50 pm on Halloween (or, as we called the holiday, Samhain) this year. ... Read Chapter

Samhain Ritual

Alex began to cast our circle. Then he began to chant. "From east to south and north to west, we summon the Fae to attend and bless,... Read Chapter


Alex cracked his knuckles and then flipped the pages in his spellbook, looking for the Witch Ritual Spell. Or, as Asher had nickname... Read Chapter

Missing Mark

"Excuse me, WHAT did you just say?" Kimberly asked Lila in shock. Lila's head dropped to her chest in sadness. "I said that my Mark i... Read Chapter


When Ezra's initiation ritual was over, we went back into Kimberly's house with Krystal tagging along like an overenthusiastic puppy and ... Read Chapter


Carter threw down the Book in irritation. "This makes no sense at all!" he groaned. "Chill, dude," Hadley told him. "Not everyth... Read Chapter

Riddle Me This

I yawned and stretched, watching as the sun rose outside my window. I pulled out my phone and texted Kimberly. You awake yet? Sh... Read Chapter

Coven of Cards Book 2 Description

If trouble was coming for us, we needed to be ready. That was a fact. But how do you prepare for trouble when you're in a whole new p... Read Chapter

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