A 19th Birthday Wish

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem written for a prompt.

Cover image:Daniel Huniewicz on Unsplash.

A 19th Birthday Wish


I said I’d write it for a friend

but now my mind is blank,

a 19th birthday wish so good

it has a bit of swank.


A free verse poem or a rhyme?

Which one should I do?

I need to find a pen and pad

and then jot down a few.


After lots of scribbling out,

I’m getting writing cramp;

the light is growing dimmer

so I must switch on the lamp.


Perhaps my focus is all wrong

and a short story would be better;

or should I put those birthday thoughts

inside a card and letter?


It won’t be award winning

but when push, it comes to shove,

it’s written with sincerity

and sent with lots of love.

Submitted: January 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 hullabaloo22. All rights reserved.

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Mike S.

A fine poem, Hull

Sun, January 24th, 2021 6:39pm


Thanks, Mike. Why do I find it so hard to write anything... up-beat? No need to answer.

Fri, January 29th, 2021 4:49am


That is a great prompt to use. A heart warming poem because it is always about the thought. It doesn't have to be award winning, it just has to be something. I admire your rhyming because it is showing the thought of what would make the best birthday wish. Like this a lot. Terrific poem to a terrific prompt.

Sun, January 24th, 2021 10:02pm


Thanks, Dexter. I'm really struggling to write anything up-beat these days, so your review really means a lot.

Fri, January 29th, 2021 4:40am

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