Trip to Miller’s Mansion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

The students of Flinsdale Middle School take shelter in an old Victorian mansion after their overnight trip to the aquarium was closed on a cold and rainy day. But what invited them in, however, was a vampire.

Written 2018. Revised 2021.

The students heard the wild wind passing by their ears, even with the bus’s windows up. Rain and hail boomed against the exterior, and a sudden crack of lightning sounded, frightening almost every one of Flinsdale Middle School.

All three seventh-grade classes planned to have an overnight trip to the aquarium until they'd realized the place was already closed for the day. Now two hours later, needed to think of something, even farther from their town.

A girl named Diana tapped the teacher’s shoulder in front of her. “Ms. Alexander, where are we going to go?”

“We haven’t decided on that, Diana.”

A parent chaperone thought out loud to the bus driver. “What if we were to find a cheap motel and breakfast? Could save the school a lot of money--”

“Are you out of your mind? No!” Bus driver Pam said without looking at the road. 

“Well Pam, I’m sure the kids wouldn’t mind.” Ms. Alexander said. She turned to face the back of the bus. “They look miserable.”

“God, the bus driver is so dumb.” A girl whispered to her friends. The three of them laughed until Pam announced we’re they’re headed. “Ashton, next exit!” Ava went back to blocking the rain and hail with her headphones. Olivia gazed at the many continuous water droplets that took up space and formed lines on her window. Go left water drop, you’re almost there!




“What about that old building over there?” Was one of the first words that stood out to Olivia when she woke up. The parent chaperone pointed overhead. There stood an old and large Victorian mansion. Grey peeling paint neglected over the years revealing rotten wood and other colors. Black tile roof topped the building, a menacing three stories tall.

Oliva’s stomach suddenly dropped. Her middle became cold and was sinking, turning numb. The teachers were actually taking them to a huge abandoned house. Olivia had a fear of ghosts. What if it...was haunted?

Pam and the other adults called for the students to make a line out and round on the steps.

Olivia wasn’t feeling right about this place.

Everyone was quiet, and the first sounds they made were their footsteps on the elderly wooden porch.


Olivia, Ava, and Samantha all stared at the door. “This is worse than I’ve thought,” Samantha whispered to them. The doorbell rang, which gave out an eerily wail. A middle-aged man with grey hair, darkened eyes, and an age brown suit.

“Yes?” He finally answered with a smile.

“Hello sir,” Ms. Alexander replied nervously, “I’m terribly sorry to disturb you but we,” (she pointed to Pam and the chaperone) ”were wondering if your house can fit sixty-two students and three adults. Sixty-five in all.”

“Well of course.” The man’s grin reached to the tips of his ears. “There is enough room for everyone.”

 He eyed Olivia and she shivered from his sight.

The door greeted the students to the foyer, lit with oil lamps on the room’s floral red walls. Olivia rubbed her finger on its velvet as the man made his way towards the center of the room.

“Thank you for your stay. My name is Miller. It is my honor to have you as guests. My only rule is... don’t go up the stairs. Teachers are only the exception.”

Olivia needed to go to the bathroom. She wandered to the side, away from the other students, expecting a bucket for a toilet, and ended up in the dusty, old kitchen which was unlit. Her mind was so occupied with the uneasy feeling of the house that she couldn’t comprehend where she was going and why. 


Olivia had barely looked up when she screamed, but when she did she was half relieved it was only Samantha and the other half annoyed.

“Samantha, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing. What’s wrong with you?”

“Is there a bathroom here?” Said Olivia.

“Yeah, and it works. Follow me.”



Dozens of students reached into their bags for sleepwear. Samantha went down to hers and pulled out her lavender satin button up. “I got this at the mall last week.” She said as she ran her hand up and down the fabric.

Ava looked up to admire it and rub her hand on the silky fabric too. “I wish I had that but in blue.” Samantha started to roll her pajamas and sighed. “This was the only color they had, we could’ve been twinning.” And went off to one of the house’s many bathrooms. Ava rummaged inside her duffle bag to lay down her pillow and blanket, yanking out a giraffe onesie last.

“Can I have your fruit snacks, Sam?” Asked Ava.

“Sure.” Samantha flung the packet over.

The three friends were sitting in a circle. “That old guy seems creepy,” Olivia said.

Samantha shrugged. “He’s probably just lonely because I don’t think he has any family.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s nothing. We’re probably the first sign of life he's seen in years.” Ava said.

“Now that I’m thinking about it, you could be right,” Olivia replied. 


“Hey, do you wanna explore?”


Ava turned to Samantha and got up to their mess of blankets and crumbs. “Sure!”

“Where too?” Olivia nervously said.

“Upstairs. You’re not afraid, are you?” Samantha teased playfully with her hands on her hips.

There was that numbing pit at the bottom of Olivia’s stomach again.


After tip-toeing up the staircase in the now unlit foyer (which took up an entire wall) out of the other student’s sight, the girls were now in a pitch-dark hallway. Olivia followed behind.

Samantha’s flashlight on her cell phone lit up the hall, (that had red and black pinstripe walls) and pointed it at a few pictures.

Ava stared. “Yikes, they look like vampires.”

Samantha flashed toward another painting. “Why?”

She shrugged. “You can just tell. They look unfriendly and scary.” Olivia turned away and peered into a corner.

An extremely shocked gasp was heard.

“Olivia, are you okay?” One of her friends asked.

“You need to come over here--now!” She shouted quietly.

Samantha and Ava looked at each other with great hesitance, then slowly turned to the corner where Olivia found something horrible.

“A coffin?!” They both shouted.

Perhaps maybe too loud…

“And,” Olivia moved closer, lifted the lid, and took a quick peep inside.

She shut it. “Nobody here.” 

Samantha rubbed off the cake of dirt that confirmed its age. “Why is that in the house?” Ava then gasped. “Is he a grave robber?” Olivia pointed to a tombstone sitting on the ground covered with dirt and algae. “Look.”

Samantha pointed her phone flashlight at it.


Adolphus G.Miller


Possible vampyr. 


Something fluttered over the girl’s heads, circling over and lifting their hair. They gave a short shout. “A bird!”

“Those are your worst fear, isn’t it?” Ava said.

Yeah! Let’s get out of here--” 

A very brittle object crashed into the floor. Olivia had knocked over a floral China vase. It revealed black goo that moved and stretched under their noses. The girls screamed in terror as the thing came for Samantha’s feet. They ran down the noisily creaky stairs (just out of sight) and found themselves in the safety of the other students, who some were sleeping and others to themselves or closely with their friend groups. “I think Miller isn’t gonna be happy.” Panted Ava.


“More like vampire you mean!” Olivia exclaimed.


Ava, Olivia, and Samantha’s worries were washed away with drowsiness, followed by sleep.

But Olivia’s dream was full of nothing but nightmares.

She was walking around the upstairs hallway once again. Echoes of her steps were the only sound, she could see her surroundings this time. Until a distant sound of a piano played at the end of the hall.

 Don’t do it, could be dangerous.

But she went forward anyway. Olivia pushed the two heavy doors to see Miller playing the piano for all this time. He stopped, turned his head to stare at her, then screamed. Black bats messily emerged from his mouth.


Olivia awoke with a cold sweat. She checked her phone and squinted to see the blaring brightness of the screen, clearly seeing the time as 3:33 AM. She quickly put her phone away and tried to get back to sleep.

What a dumb dream. She finally thought. 

Slow, echoing footfalls could be heard from the stairs.

Must be a teacher. What now?

A deep voice emerged.

“Well, looks like someone has been really nosy today. They must pay before leaving this house.”

Olivia gulped in the dark. She’d then shut her eyes tightly.

The steps then turned back, and she stood still until she couldn’t hear them anymore. She had to tell someone, and they had to leave now. She pushed to Ava and nudged her. 


“Shh! This guy is definitely up to something, and it’s bad.”

“How so?” Ava slurred, rubbing her eyes.

“I’ll explain, but we have to leave. Quick--go wake Sam while I figure out an escape plan.”

“Okay.” Ava reported to Samantha and several minutes later, she started covering her mouth and freaked out, “I don’t wanna die...”

“We won't.” Olivia looked around the room, then had an idea. “If something happens, we’ll escape from that window.” Olivia pointed to one of the windows nearing the foyer’s entrance.

“What are you guys talking about?” Diana said suddenly.

Ava pointed a finger to her lips. “Shh! Miller is up to something, I swear he is, ask Olivia.”

A boy who laid close to the girls spoke up. “Well, what does he wanna do?”

“Not sure.” Olivia shrugged. “He says he’ll do something bad to us who went upstairs, and that means me, Ava, and Samantha.”

“Woah, just try to be out of arms reach.” The boy rolled back into his sleeping back and before he knew it, went right back to sleep. 



A China glass plate flew across the room,  a few students jerked awake and looked around in a panic, and were very confused. Before they knew it, a glass cabinet fell to the floor by itself, spilling out thousands of pieces of China glass. Nearby students shouted in shock and in pain from their sleep. 

The teachers ran down the steps. “Excuse me, but what’s going on?” Ms. Alexander shouted.

Samantha stood up. “We need to get out of here now!” A wooden table flew over her head and crashed on the wall. Many objects in furniture in the room flew about as if they had a mind of their own. Ava ran under a table and grabbed its legs. “Miller is a vampire, and he’s coming to kill us all!” She yelled at Ms. Alexander. Her eyes widened.


Olivia sped to the front window on the left-hand side. She slammed her fist against the window but not even a scratch or mark was made. Many other students tried to help her but the window just wouldn’t budge. 

A sudden, calm voice emerged from the stairs. “Now, why are you trying to leave my’re my guests.”

“Because you’re evil!” Olivia barked back. “Let us go or else!”

“Or else what dear?”

“I’ll...I’ll…” Olivia’s eyes shifted frantically around the room, saw Diana’s lunch bag, and spotted a small bottle labeled as garlic sauce. She grabbed it and lifted the top. “Or else I’ll spray this deadly garlic on you! Let us go and you will live.”

“Mixed with ranch sauce?” Miller then cackled maniacally. “If you want to play that way, then you have to get through this!” Miller threw the black goo from a box that Olivia and her friends had witnessed from earlier. The thing grew in size, 14 feet tall at least, reaching the ceiling to its limit. Everyone in the room screamed and banged their fist, ottomans, and objects to the window as hard as they can…




A single, visible crack was eyed by Olivia. “Great job, keep going!” She turned behind her to let other students join in. She only saw Diana running frantically to find her cellphone. It looked like she had a plan too. She’d grabbed a hold of it and quickly tried to press the flashlight button on her screen before Miller took it. He saw the light. “What do you think you’re doing?”

The light covered his eyes, and he frantically tried to cover them. “Gah! What have you--” Diana kicked him in the shin. “And I thought vampires are supposed to be scary!” She laughed.

The sound of shattering glass could be heard all through the house. “We did it!” Ava jumped in excitement and pride, so did the other kids. 

“Come on, go!” A student urged. Dozens of students climbed out, with some trying to pry the bus door open. Pam ran after them with the bus keys in her hands. Samantha and the parent chaperone helped the kids that fainted.

The goo roared with rage and grabbed multiple students who were halfway out the window and Diana. Olivia looked around for an object to pierce through it and eyed a knight in shining armor and took its sword. “Sorry sir, but I need this.”

She went on and pierced it from the back. It shrunk and puckered into the ground and dropped the students from a ten-foot fall. There was nothing left but a smoking black puddle.

“No!” The vampire shrieked with rage. “What have you done, fool?”

Now, this was Olivia’s chance to diminish him completely and hopefully forever. She uncapped the garlic bottle and aimed for its eyes.

She’d missed completely, as more than half of the bottle was already used. 

Without saying a word and without time to think other than trying to go home, Olivia ran toward the window.

A hand stopped and grabbed on a hold of her, pulling her in.


The bus was crowded and full of people who weren't in their seats. With no time for roll call,they sped off. Ava and Samantha saw the moment where Olivia was dragged back in when she was halfway out of the window. They screamed at Pam, “Turn it around! You forgot someone!”

They waved their arms trying to get her attention.


“No, we didn’t!” Shouted back the bus driver only seeing them through the front mirror. “Come on, stop making something out of nothing!”

She had then sped off, the bus disappearing in the distance. 


Olivia scooted to a wall, her sword in hand. The window had repaired itself as a new glass formed over like poured hot plastic. As Miller got closer to her, hands behind his back and grinning wider than before, Olivia stabbed him through his abdomen.

But Miller could never feel pain.

His eyes were just as vital as those to a human heart, though. 

That was when Olivia dropped her sword and pressed herself against the wall in hopelessness. “What do you want from me?” Her voice welled, struggling to come out.

“For many years, decades, I’ve needed a sidekick, a helper. But instead, I dragged on. I should’ve made my search the year I died.”

“ couldn’t get a pet? Like a cat or an owl?” 

Miller softly laughed. “No, no. Remember that big grey wolf you helped the other day? Or that bat you encountered upstairs? That was me. I already got one of those.”

“But what do you need me for then?”

“Dear, it is your blood. -O. You don’t seem like the type but only Livings with your blood are suitable and will survive the vampire transformation. And what else? Your wretched great grandfather. There was always a Davidson I’ve always wanted to destroy.”

Miller then grinned a wide grin that showed off his pearly-white teeth--and his fangs.


Parents stood at the steps of Flinsdale Middle School that Monday morning protesting the rumored irresponsible death of a young girl by the school and the adults in charge. They also blamed the aquarium for not being open for the school trip. Olivia’s mother and father were mourning and were desperate for their only child to come back home. Ava, Samantha, and their classmates began to feel sick. Where was their missing classmate? She couldn’t still be in the house. The student’s work and the teacher’s teachings were always disrupted by parents. Sometimes even the students joined in. When multiple students tried telling the police officers and the school principal of a fourteen-foot black goo monster and the furniture flying, slamming into the wall, and a vampire whose been dead for over a century, they shrugged them off. No such things could ever exist. Even when one kid had proof on his phone. It was looked at as photoshop and reported the students who went up to them in-school suspension for making up a tragedy. Several students of all grade levels checked out of the district. 

A week after the field trip incident, police arrived at Miller’s Mansion and looked frantically for the girl, having not realized that the pair had flown into an abandoned house down south in the middle of the night before. That was it, the search was over.

A sudden notice of shutdown was posted on the double doors at the front. Olivia’s parents had sued the school and forced them to shut down. Pam went to jail for being responsible for the death of the young girl and for negligence. Ms. Alexander was fired and had a job in retail and lived in guilt every day.


Ava and Samantha walked down the sidewalk for their first day of high school. Ava glanced at a telephone pole and then looked at it again. The yellowed paper was ripped but she could still see the girl’s familiar but foreign blue pairs of eyes staring back at her. She strolled up to it. Olivia was on the front, and tears started streaming down Samantha’s face. 

“It was all my fault.”

The two quickly turned away from the missing poster, never knowing what happened to Olivia and never seeing her again.

Submitted: January 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Tiana F.. All rights reserved.

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