Just In Case You Forgot

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Coming off of the year 2020 where several black cities, in light of covid 19, curfews, and shutdowns, still managed to break records in cases involving homicide. Gun-related instances have skyrocketed all across the country in black neighborhoods. The well-being of black men and their future remains an unimportant factor to their black adversaries. It's literally a kill or be killed culture with your youth today.

Right now, covid 19, the new presidency, the runoff election in Georgia, and the usual strife and struggle in America dominate the headlines. Rarely do we hear a consistent call to address the issue of young black and brown men gunning each other down and any efficient redress in finding a cure to this disease.

I wonder if we feel like "if it ain't my family then it doesn't concern me." Some of us have the audacity to feel like some of these kids deserve what they get. They don't even realize that they're more desensitized than those with the guns in their hands.

Why the war against ourselves can't get the appropriate funds that it needs to sustain itself? Why the reluctance appears when its time to invest in our community? Neighboring communities continue to flourish right before our eyes, yet we have no problem in finishing in last place. Complacency is our theme song. We have too many unscathed residents finger-pointing on what needs to be done but refuse to participate in rectifying our community's dysfunction.

We're quick to point out and remind how long the institution of slavery was. Or mass incarceration, police brutality, and racial inequalities continue to thrive while neglecting to address the leaving of black communities behind in spite of the call for reform. Yet, it's acceptable to give no continuous national attention to the annihilation of black men by their brothers. Is this not genocide at our own hands?

Statistics show that we have more affluent black people in position who not only can contribute financially but also effectively call to an overhaul of holding every member in the community equally responsible for its progress or regress.

Black lives can't only matter when we're getting assaulted or killed by law enforcement. Or we're stuck in a racist judicial system or campaigning for equal job opportunities, etc. Our lives got to have greater value in sight of our own race of people. Our lives got to mean the most when it comes to US! #justincaseyouforgot

Submitted: January 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jibreel68. All rights reserved.

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I thnk this piece is not only well thought but also well crafted. it is high time black people look inward and take care of the great height of black on blacks crime. So we can bond together in mutual love, and understanding knowing that another black man jobless or hungry, gangster or no-ster is not out to get me in the dark or broad day light is one less heavy burden off my shoulder. and one great step toward ensuring that the BLM movement become a huge success.

Thu, February 4th, 2021 9:40am

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