Crimson Blue Snow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Started as a story of love... Finished in my style.
Amadea spent her life in complete isolation, tucked away by the melodies and voices of the performers who represented all the interaction with the people she needed. Beata, a girl from a nearby town, just happened to be in front of her house, never dreaming that the girl she heard by chance would become her unbreakable part, and that it would be just the beginning of something completely new for her...

Table of Contents

Part I- "La Voix"

The story is not suitable to age under 16, it contains disturbing and depressing scenes. The purpose of the story is not to offend anyone... Read Chapter

Part II- "Caged"

Part II- "Caged"    Night, two o'clock; Amadea wakes up after a nightmare and decides not to go back to sleep, so just ... Read Chapter

Part III- Fade to black

Part III: "Fade to black"    At breakfast Beata avoided communicating with Michelle. Michelle: "Earth calls Beata, hell... Read Chapter

Part IV- "One step closer"

Part IV- "One step closer"    A new day has come. Amadea was doing her standard activities when she heard the now-famil... Read Chapter

Part V- "Music"

Part V- "Music"    Indeed, they were able to start a band called "Before Azoic" with three other members, as Beata played g... Read Chapter

Part VI- "Missing"

Part VI- "Missing"    While Amadea was in a motel far from the populated area, where she walked in the nature during th... Read Chapter

Part VII- "Temple of Love"

Part VII- "Temple of Love"    Beata's birthday has arrived. Guests were coming, among them band members, her friends an... Read Chapter

Part VIII- "Fire of Universe"

Part VIII- "Fire of the Universe"    The days passed in music and spending time together; There were intellectual discu... Read Chapter

Part IX- "She is my sin"

Part IX- "She is my sin"    On the first night they had a concert in the first city, then immediately after the concert... Read Chapter

Part X- "Somewhere I belong"

Part X: "Somewhere I Belong".    Morning. Amadea wakes up early, prepares her clothes and goes to take a shower and get... Read Chapter

Part XI- "War Eternal"

Part XI- "War Eternal"    The sun breaks through the window and illuminates the room where Amadea and Beata were still ... Read Chapter

Part XII- "Bloody Tears"

Part XII- "Bloody tears"    The next day they went to Michelle's house together to get Beata's stuff. Michelle was fini... Read Chapter

Part XIII- "Little Lies"

Part XIII- "Little Lies"    Amadea wakes up in the hospital room in severe pain, looking for Beata. She took off hospit... Read Chapter

Part XIV- "Covered by roses"

Part XIV- "Covered by roses"    A few days later they were released for home treatment with notes not to strain themsel... Read Chapter

Part XV- "Last Resort"

Part XV- "Last Resort"    In the apartment she quickly went to the drawer where she kept the gun, not having the streng... Read Chapter


THE DISSCUSION    It's been quite a while since I've written the disscusion - if you don't count those few sentences in... Read Chapter

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