First Trip

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

My first trip that changed my life out of the many I was to enjoy later.

I am riding in the back seat of our car.

This time we are not going very far.

Sunday rides were always the best.

To see family or friendswe were blest.

Some who I thought were simply a friend

Turned out to be family as I now comprehend.

Then came the ride much father away

It took much longer than just a day.

All day we continued to ride

As out the window I looked with eyes wide

As strange fields, hills and towns sped past.

Until we arrived inWashington D.C. at last.

I still clearly see in my mind that first night

When we were lost well after daylight.

Around and around in circles we did go

How to find our accommodations we did not know.

Two very polite city policemen dad did spy.

I can see their flashlights pointing toward the sky

Giving directionsby street signs our destination to spy.

Very tired and very late we arrived at our inn

Where very welcome beds awaited therein. 

Next day my first trip to the Capitol begun

But it was fated not to be the only one.

Little do I remember of this first tour

Except for one thing I am sure

Sitting on the steps with my face in a pout

I still have the photo but not what it was all about.

Vignettes flash across those oldmemories

Of a stop to walk far under the trees

To a mountain stream so noisy and cold

Of barefoot wading on mossy rocks so bold.

Next was a stop in North Carolina family to see

Where I first felt something was wrong with me.

Some hurtful words from dad’s family’s lips

Words I still all these years later have not come to grips

Why was it wrong with my cousins in a tent to nap?

It felt like their words were a horrible thunderclap.

What was wrong with me I wasn’t fit with cousins to mix?

Such a deep and lasting wound unkind words inflicts.

I napped alone and we all slept in the car that horrible night

Then left for home leaving me a lifetime their words to fight.

Being cast out from family ruined my first adventure so far from home.

Leaving me to live life with no other family feeling unworthy and alone.



Submitted: January 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 scarletscribe. All rights reserved.

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