The Secret to Everything

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Secret to Everything is

that Nothing Matters. 

Nothing Matters. 



All who try to make matters matter

End up a Mad Hatter

Bring on their disaster, 

for Truly 

Only two things matter. 

Jesus Christ

Him Crucified 


Rose again 

and then 

My humility 

An agility 

to die 

and realize 

That I must not be a danger to anyone 

and to say sorry sorry sorry so sorry 

every day of my life. 

Nothing matters

Not life or limb

Ugliness or handsome

Up or down 

or in or out

my childhood 

my future

for who am I? 

If I give it all up 

a carcass made to to smile 

for the delight of others

a body made to behold 

the lovliness of the beyond 

after its deep and delightful death 

Death is truth 

for we all deserve to die. 

Who is good inside? 

No one, but Christ crucified.

And all else is nothing

So I can give it all up 


or hate

or delight 

or wounds 

Nothing matters

So I can give it all up. 

I can drain the cup of my life

with a smile

For I will hold onto nothing. 

Nothing matters 

except for how much I 

can daily die. 

Nothing matters. 

For so long 

I tried to hold on 

and give meaning to song

but nothing matters

So I don't even have to sigh. 

My pain and my joy do not exist outside the space of heaven 

So I can let go of everything. 

Nothing is real 

Nothing is here 

Except for that which lies beyond. 

The hater of my heart 

And the hater of my soul

I hate him more than I love God. 

And on him I will have my revenge 

for he has tried to turn me against my God 

by stealing my dance

stealing my mind

stealing my love

But I will drink tea quietly and smile 

in his face

and since he is me

I have strange hatred mingled with compassion 

Hater, you will not last. 

I have quieted myself

to stare you down 

and watch you tremble 

as I sit quietly

Though you wished to steal my joy 

and I stare right through you 

as you wriggle, writhe, and weep

Thrown into the darkness 

you wished upon me. 


Submitted: January 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 B.B. Hatt. All rights reserved.

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