A Poem For All Lovers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

My darling lovers, 

my aesthetes, 

the athletes of heart and soul

The ones whom no one can console

Come outside of time and space with me a moment

Dry your tears on epsilon 

and avalon

Make your songs with me on the plains of heaven. 

Come with me, and lay beside me. 

Place your heads here and there and let me watch you breathe, 

let me hold all your hands. 

Love gave himself to us, 

and we gave ourselves to Love

And though we were broken on the gale 

of the terrible temptest 

and hurt by the tempter of our souls

We have now arrived 

at the arrival of all things 

of love so sweet we must receive new bodies 

to withal hold it in. 

Oh, before! 

Remember before? 

When we were all separated by time, space, 

age and race, 

current issues 

and issues of illness, 

of human fraility 

and mental incapacity? 

Of gender and sex, 

And hated sexuality 

that cut us to the bone 

and left us stranded from nearly everyone? 

Do you remember when I wasn't allowed to touch you? 

Oh, but come close and kiss me! 

Teacher, brother, sister, friend, old friend, young friend

Everyone inbetween, 

now no more seperate from me 

than my hand or mine eye! 

So close to me, I can hold you now... 

And look, 

He comes close 

to lie with us

In the green grass

this place beyond our past

where all is perfect and right

where all is sweet with delight.

Let us rest all our heads on his breast

For where else have we found our home? 

There was no rest for us anywhere on the earth

So we broke free at death and found ourselves

with Him.

The glorious Love, Light, and Way of Truth, 

How he was pierced, 

and how we were pierced too... 

and how we pierced him 

and how he pierced us...

All pierced together, 

we ran dripping with blood. 

But as he came back to life

from the injury we gave him, 

he held our tremulous forms close

and kissed us.

How he kissed us and kissed us

until we couldn't stand it anymore 

until we threw our arms about his neck 

and said 

"curse every other love under heaven or above,

there is none for me but you!" 

and how he kissed us again 

saying "How I was jealous for you!

I would have none other, I would have you all!" 

How he kissed us, how we kissed him!

How we cried out loud! 

How we held tight and sorry

How we hardly breathed... 

How we lie down a long while... 

How we rose up only to sit again,

overwhelmed by our love. 

How we sat, 

with our faces to his face

and said not a word 

as tears rolled down our cheeks

mingling with all feelings. 

How he kissed us again 

and made us stand on our feet. 

How he helped us walk

How he helped us talk 

How he held our shuddering shoulders

and held us till we danced 

Swaying gently in the moonlight. 

And then he made us dance with each other 

and our tears mixed with smiles

and we could not take our eyes off him nor one another

seeing all as if for the first time. 

And when we were not tired

but overwhelmed with love

How we lay head to head on the grass, 

all settling in on one another

Heavy not with sleep, but with love... 

And when he would breathe, 

we could scarcely keep quiet enough to hear it. 

And when he hummed, 

We would hum back to him. 

And when he said he loved us, 

How we wept, 

knowing we did not deserve such love at all. 

And when he came round to feed us, 

How we reached our arms up like children 

and when he came to scold us, 

how we trembled like leaves in the wind

and when he came to kiss us, 

how we completely undone we were 

that he had to carry us everywhere for awhile. 

Oh how we could all hold hands! 

How we could all sing! 

How we could all work for our Love, our King. 

How beautiful was the whole world, 

How beauitful was our love for each other

How beautiful was our Love. 

How deeply, truly, we were loved...

So all my lovers, hold on to this moment 

that we will have at the end of time. 

Hold on to this moment outside of space and time. 

Lay everything down He tells you to, 

so that you may slip through the crack in the wall to eternity,

for narrow is the way

And few find it, 

but oh my lovers, you will find it, 

for only Love Himself will satisfy. 

Submitted: January 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 B.B. Hatt. All rights reserved.

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