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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: PleiadomeBooks

A regular, everyday human died and saw the light. What the light was from was a spaceship full of cats. They treated him like he was a freak when they said that they had to take him to meet his new family. He soon transformed into a creature-like alien. He devoured the cats, and destroyed Earth. What will bring about a creature so vile?


Just as I was about to die, I saw a bright light. Was it aliens coming to abduct me after my death to take me to a distant land that was to become my new home? Was God an alien? So many questions flashed through my mind, just as the light was flashing. They knew my thoughts because the light was in sinc with the words of my thoughts. So many things popped up in my head about questioning life, and all that I had learned. How was that beneficial to what I would be doing in the afterlife? I would soon find that out. Or maybe I wouldn't.

They all looked at me like I was some sort of freak, just staring at me. I just bided my time there, waiting for the moment of truth. I wondered where I would end up. I just didn't know how to make sense of this all.

They all were catlike people. We were all in a spaceship. I thought it was cool. The cats thought I was a freak, and I thought they were freakish. I had never seen anyone like them. It was a wonder. 

"You are to go to a very dark planet," they said, looking as if they were going to be sick. They looked at me like they felt sorry for me. 

"Why?" I asked.

"Don't you wanna see your new family?" 


All of a sudden I morphed. I morphed into the tallest thing with multiple legs. I looked more like a shadow, and my face felt like it was morphing too. It kind of reminded me of a spider. I wasn't human anymore. 

My face! I had a face so vile feeling that I wanted to start barfing and crying. I asked to see myself in a mirror. They refused.

I felt it and it felt like I had a long jaw that went out so far in front of my face, a wide mouth that felt like it stretched out which revealed the most hugest teeth, larger than the one of the cat's head. My eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my skull, and I felt them morph into what the longest eyes that I could imagine. My huge face felt like it was being held up with pure strength, and just felt natural. 

I could eat the cats whole if I wanted to, and something was deeming me to. 

I pounced on one of the cats, and she let out a screech. I ripped her apart, and ate the chunks she had become. I killed everyone in there within a few seconds. Yet tortured them very slowly. I had no idea how it was possible. I was sadistic. I was inhumane. 

I don't know why I did it, but unlike what I would feel in my life on Earth, I felt no guilt. Not even a tinge. I destroyed Earth, and then I went to my new home. A distant, dark place. 

The planet was a rectangle, and not round. It was massive. At first, I didn't see it, for there was no light on this side of space.  The whole planet was a shadow, and blended in with the space. There were no stars in this galaxy. All other planets were gone. We were the victor, for we had destroyed them. 

Something was out there with me. 

It was people from my home planet.

"You're finally here," I heard something speak through the intercom on the ship. "Diphimus."

"Yes, I am," I spoke back. I spoke in their language. I spoke with ease I never thought I had.

Back on Earth, I always had trouble learning different languages, and never could go through with it. Here, it came natural.

"We have been expecting you," they said.

They took me upon my new home.

"I suspect you killed and ate the cats," they said in all seriousness.

"Yes," I smiled the most grimly, evil, sadistic smile.

They smiled the same smile to me. 

They knew I was ready.

A female came to me, she said that she was my wife before I left to go to Earth. She looked so good to me, so that I took her onto my ship, and opened up something that I had never imagined in all my days. But I knew it! It was called a Fontalin, a Fontalin was a very sharp stick that you push into the nerves of your beloved. There were a lot of them, as we put each other into the machine, to both feel the pain, as we had sex. It hit every single one of our nerves in our body, both mentally and physically tormenting us. We died, but as on our planet, dying just made us stronger. We didn't really die, but yet we did. I pulled her apart, and she just morphed right back, all over me, and my whole body was what was making love to her, as she was morphing back around me. When she was getting too tight around my body, I just sliced her some more to keep her from completely consuming me because given the chance, she would have. She screamed with pleasure, she screamed with pain. She screamed my name. Oh, her name? It was Stratina. It happened slowly. Slowly, I tortured her. Slowly, she became mine once again. I picked at her skin, I picked at her body parts, I picked at her heart. When we were finished, I looked at her carcass on from inside the machine. I pulled out all of her parts, and let her morph back to normal. She smiled a smile with those big eyes. 

"When can we do that again?" 


I decided that I would join our military. Our enemies were none other than Algons, a species that fought with guns, and resembled humans. We couldn't let their weak, physical appearance fool us. They could morph into a vagina looking thing, and could devour us whole. They would torture us with their teeth. With their birdlike claws, that come out of their vagina looking bodies. Their mouths were rectangular, with lips that overlapped the gap of the rectangle. 

They had sharp teeth.

They were out to get us. 

They would surely die in the process.


I gritted my teeth, watching them from my ship. We had cameras set up all around. We weren't stupid. We knew they knew about us, and our gadgets. I was prepared for the worst. 

But what I wouldn't give to torture one. 

I got my hands on one of them. 

I ripped out their throat before they could scream for help, and I ate it's body quickly. That was the best way to hide it. We stayed hidden, we watched as their people moved. 

I glared. Where was my back up? They should have been coming any minute. 


I knew Algons knew I was there. Why weren't they fighting back?

I just waited.

Soon, my back up arrived, and it was full out war.

We both had it out.

They were carrying us away, dragging us to our doom. We were picking them up with our huge, spider legs, and cutting out parts of their brain, making them surrender to us. 

We loved it. We were the victors. Yet, one simple, Aglon caught my eye. She was a girl. She looked familiar.

What trickery! She was trying to fool my mind. 

She was just about to die.

"FATHER!" She yelled at me. 

Zerphine, the person who was about to murder her, looked at me, and back to her. He pushed me down.

"Traitor!" He yelled.

"I don't... know who that... is."


"Zerphine!" I looked to see that the girl got away. I was put on trial for something I didn't do.

My wife told me through the cell I was in that she was pregnant. 

I tried to convince her that I was innocent. 

She believed me.

She said that the child would avenge me.

She left me to my doom.

Whoever that child was that had called me Father, had killed me with her mind powers. Now, it was up to my little one to avenge my death.


To be continued...


Submitted: January 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 hangingman99. All rights reserved.

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