Chapter 2: True Friends

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 54

Devika is played by Sophie Turner

Gael is played by Normani

" Your grace may I please inquire where you would like tea to be held," One of my ladies in waiting asked.

" I would be having tea with Miss Gael and Miss Devika outside near the rose gardens, also tell the masters of the horse to be ready for Miss Gael and Miss Devikas horses and that their own personal horses to be treated the exact same way he treats mine, thank you, Pandora," I said making my way to my room to get ready.

"Your grace which color dress would you like?" a maidservant asked 

" Please bring my green dress, Ophelia," I replied

I made my way outside after getting dressed waiting patiently for these late people who I call friends. How long does it take to reach here? Apparently forever especially with all the persuasion I had to do to get them to stay over after the last time the least they could do is arrive early.

" Your grace, they have arrived," The Butler Bunty told me

Speak of the devil and he shall appear isn't that convenient. 

" Thank you very much Bunty," I said

I sat there dreaming about the treats which would be divine. The cinnamon buns fresh from the oven  and tase of the pastries. And the jam tarts ..

" Her grace The Lady Gael Cavanuagh Marchioness of Selene, Sinne and Kokebi and Daughter of the Duke of Himmel," the Herald announced cutting of my dreams of food.

" Thank you, Harmond," I said

" Hello Gael well done on being late as usual," I said looking at her up and down

" I was going to be here early but I thought an outfit change would be appropriate," she said smiling at me

" You are so extra what was the point to change into a different outfit to eat treats and drink tea," I said with a blank expression

" Devika stopped to get some food because she was hungry," Gael said in her defense

" I understand that when your stomach calls out to you, you must answer the call," I said

 The herald then left after a while.

"I never thought he was gonna leave just standing there like a lost puppy to go and report everything we say to my mother like the snitch bitch he is," I said to Gael laughing

" He looks like he has a stick up his ass," Gael replied

" He is honestly the worst he is the reason why I begged my mother not to come here and to stay with my brother longer," I replied

"It was fun being with your brother," Gael said

" It was learning all those things was wonderful and as well as.." I was cut off

" Her grace The Lady Devika de la Roux Marchioness of Acqua, Casca and Areia and Daughter of the Duke of Okyanus," Harmond interrupted me for the second time today with his booming voice

" Thank you, Harmond may you please asked the maids to bring our afternoon tea," I said 

" Hello the poor people who I waste my time with," Devika says

" Where were you?" I asked Devika smirking

" I stopped by for some treats for myself and for you," She said

" Thank you for thinking about us," Gael said sarcastically

" Don't act ungrateful we all know I have great taste when it comes to food," Devika said flicking her hair

" Yes you do," I said laughing at her antics

" Facts if Dev is gonna do one thing its to always pick good food," Gael said as well all three laughed together

The opened with the maids coming in with scones, mini trifles, mini sponge cakes, mini cucumber sandwiches, mini sausage rolls, mini milk tarts, jam tarts, cinnamon buns, mini cheesecakes, mini sandwich roll-ups, mini chicken mayo sandwiches this was served with milk tea, chai hot chocolate, and honey chamomile tea.

" Devika how much food did you bring?" Gael asked generally concerned with how much food was brought

" I brought the mini trifles, mini milk tarts, mini cheesecakes, mini sandwich roll-ups, mini sponge cakes also the chair hot chocolate, Should I have brought more?" Devika asked

Submitted: January 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Courtney Gratia. All rights reserved.


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