Another Beginning

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

One soul. Two bonds. One a bond of love between a man and a woman. Forever drawn to unite.
A second bond, a charge to guide another soul from corruption.

Table of Contents

May 1996

It was a bright May morning in Kentucky. Two vehicles drove along a stretch of pavement , barely wide enough to be called a road. In... Read Chapter

The Next Day

Ken drove his 1968 Chevy truck with the last of his possessions he wanted to take. He left some things back a Ruth's. His last l... Read Chapter

May 28, 1996

The early morning sun shown through Ken's bare windows. The spring day was already getting hot. Ken stretched on his bed. He got up and s... Read Chapter

May 29,1996

It was 7:14 AM by the time Ken got to work. He had clocked himself I think the speed limits. It was very important for him to do this bec... Read Chapter

May 30, 1996

The morning grass shimmered with dew. These mornings seemed empty without his kid sister bugging him to hurry up in the bathroom. Of... Read Chapter

June 1, 1996

Vivid nightmares haunted Ken's sleep. No matter how pleasant they began, the end results were the same. He woke up in a sweat. His heart ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

June 7, 1996   It had been six days and Ken's cellar modifications had held up. Ken had found himself a comfortable routine.No... Read Chapter

June 9, 1996

It was a humid Sunday afternoon. Ruth and Hope made it to Ken's place by two o'clock. Ruth brought some of her homemade fried chicken. It... Read Chapter

June 13, 1996

Thursday came fast. RJ picked up Ken from his house.  Ken loaded up his guitar. As he drove, RJ gave Ken the 4-1-1 on who ... Read Chapter

June 14, 1996

Ken had practiced as much as he could for the show Friday night. He made it clear to RJ he was driving. He did not like close calls. Ken ... Read Chapter

June 15, 1996

Ken had not gone out on a date since he went out with Mandy back before graduation. That particular date turned into a disaster. It had b... Read Chapter

June 18, 1996

Tuesday afternoon Ken was working on his kitchen sink. Nothing more had come of the incident four nights ago. No one seemed the wiser. Ke... Read Chapter

June 19, 1996

Ken and RJ pulled into Jody's driveway. It was a simple house from the front. A garage set off to the side. There were a few oth... Read Chapter

June 21, 1996

It had been discussed over the phone Dawn and Ken would have a date after the band was done playing.  They could just spend some tim... Read Chapter

June 22, 1996

    It was business as usual at Artie’s Eastside. Ken was checking oil on a Mercury cougar when another car pulled up. It... Read Chapter

June 25, 1996

Ken pulled up to Dawn’s suburban home. He was dressed in jeans and a plain T-shirt. Butterflies were in his stomach. He expected Dawn... Read Chapter

June 26, 1996

Ken woke up the usual way.  He found his clothes tossed across the cellar. They were singed from the car fire. As he dressed , he ... Read Chapter

June 28, 1996

 Ken kept second-guessing himself about tonight. The moon was bright. He had a concert to help with, plus he had to make Tuesday nig... Read Chapter

June 29,1996

 Ken went into work in a good spirit. Artie, Bobby Joe, Tony and Mark were talking in the lounge. Ken joined them to find out what w... Read Chapter

July 3, 1996

 Ken has been debating for a few days now about going to talk Derick. Ken had not seen or heard from him for a while. He doubted Der... Read Chapter

July 4, 1996

A pounding at Ken’s door got his attention, but he was in the shower. It took Ken a few minutes to get dried and dressed. The poundin... Read Chapter

July 5, 1996

Oblivion would have looked black if it had color. Pain would be red. Fissures seem to turn black to red as pain wrecked Ken’s body. Slo... Read Chapter

July 9, 1996

Dawn came over to Ken’s after he got off work. She brought some fried chicken and the movie “Titanic”. They were going to have a ca... Read Chapter

July 10, 1996

 Ken fell asleep on his bed. The dreams were visions of a current event. Derick was in them. It looked like he was being hunted. It ... Read Chapter

July 12, 1996

RJ and Ken met up with Jody at The Club. Ken had been practicing some during the past two evenings. Ken noticed how Jody had two girls wi... Read Chapter

July 13, 1996

Ken knew he was sick and starving. A rabbit got his attention. While everything seemed to slow down, his vision was still doubled. Streng... Read Chapter

July 14, 1996

Ken use extra paint to cover up the claw marks on his back door. It had been paint left over from a job a few weeks back. He was only gue... Read Chapter

July 19,1996

 The week went by as normal. Dawn had been grounded for being late. School had also started back for the year. The club changed its ... Read Chapter

July 22, 1996

Dawn’s sentence was up. She resumed her social life. It was a week before the full moon. Ken and Dawn found a place to watch the suns... Read Chapter

July 24, 1996

Ken came home from work. He noticed his answering machine held messages. Most were from Dawn. A few were from Roxy and RJ. He did not d... Read Chapter

July 26, 1996

The tape Ken ordered came in. He was eager to give it a listen. He had to be at The Club tonight. He listened to it in his truck. ... Read Chapter

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Criss Sole

I really liked how you introduced the characters.
Looks like there's been a lot of death in the family.
This was easy to read and follow.
Great beginning.

Tue, February 9th, 2021 10:23am


Thank you for taking the time to check out my story.

Tue, February 9th, 2021 11:33am

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