A Conversation with the Imagination

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Inner dialogue with the imagination.

Q: Why am I dismissed by so many people?

A: In this backwards society, the imagination is seen in the eyes of many people as something you’re only allowed to have when you are a child. You (imagination) are treated no different than toys. Human beings are told that in order to grow, you have to put away childish things and while I do agree, the problem lies in the fact some of the things people force themselves to put away aren’t childish at all and this is by design. Also, you must realize that many people are ageists in this society. Children are seen as lesser, even by those who claim to respect them but this attitude has been subconsciously planted in a lot of people so they may never notice until they really start reflecting on themselves.

Q: Can you explain why you feel it’s by design that I’m seen as something only children can have?

A: Attacking people’s minds to the point where they have no choice but to conform into regressive ideas. Imagination gives people the drive to form their own unique thoughts and creations that operate outside of the expectations of societal norms, morals and so-called authority figures. If you can strip away a man or woman’s ability to be creative, you are also stripping away their intelligence. As a result of these two things being stripped away from them, so many human beings become mental defeatists to the point where they are constantly doubting what they see in their minds that wasn’t already implanted in them by other people. Your individual imagination is devoid of the thought forms you’re attached to daily, but a lot of people tend to be blocked from their imagination due to developing some sort of self-hatred since they don’t see value in their imagination. It’s like there’s tons of obstacles preventing them from stepping into that side of their mind.

Q: Although there are some individuals that may speak on the importance of imagination, they tend to reduce it into a concept called the “inner child” and I find it rather confusing. Do you care to explain the reasoning for those people to attach me to concepts like the inner child and anything similar to it?

A: The promotion of the “inner child” concept all ties into societal infantilization and people dismissing their intellectual capabilities. The concept is seen as valuable for those who are constantly wanting to remain in a child like state because they believe that adopting a child’s mind will liberate them, but it’s honestly just a coping mechanism. They have gone through experiences that weren’t particularly pleasant, so they embrace escapism and eventually, they hear about what an inner child supposedly is and automatically latch on to the concept. What must be understood that it is not a proper explanation of the imagination. The imagination is supposed to mature over time. This is why no matter what people try to do in order to remove your imagination, you have to keep it intact. There is no inner child to seek out or become. For those who have kept their imagination intact, they understand that their imagination upgrades as they get older and when it comes to visions that can be seen as difficult to get or extreme while they’re younger are easy to explain years later and most importantly, they’re at ease now. The imagination gets structured into a map yet it will always remain chaotic.

Q: How can one mature the imagination?

A: Maturing the imagination is a very simple process. All a person needs to do is pay attention to everything you think and develop a love for learning various topics. People rush to claiming they can’t understand their own imagination, but it’s the constant doubting of their own intellect that prevents them from doing so. In the so-called Black community, this issue becomes more apparent. The majority of public schools in our communities are completely embarrassing and oppressive. The uninteresting curriculum along with teachers and principals that are quick to criminalize Black people or see them as “stupid” for not taking interest in what’s being taught, it pushes many kids from wanting to learn anything outside of what’s in front of them daily. Reject the regressive methods you learned in school in order to study mythology, philosophy, religion, psychoanalysis, mathematics, and science. There are other fields I can name, but the 6 fields I listed can do more than enough to guide you on dissecting the imagination and making sure it matures. Make sure to develop your own meanings for what you see in your imagination too. If a person needs to write what’s inside their imagination, feel free to do so. Become one with the chaos too. Your imagination is extremely chaotic, so it’s helpful that you connect with your own chaotic nature in order to see what you’re dealing with properly rather than going about things in an orderly fashion. “Order” leads the individual to not catch on to what is happening in their own head.

Q: What role does dream interpretation play into knowing how your imagination works?

A: Dream interpretation can play a major role depending on the person honestly. Based on my personal experiences, interpreting your dreams or others help by removing fears of what the individual may consider unknown and break down symbolism that can be commonly found in other people’s dreams. Many people share common themes in their dreams and from what I have noticed among other Black people, we may dream about snakes. Most people run away from the snake thinking it’s a threat, but they are puzzled why the snake usually follows them instead of actively harming them. In this case, the symbolism in these snakes about dreams represent an aspect of our culture that we have been disconnected from to a degree for two reasons: racism and Abrahamic parasitism. These two attitudes are honestly connected though because racist Christian fundamentalists see everything tied to us as a so-called sin. In a general sense, the serpent is linked with what people label “evil” since we have been indoctrinated with the Adam and Eve story. The symbolism of the serpent is your wisdom. The serpent follows you in your dreams because it’s literally a reflection of you. Surrender to the serpent and you accept your relationship with the unknown, which gives you the ability to comprehend your imagination for good.

Q: Do “negative thoughts” exist in the imagination? Do they exist because of “evil spirits” infiltrating their psyche?

A: No. All thoughts that exist within a man or woman’s imagination are developed by them. To think visions you don’t fully grasp are automatically there because of a spirit is simply ridiculous. The best example of the average person who doubts their own power and avoids responsibility. The concept of a negative thought is completely absurd at this point. Through properly developing the imagination, the individual grows to see that what exists within is meant to be examined without societal value systems. Damaging thoughts exist, but it’s more so a problem if the person immediately acts on them. People aren’t taught to truly analyze visions in their imagination that may seem completely out of character for them to do. That’s why they immediately demonize themselves using rules they were forced to follow without questioning.

Q: What advice do you have for those that may have trouble working on the maturing of their imagination?

A: Apply the principles of the Draconian path. Conquer the most uncomfortable aspects of your psyche first. By confronting the uncomfortable and taking pride in it, this is how you successfully begin maturing your imagination. You cannot work with makes you comfortable while legitimately believing that’ll guide you to making your imagination better than what it is now. Everything has to be intensified because you have spent many years looking at the imagination as childish or resorting to fear the visions that you initiate all because you believe normality is the way to go about things. Normality has to be removed from your mind in order to achieve the goal.

Submitted: January 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Imagination Maturing Over Time. All rights reserved.

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Very well written I liked how you had is as a question and answer thought provoking.

Sat, January 30th, 2021 10:02pm

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